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The Howling

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Morning rose, as the golden rays turned the sky brilliant shades of red and gold; its rays warming the earth below and casting warm hues across the long grass that surrounded the small rickety house that appeared to be held up by sheer will power alone. There was no way that house should be standing without some super natural force; at least that was how it appeared to the figure hunkered down in a branch of the lone tree close to the house. Sun light caught long hair turning the auburn to a brilliant fiery copper; a fitting match to the owner's personality.

Pale blue eyes gazed out across the open land; they blazed with a glow of a power long since forgotten by this world. Slowly they found what they were looking for; standing with in the poorly constructed kitchen of that rickety house stood a young boy.

Black hair lay haphazardly across his head, the strands sticking out in every which direction in more of a fashion the puppy would have worn. Slightly rounded face held eyes that he could never forget; brilliant green that even now were starting to hold the glow he used to love so much, though the pupils were wrong.

Allowing his eyes to travel over the boy a smile crossed the figures lips; the brilliant crimson and black leather crackling as the figure pushed himself to his feet once more.

Slowly a crimson clad hand extended a rare white and purple apple held gently in the figures fingers. "My friend, your desire is the bringer of life, the gift of the Goddess. Even if the morrow is barren of promises, nothing shall forestall my return...Soon my beloved, soon." Long silk black feathers spread afar, strong corded muscles pulling taunt as the single ebony wing propelled its owner out of the tree and high into the morning's brilliant rays.

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Looking out through the Weasley's kitchen window Harry narrowed slightly glowing emerald eyes; he could have sworn he had heard a male's voice whispering to him just then. Looking out across the open lawn to the single tree that dotted the Weasley's land he saw several ebony feathers floating down to the ground.

"Hey mate, what are you looking at?" Ron moved up beside him munching on an apple. Something stirred in him seeing those feathers and hearing the crunch of an apple next to him.

"My soul, corrupted by vengeance, hath endured torment, to find the end of the journey in my own salvation and your eternal slumber. Legend shall speak of sacrifice at world's end. The wind sails over the water's surface, quietly...But surely. Even if the morrow is barren of promises, nothing shall forestall my return. To become the due that quenches the land. To spare the sands, the seas, the skies. I offer thee...This silent sacrifice..."

Ron blinked apple half way to his mouth as he stared down at his friend. "What?" shaking his head Harry looked up to Ron confused; where the hell had that come from? "Harry, I didn't know you read LOVELESS, though...What part was that from I never heard the last part..." She recognized part four but not the ending.

Turning back to where Hermione was sitting among the other Weasley children he shook his head. "I haven't...Something told me that was what followed what I thought I heard." He now had the full attention of the Weasley house hold and it was making him nervous. "What did you hear Harry dear?" Molly asked; she was nervous with You-Know-Who returned there was no telling what he would try to do. Frowning Harry tried to remember what he heard. "My friend, your desire is the bringer of life. The gift of the Goddess. Even if the morrow is barren of promises nothing shall forestall my return." A frown pulled at Hermione's lips. "That was act three...And you stated part of act four...Harry there is no fifth act, it was never discovered."

Emerald eyes seemed to glow more the pupils narrowing so that they appeared feline-like as Harry's thoughts turns inwards. "No, that is the final fact...Was written by a man that believed he was living LOVELESS..." He looked back out the window his eyes taking in the black feathers sitting silently on the ground.

"Three friends go into battle; one is captured, one flies away, the one that is left becomes a hero...My friend, do you fly away now? To a world that abhors you and I? All that awaits you is a somber morrow. No matter where the winds may blow..."

Blinking Harry turned back to look at the family, his eyes having once more returned to normal.

"Harry dear, is this You-Know-Who?" Looking over to where Molly was standing Harry shook his head.

"No, the voice I heard wasn't Voldemort's." He ignored the flinch from most those present in the room, "But...I recognize it though, like." He frowned trying to pull up from the depth of his memory where he had heard that voice before. "Like from a very old dream." Shaking his head he moved away from the window and sat down at the table.

Striding over to her husband Molly set a hand on his shoulder her eyes showing both confusion and worry. "Contact Dumbledore, ask him if he knows anything about this." Arthur whispered, patting his wife's hand gently. He was worried too, they would need to let the order know of this new development as well. He prayed that this was simply the result of falling asleep during history class and not something to do with You-Know-Who.

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Landing in a dark alleyway the black wing quickly retracted with a small hiss from its owner. No matter how many times the wing was extended and retracted it always hurt. Moving over to a box hidden deep in the shadows the figure pulled out a black cloak hidden inside; he threw it over the dark crimson and black duster pulling the hood up to hide fire auburn hair.

Stepping out into the busy Diagon Alley the figure unconsciously pulled the hood closer over his face hiding brilliant glowing eyes deep in the shadows. Heeled boots clicked softly on the cobble stone path; body twisting with the fluid of a dancer avoiding witches and wizards as they moved about their daily lives.

Stepping into the Leaky Cauldron the figure searched the farthest booths, glowing pale blue eyes finding two sets of glowing eyes staring back.

Moving to stand in front of the table a dark smile cross the figures face under the hood of the cloak; red leather clad fingers gently scratching the head of two large creatures at his feet.

"I found him…"

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'Gaea damn that dog where the hell did she get off to now?'

A figure shrouded in a thick black cloak wandered down the dark walk of Knockturn Alley; their steps nearly silent on the cobble stone. Brilliant glowing blue eyes swept around looking for the large black dog that had once more run off.

"Dark Nation! Here girl!" Sighing the figure glanced down a side alley, why did that damn Guard Hound have to go running off into this section? Knockturn Alley no matter how many times he had been in here always gave him the creeps; the dark magick that poured from the very walls set his nerves on fire.

Reaching under the cloak his hands wrapped around the hilt of his sword; feeling the familiar leather wrap he dropped his hand. Any wizard stupid enough to try and attack him would find out very quickly they were utterly outclassed.

Turning down towards the end of the alley he stopped seeing Dark Nation disguised as a large black dog sitting patiently at the side of a young boy. Ducking back behind a stall the figure looked out around the edge of the stall, brilliant glowing blue eyes looking over the young boy.

He was tall and lean, not overly skinny but obviously not a fighter in any way. He wore a very high end black suit, short platinum blond hair was slicked back on his head. Grey eyes held an arrogance the figure had not seen in a very long time. 'It can't be...' stepping out from behind the stall the figure let out a high whistle. Dark Nation tilted her head dark brown eyes locking onto him but she did not move from the boys side.

The boy in turn looked up a sneer crossing his face. "Is this yours?" His voice was a low drawl that spoke of extreme arrogance. "Yes, I apologize; she likes to get away from me. Dark Nation, come here girl."

The boy blinked his eyes turning a brilliant blue as he looked down at the disguised Guard Hound by his side. "Dark Nation..." Kneeling down the boy reached out running his hands over DN's head almost lovingly.

"Draco, what are you doing." The boy; Draco, blinked his eyes returning back to their stormy grey. Quickly he stood up and turned to face a man that looked nearly identical to him. This man if it was at all possible appeared more arrogant than Draco; pulling himself up to his full height the figure regarded this new man warily. Everything about this man screamed Hojo, he knew it wasn't really the man but he had the same oily arrogance about him that set his teeth on edge.

"I was waiting for you; this man's dog came up and sat next to me. I have tried to get her to leave but she won't."

The man sneered but was smart enough to say nothing as DN stood and wandered back over to her temporary master; she had gotten her point across that was all that mattered.

Reaching down the figure gently ran his hand over her head feeling the long tentacle that was invisible to all but those that knew her. "Dark Nation is very protective of children, if she sees one alone she will stay by their side until a parent shows up." That was complete and utter bull shit but he could not reveal why DN had actually sat down by the young blond. "Come on DN, the others are probably waiting for us." Turning he didn't spare the two behind him a second glance.

Reaching into his cloak the figure withdrew a folded up piece of paper; gently unfolding it glowing blue eyes saddened as they fell onto a very old very warn photograph attached to the paper. The slowly roved over the smiling youthful face of his lover who had long since passed; murdered in cold blood because of what he was. Bringing the picture up he gently kissed it as he did every day and placed it against his heart where the man's ring lay on a Damascus steel chain. 'I know you are here, somewhere…I'll find you and this time I will never let you out of my arms. I will not let you die...' Looking over the picture of the Wutai Turk the figure pulled out a pen and moved to the bottom of the page. Several names were already scrawled across the parchment, several in a loopy almost script while the rest were in his chicken scratch hand writing.

Moving to an open expanse of ivory parchment he wrote down two words.

Draco / R.S.

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Sighing in irritation Harry walked down Diagon Alley; Ron and Hermione beside him. He was used to being stared at but never before had it been like this. He knew it was because of the daily prophet and the whole mess with the Tri-Wizard Tournament last year.

Surprisingly he had stopped feeling anything a few weeks ago; was almost as if he could bury his emotions behind a wall so he didn't have to feel them or face them. Looking back upon Cedric's corpse he no longer felt the horror at having watched someone he knew die. It wasn't the 'normal numb' everyone in the Order had said he was experiencing; it just didn't faze him, almost as if he was used to seeing comrades dying around him.

He hadn't told anyone about the recurring dream he had since the beginning of July. It was always the same, almost as if he was reliving someone else life through flashes of memories.

A tall dark haired man with brilliant bright blue eyes that seemed to glow; a sword nearly as big as he was strapped to his back. 'Embrace your dreams, and no matter what happens protect your honor as SOLDIER.' A tall auburn haired man with pale glowing blue eyes laying on a bed of black silk eyes roving over the words written in a book, a familiar poem that he now recognized from the other day. A soft melodic voice reciting the verses by heart with such passion. A young man that had to be no older than nineteen with spiked black hair and brilliant violet eyes that glowed brighter than all the rest looking at him with uncertainty. The sword the first man had been carrying was now on his back "We'll meet again soon." He could recognize his own voice though slightly deeper but it was still his own. The young boy nodded lifting a finger pointing it at him "I'll hold you to that." Before turning and walking away. A group of men and women all in black suits all standing at the end of a hallway with what appeared to be paintball guns. "Didn't think we would let this go did you?" What appeared to be the leader would say, an impish smile crossing oriental features.

Those dreams were nice; he looked forward to those because of the emotions that came with each and every person. Each one was different; the first man he felt deep friendship, someone he was comfortable with. The auburn he felt deep love; the man simply looking at him could make him want to melt into the nearest surface, his voice always soothing. The young man affection like that of looking at your own son. The group was a wide range of trust and friendship, while the leader was one he greatly admired and looked up to.

It was after these pleasant dreams of feeling wanted and loved did they go from beautiful dreams to bone chilling nightmares.

A town bathed in flames; men, women and children screaming and begging for their lives as he mercilessly cut them down. Blood stained the ground and his feet; a name shouted in anger but it was fogged he couldn't hear what the name was only the cry afterwords. "I trusted you! Why did you kill the towns people, why did you hurt...Answer me!...!" After that it was just black with searing pain that always woke him up drenched in a cold sweat.

Thankfully Ron was a very heavy sleeper so he never woke up when Harry did after those dreams. He honestly didn't know what they would all do if they found out what he was dreaming; no doubt they would associate it with Voldemort in some way now that he had returned, or maybe if he was lucky he was just going insane like the papers kept claiming.

Moving past the Quidditch Shop he stopped seeing something that was coming across odd. Fred and George stood in front of the shop talking with some of their fellow class mates; while this wasn't strange their mannerisms were.

Fred stood his hip cocked slightly with his arms thrown behind his head a large grin on his face and it wasn't his normal 'I'm about to cause trouble grin'. George was also strange he was slightly slouched his wand resting against his right shoulder where he would on occasion start to bounce it against his shoulder.

"What are you looking at mate?" Ron moved back to stand beside Harry seeing he was no longer with them. Blinking Harry shook his head looking back to Ron and Hermione; "Something was just off with Fred and George's stance." Leaning over the shorter boy Ron looked at his two older brothers, "I don't see anything wrong with them."

"Are you sure you're alright Harry? You've been acting weird all week." Hermione gently set a hand on his arm. "I'm alright Hermione, don't worry."

"Whhhhaaatttt-ever, come on George let's mosey." Instantly Harry's head whipped around watching as Fred seemed to almost bounce off. "Right behind ya yo!" George ran after his twin wand returning to his shoulder as he slowed to a walk his other hand thrust into his pants pocket.

Frowning Harry turned away his eyes turning inward; that was the weirdest sense of Déjà vu he had ever had in life. He could have sworn he had seen the movements and heard those words before.

"Harry you coming!" Shaking his head Harry allowed his emotions to blank out before turning and moving off after his two friends.

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"What do you think?"

Two sets of glowing eyes watched the small group moving through Diagon Alley from their vantage point atop Olivanders. Both figures were draped in heavy black cloaks concealing their faces and bodies.

The figure who was spoken first waved a crimson gloved hand towards where the group had disappeared into a book store.

"Hnn...Those that are in direct contact with him are starting to awaken faster than those who are not." The second figure shifted revealing a black leather clad leg, long black hair slipping from the hood to lay almost invisible against the fabric of his cloak.

"Do you feel anything about the two he surrounds himself with?" The second figure shook his head just slightly brilliant glowing crimson eyes following Harry and Ron as they left Hermione in the store and headed back towards the Quidditch Shop.

"No, the boy's Life-Stream is new, so is the girl. These are new souls..."

A small frown crossed the first figures face though it was hidden in the shadows of his hood. "I hope they enjoy the friendship while it lasts. That little Ancient said as their memories resurfaced and they regained their sense of self they would start to migrate together."

"That would be for the best." The two figures looked over seeing a large rust colored feline-like lion moving towards them on the roof. "We have known the pain of watching someone die while we remain unchanged."

The two men remained silent as the lion laid down next to the first figure his large head resting in his lap a single tawny eye watching them. Uncrossing his legs for the large beast the first figure gently ran a crimson glove over his head. "What did you discover Nanaki?"

Nanaki raised his head looking up at the two men that had been his only real friends over these many long years. "Tomorrow many of the young children here will be departing for a school in the Scottish highlands. There is a village just outside the school gates a 'Hogsmead' along with a dark forest that surrounds the school. From what I was able to pick up from the talk among the new students the forest is home to fearsome monsters."

The first figure snorted tossing his head arrogantly, "When the war of the beast bring about the world's end the Goddess descends from the sky."

The first figure stood hands reaching up to push brilliant fire auburn hair from his eyes. "Then we shall depart from this cozy establishment and make our way towards this Hogsmead."