Reviewers: We Want You!
     In the recent months, I've been watching the amount of reviews stories receive on PatronusCharm, versus say Dark Lord Potter, and the results are not good. Of our over 100 stories, we have a mere 500 reviews shared between them, many going to some larger stories, but even then 20 or 30 is a paltry number. We are PatronusCharm, we can do better than that. I ask that all of you make an effort to review each and every story you read, and each chapter as they're posted. Let authors know they're appreciated, give some constructive feedback. Even just a "Great, thanks much! Say, you said 'they're' when it should've been 'their' after Harry left Diagon Alley." helps authors a great deal. I want to see authors bringing their stories here, to PatronusCharm, not only for a better website, but for a better community and better feedback.

I've been guilty of this at times, but I'm trying to rectify this. In PatronusCharm 1.0.2 due soon, there may or may not be indicator icons showing status of reviews/favorites/alerts/bookmarks on that specific story, but for sure (and already implemented) is that quickreview will be disabled on a chapter if you've already reviewed. This will serve as a subtle reminder to review. Thank you all for your help. Remember, if you have any feature requests/bug reports you need only email me or post on the PatronusCharm Forums.

Posted by Lord Ravenclaw on June 05, 2008 at 04:07:35 PM
I'll be a reviewer Scorpia on August 26, 2008 at 10:50:47 PM
I am new to the site, glad to come across it though. I'll go read and review some stories. Maybe a Most Profolic Reviewers is needed in a site statistic section? You could also have the most read stories, most reviewed, best challenges, and such in that section as well.