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Chapter 1

The Slayer's Wand.

By HarryMuto.


Disclaimer: The author of this non-profit, fan written work in no way claims ownership over J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter franchise or Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel created by Joss Whedon, All original plots, characters, places, or objects are the creation of the author unless stated otherwise.

A/N: Please be kind this is my first ever try at a BtVS story let alone a crossover, I'll to insure all Buffyverse locations excreta are correct but if they aren't please tell me.

Chapter One.

Harry Potter was dead or at least he, and the rest of the Wizarding World perceived him to be, and to be honest the ghostly figure in black robes and carrying the biggest okay only scythe The-Boy-Who-Lived (or didn't as the case may be) had ever seen really cemented the opinion in the young would be saviour's mind before he could lament on various things such as passing at the young age of fifteen after just being possessed or worse dying whilst still a virgin the figure who could only be death spoke in a voice that seemed to be both a whisper and a shout, a lullaby and an alarm a voice only a being of true power could use " I told Them Harry James Potter that this would happen, that you weren't ready. But the Sisters were insistent and I apologize but until now your fate was theirs as it is now mine." Death did not seem to see the look of complete and utter shock on Harry's face well either that or he didn't care as he vanished taking his newest charge with him.

Harry appeared in a cosy house far different from the endless void he was expecting to see, but regardless of his unusual circumstances he finally found his voice "Am I dead,sir? And what did you mean with the whole Fate and such part."

"No luckily you are not dead or rather your existence has not ended, as too the Fates I was referring to my sisters who take an unusual interest in the children of prophecy sometimes for good and sometimes for example with you for ill, I argued on your behalf told them the things thrown at you would bring you too my domain, yet they carried on and now as with all the dead your fate rests in my hands."

Harry was even more confused he was dead but he wasn't weren't you either one or the other he voiced this concern only to be waved off "Well, I'm Death so it's kind of up to me isn't it." After this they descended into silence until sometime later Death once again broke it. "So, I've decided to send you to a reality called by us higher powers as the Slayer Verse, there you will ingratiate yourself with their current chosen one whilst learning their magic which by the way is wandless, I will continue to send you to these other universes until I believe you are ready to return to your own. Bye now." With that he slammed his scythe down leaving a swirling portal in it's wake which Harry was unceremoniously shoved through...

* * *

Harry landed abruptly and rather painfully in front of a sign proclaiming that he had arrived in some place called Sunnydale apparently in California, he also noted that he was no longer in his standard Hogwarts Robes but instead clothed in a pair of blue denim jeans a black t-shirt and a tan trench coat he found a note taped to his chest explaining the change.

' I forgot to say, that there's no separation between the magical and mundane cultures here, also for reference their magical system is called Wicca.

Good Luck from


Having no other choice, he continued forward walking into the town proper musing on how to find this 'Chosen One' It wasn't like they advertised themselves or at least he tried not too, oh well he might get lucky or something he supposed...