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Win The War: Consanguinity

Autor: Sevie

Beta: JAWorley

I'd like to thank JAWorley and Justusi for making this story readable ;)


Morning at the Dursley's


Thursday, May eighteenth 1995

It was a regular morning at Privet Drive, a day like every other day, because there was no difference between mornings in this place. As usual Petunia Dursley woke up early to make breakfast for her family. She was a women who was pleased with her life, and she found fulfillment both as a mother and as a wife.

Her husband Vernon loved her and took care that she would never run out of anything.  He gave her support at the difficult moments in her life. Petunia thought that her fifteen years old son Dudley was a very special boy. In the whole neighborhood there wasn't such young man who could be compare to him. According to her, he had so much appeal and personal charm... he was incredibly handsome, friendly, and charming: a  carbon copy of his father. People took to him like flies to honey, and he achieved only successes in his life. It made her smile just to think that after barely one year of boxing, that Dudley had achieved a gold medal. She was also proud that her boy had a flair for business. He has started some school project recently which has already brought profits. Believing that young business men should be supported, they'd given Dudley the amount of money his school project had earned as a reward and incentive.

Everything would be perfect, the keyword being would.  Her husband, her son her life... it was all there.  There was something however that was amiss in Petunia Dursley's life.  A nasty little secret that weighed down on her every minute of every day: Potter.  He was a freak just like his mother and that devil boy she had brought home.  As far as Petunia was concerned, he was nothing more than vermin, and she wished he had the common decency to know when he wasn't wanted, and not to come home for the holidays.

Preparation of breakfast for her men took only forty-five minutes. She set the table and in the middle, she put a bouquet of flowers which she had received from Vernon just yesterday.

"Diddy Duddydums! Wake up, my dearest darling!"

Dudley heard her walking back to the kitchen. He rolled onto his back and tried to remember the dream he had been having. It had been a good one. There had been a pile of cream rolls and a large chocolate cake, and his friends continually dumped more into his desert pile. Dudley knew these punks. After all, he'd collected money from them everyday so they could breathe without fear (of others) in his school beating them to a pulp. After all... everybody knew that he had won the boxing championship; it had only served him another advantage. Admittedly he had only won the match by default, because his opponent had mysteriously fallen ill just before the competition, but Dudley didn't care about details. The medal was hanging on his wall wasn't it?  That was enough for him.

After a moment, Petunia came back to his door.

"Duddy, are you up, yet? Your breakfast is ready."

"Almost."  Breakfast was the only thing that was able pull him out of bed.

After breakfast, Vernon Dursley picked up his briefcase, pecked his wife on the cheek, and ruffled Dudley's hair on the way out the door.  Petunia watched happily as she was packing lunch with extra vitamins for Dudley. She had to make sure her Diddy Duddykins was healthy after all!

At a few minutes past seven, finally home alone, Petunia cleaned the kitchen thoroughly and sat by the window, where she had perfect view of the street. While reading a newspaper, she contemplated, what the celebrities must have been thinking; Niguel Pitt and his room mate (Petunia didn't approve such relationships) had adopted more children - triplets from Kongo.  She almost pitied these people. Something had to be seriously wrong with every child they already had if they are looking for new ones all the time. Her's was perfect, and she would never look for another. Wondering about it, she looked out through the window, and noticed that Gabi Milton was taking a walk. The girl was wearing only miniskirt and a tight top. She had been going with Dudley in primary school, but the way she was dressing now...  

'She's probably going to sleep around with that Macary from number 15. - Petunia thought indignantly. – ‘To think, that her mother let her do such things, let alone dress that way!’

Yesterday, Petunia had heard from Olivia Poskett, that Martha Perren saw, that Gabi had bought wine in town. And then Petunia could only assume that she'd gone to that boy after dark since his parents were away on business.

Petunia drank her cup of strong, black coffee and decided to do something. For the next couple of hours, nothing interesting should be happening, she thought.  It had been a long time since the attic had been given a deep cleaning, so he decided to start her day there.  She should consign old pieces of junk she thought. Or, it would be better if she give them away to the church... the neighbors would notice, and they would admire her generosity. Content with this prospect Petunia climbed the stairs.

After two hours, and after sorting through a lot of unnecessary books and old clothes, there was only one box remaining. Inside she found an old journal, and curious, she opened it only to scoff.  It was Lily's, that blasted sister of hers.  

Of course, the whole day would spoiled by the very thought about her!’

She was about to close and burn it, when out from the cover fell a piece of worn parchment. It was the... Birth Certificate of Harry James Potter!  Her eyes went wide with astonishment.

Maybe this wouldn't be such a bad day after all.’