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Harry walked through Dumbledore's office a month after his death. He knew this was the last time he'd roam Hogwarts before he started his journey to find the remaining Horcruxes.
The new headmasters picture was being put up as he opens a cabneit. A pensieve that belong t him was about to be destroyed and he had one more memory to watch. He pulled it out and stared blankly into the liquid. It swirled and soon he was in Hogwarts back in 1977 when his dad was gratuating from his seventh year at Hogwarts.
"The one and only, James Potter!" called Dumbledore. James walks to him and grabs his wizard diploma. He walked back to Sirus, Lupin, and Peter.
"Yah! Perfect O.W.L. and N.E.W.T!" said Sirus.
Severus Snap stood in the corner staring jelously at James. His curled lip curled almost to his hooked nose.
"Yes. W-what shall we do now that we are of age?" asked Peter.
"Me, Lupin, and Sirus are going an a aventure of some sort just for fun" said James.
"Me too?" asked Peter.
"Look, we'd love to have you but we can't" said Sirus.
"WHY!" yelled Peter.
"You'd crack under the presure" bitterly stated James.
Peter runs away cluching his wand.
"Broke yet anoth heart, eh James?" asked Severus walking over.
"Back away Snaky" said James.
"Stupify!" said Severus.
James shoots a counter spell and Snape is stubbed.
"Now, Sirus, Lupin, let us go" said James walking away from the stunned Snape.
They went into Hogwarts just for one last glance. Portraits wink and wave good-bye as they pass. They vistited the Griffindor Common room and collected their things.
"Well, ready to set off?" asked James.
"Well, we are we going?" asked Lupin.
James srugs. They walk out with all their belongings and tell good-bye to Peter.
"I must go" he wimpered.
"No, you can't" said Sirus.
Aslotor Moody walks up. "So, denying your best friend" said Aslotor.
"He'd crack under the presure" said James.
"No he won't. Come to Auror Camp and show him" said Aslotor.
"No that's" Peter gulps "dangrous"
"See!" said James.
"Leave without me then" said Peter.
James mounts his Scarlet Hawk as does Sirus, and Lupin. They push off the ground and take off.
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