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 The one who can bring peace is the descended of the Chosen One. Evil dawns from a land by no other name but Harfus. One of three kids shall rise to the test. Three will try but only one can come out alive. The one who can bring peace is the descended of the Chosen One.”

Can you tell me what it means?” asked Harry Potter.

“Albus, James, and Lily are going to step up to a challenge. Only one will live” said Sybil.

“A third prophecy…how could I tell Albus and James? There are at Hogwarts” said Ginny.

“Don’t. They will find out by them selves” replied Sybil.

“Can I help in any way?” asked Harry.

“It is your kids fight” said Sybil.

“But I’m the head Auror! I can help!” protested Harry.

“If you help, beware. The Killing Curse will destroy you!” said Sybil, not with a regular talk, but lighter than a yell.

“As long as my three kids come out alive!” yelled Harry.

“It will not happen!” yelled Sybil.

“Say they will come out alive!” yelled Harry.

“THEY WON’T!” yelled Sybil.

“They allow me to use unforgivable curses you know!” yelled Harry.

“On enemies they do” said Sybil in a calm voice, who eyes reflecting ten times as much as usual

“YOU MADE ME! IMPERIO!” yelled Harry.

“I will fight back! AVODA KADVERA!” yelled Sybil.

“HARRY!” yelled Ginny. The green light reflects through Harry’s eyes.

“YES!” yelled Sybil as the spell approaches Harry’s face. It bounces off Harry and hits Sybil.

“Don’t try to kill me again” said Harry.

“You just killed somebody!” yelled Ginny.

“No. She died the same way as Tom Riddle. She killed herself by here rebounding curse” said Harry.

“You had her under the Imperio curse!” yelled Ginny.

“My sons or daughter will not die. She was a wash-up, rubbish of a fortune-teller.” said Harry.

“NO! She was good! I’m sorry Harry, but I can’t be with you” said Ginny walking off.

“Fine then” whispered Harry. He was left standing alone, he grabbed his wand and stormed off.

"Albus Potter and the Elder Wand", posted on March 11, 2010 at 6:20 pm
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