1.0.1 Beta Is Here!
     Woo, I've finished what I consider 1.0.1 Beta and upgraded the main site to all probably didn't even notice, it happened in a blink of an eye! I'm surprised at how smoothly the zero-downtime upgrade went, so naturally there'll be a problem somewhere. Let me know by email or on the DLP forums with problems.

New features in 1.0.1:
-Story tags. Story tags, or if you will, keywords are a new feature which allow authors to tag their story as say a Dresden story. Tags are not predefined and can include anything. Be sure to separate your tag entries. Adding a tag of "HPxSGA" isn't going to help any. Add Harry Potter and Stargate Atlantis separately.
-Building on story tags, a fulltext search engine has been added to search on story titles, summaries, and tags.
-Pagination on list pages, we have enough stories now for it to become an issue :D
-Story exports. You'll be able to export chapters to HTML or PDF for download and reading on the go.
-/u/authorname URL syntax allows one to easily find another author by their name.
-Most search query elements have a toggle box now to invert the selection, so you can search the database for all stories that aren't in the Romance category for example.
-Show/hide email. So you can protect your email from other users, even if they cannot be crawled by automated bots.
-Add author alert from author profile for easy marking of alerts.

Note regarding the fulltext search: Due to the way MySQL works, the minimum word length is 4 characters. This will prevent matches on a word such as "HP", though I'm working on reducing it to 2 or 3 without negatively impacting my server performance too much.

I left out favorites notes/tags for this release in order to get this version out the door before I stopped having a lot of time to develop PHP. Also, exports of full stories isn't ready yet and will be in 1.0.2, but they are coming. For now it's a per chapter export. Enjoy the release, I've tried to include all I could this go around.

Posted by Lord Ravenclaw on January 06, 2008 at 03:26:47 PM
Slick Amerision on January 06, 2008 at 04:32:20 PM
Those are enough features to merit a 1.1 at least.

Very nice Acinonyx on January 08, 2008 at 10:09:46 AM
Good going! :)
Minor Glitch Jay-F on March 20, 2008 at 03:39:47 PM
When I hold my mouse over the number of user's it displays a box of names, however that box is displayed downwards so that only the top half of the first row can be seen. I don’t know if this only affects me or if it is a general problem. Very minor either way. Nice job on the site btw...