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Hunter Brown sat by his daughter in the Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and realized that he hated Lily Potter.

Lavender had just breathed her last.

His daughter had just breathed her last, fighting for Harry Potter in a battle that should never have taken place at a school.  She shouldn't have fought, shouldn't have had to fight, but she did.  She and Augusta's grandson.  It was Augusta who had contacted them, telling them to come to Hogwarts to fight alongside their daughter.

He'd rather have fought for her.  As it was he didn't even get to fight with her, he'd been too late.  Not too late to see though, no.  He'd seen Greyback murder his wife as she tried to protect his daughter.  He'd watched immobilized when Greyback had savaged Lavender, awake but unable to move or speak.  He'd heard Lavender's friends come rushing out of nowhere to take revenge.  All of them were too late.

Lavender had just breathed her last.

Hunter Brown hated Lily Potter.  Her love had been enough to save her son.  His wife's love, and his, hadn't been good enough for his daughter.