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Chapter 14


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Standing up at the top of the stairs in the Dursley's house Vincent really had to wonder how his son had managed to stay sane here. Listening to their chatter as the fat little kid that dared to claim blood to his son ratted Sephiroth and Genesis out; of course with extreme exaggeration and fake tears. It must have been parental blindness that kept them from seeing the obvious lie; he didn't even need to be a Turk/CIA agent to tell the boy was lying out his ass.

Shaking his head he leaned back against the wall still listening to the pitiful sob story and the fat cow that called herself Marge dotting on the boy.

"Vernon, charges should be pressed against the boy, he nearly killed poor Dudey-kins friend." Oh Pa-lease! The snot nosed little fifteen year old had the wind knocked out of him; Vincent had stayed around just in case Sephiroth's strength had gotten the better of him and he had really hurt the boy. The kid after five minutes of lying in the cold snow had gotten up under his own power, hunched over slightly and breathing hard but nowhere did he show sign of injury.. let alone 'nearly killed'.

Host why do we not simply dispose of these annoying humans. The fat one would burn for a very very long time…

Smirking at the voice inside his head Vincent peeked around the corner seeing the fat pig known as Vernon pick up the phone most likely to call the police. "Which fat one? There are three that I would not mind roasting at the moment."


Snorting Vincent moved back to his sons room and slipped out through the window video camera clutched in his left hand. Making sure he had his CIA badge on him he headed out into the street to watch for the police; he would need his badge to keep from getting arrested for carrying Cerberus on his hip. That and it was his lynch pin in all this, he hadn't planned on making a move this early in the game but the Dursley's were forcing his hand. He moved down a few houses and leaned up against one of the street lamps his hand flipping open his phone and quickly dialed Sephiroth.

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Groaning loudly a hand blindly groping the bedside table looking for the obnoxious thing buzzing across the ancient wood. Hearing it vibrate right off the table Genesis cursed loudly and with many protest against his sore backside and moving from his personal heater known as Sephiroth he leaned over and grabbed the cursed device.

Seeing it was Vincent he flipped it open. "What the hell did they do now?"

"Well good morning to you to sunshine."

"Bite me Valentine...Wait...Scratch that you will." Even though Vincent was still a very quiet man, he did have a playfully side at least he had developed one over the past few thousand years.

"Is my son unconscious..." Having the phone plucked from his hand Genesis looked down to the still half asleep, and very naked Sephiroth under him. "What's going on dad?"

"What's your arrest record look like?"

Snorting Sephiroth rolled his eyes under his lids and snuggled back into the pillow. "This life or last life...You don't want to see ShinRa's…" Oh he had gone through a real rebellious streak about the age of fourteen. He would steal bikes, cars, helicopters...Break into people's homes for the sheer thrill of it. He got quite good as wiggling his way out of handcuffs, much to Genesis never ending frustration.

"You sound like myself when I was a young teen." Vincent had nearly as bad a rep as Reno did, why he was recruited into the Turks. He had calmed down a lot as he had gotten older but he had been a hellion in his youth. Like father like son it seemed.

"You'll have to tell me that story later, let me guess...They are calling the cops on me right?" Genesis laid back down across Sephiroth chest eyes falling shut as he listened to the two way conversation. With his enhanced hearing he could hear Vincent just fine even though the phone was turned way down.

"Yes, they just arrived at the house." Sighing Sephiroth pushed himself up dislodging the auburn on his chest. "Alright I will be there in a minute, we're about six minutes drive...About eight minutes run." He would probably end up running back as it wouldn't do well to pull up there in a limo only to have cops jumping his ass.

Snapping the phone shut he sighed pulling himself out of the nice warm bed. "They honestly called the cops on you?" Genesis was already getting dressed in high end Muggle clothing; he only wore his old ShinRa attire around Hogsmead.

Pulling his shirt on over his head Sephiroth snorted a thought running through his brain. "What?" Genesis asked, a small smile flickering across his lips as he saw that evil light in Sephiroth's eyes.

"I should transfigure my clothes back into my old battle leather and go up like that..."

"Yes yes do it do it!" Genesis started to laugh hard and quickly pulled out the wand he had made for himself a very long time ago to blend into the Wizarding world. Moving over to Genesis Sephiroth looked over the wand seeing the very dark red brown wood covered in runic carvings identical to the ones on Rapier.

"Did you make that or did you buy it?" He didn't think Genesis required a wand, but you needed one to blend into the Wizarding world. "I made it, a very long time ago...We all did." He held it out for Sephiroth to look over. "Burnished ebony, thirteen inches...Shut up you know damn well it's advertisement." Smirking Sephiroth turned it over in his hand, something was pulling at him. "What's the core?"

Here Genesis flushed slightly and muttered something so low that even with his enhanced hearing he couldn't hear it. "Gen, your mumbling again." Flushing even more Genesis couldn't meet his eyes. "One of your feathers..."

"One of mine...How on Gaea did you find them?" He didn't know Genesis had even been around during Cloud and Jenova's final fight on top of ShinRa tower. "A couple fell down into the hole where I had sealed myself away bellow Midgar, when I woke up I saw them against one of the rocks...So I kept them."

Chuckling softly Sephiroth pulled Genesis to him kissing him deeply, "Sentimental sap..." Laughing Genesis shoved his head away. "Okay beautiful...Let's bring back the old General."

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Piers was milking this out as best he could, he and his sister were staying here at the Dursley's while their parents went on a "Romantic Christmas" to the coast of Italy. Honestly Dudley's parents had to be the most blind people on the planet when it came to that freak cousin of his; they were willing to believe any bull shit story they fed them if it meant getting the boy in trouble.

Right now they were sitting in the Dursley's living room with two officers who were taking down the assault report. Harry did leave a decent size bruise across his chest which was the clincher to his sob story that Harry had brutally attacked him for no reason.

One of the officers turned to his mic and leaned in real close a frown crossing his face. "Mr. Dursley, you stated the school your nephew attended was called 'Saint Brutus's Secure Center of Incurably Criminal Boys'?" His partner looked up from the report he was writing a brow raised in a silent 'WTF?' look.

"Yes, the boy has been going there for five years now."

"Uh huh...Well Mr. Vernon I do not know what you were told but there is no school in existence in all of Great Britain like that."

Oh Sephiroth was loving this...He was standing up with Genesis and his father up at the top of the stairs simply listening to the conversation below. For once officers that weren't completely retarded and bought into Vernon's bullshit.

"I assure you the school is real, the boy is mentally unstable."

"Oh please Vernon...Can't you see these fine officers are smart enough to see through your bullshit." Everyone jumped slightly all heads in the room whipping to the entry way. Sephiroth stood leaning up against the archway arms folded loosely across his chest and feet crossed at the ankles. Genesis had styled his hair once more how it had always been, though it only reached his shoulder blades right now he looked like he had at this age. Genesis stood leaning against the stairwell with Vincent standing behind his son; he was currently in a black business suit much like the Turks old suits. Was amazing actually how close the Turks and CIA dressed, made the dark gunman feel at home.

The one officer stood his pale green eyes taking in the youth before him; even though he was dressed strange in that long leather jacket, he gave off a very powerful aura but it wasn't aggressive. It was the aura of a man that was extremely confident in himself and those acid green eyes held knowledge beyond what a child his age should have.

Some of the contacts these kids wore today were just plain strange...But his son was no different he liked going to those Anime Conventions and they had some weird characters there.

"Harry Potter?" The officer asked, his eyes flickered over the other two men that had shown up with the young boy. Sephiroth nodded slightly pushing himself off the wall and coming to stand at his full height. He was easily several inches taller than the officer.

"Mr. Potter we would like to get your side of the events that took place at roughly nine-thirty am today, and who are these two men?" He motioned towards the two in the entry way. The Dursley's now just noticed the other man standing next to Harry.

"My two witnesses, both were present when the incident happened. Genesis Rhapsodos was standing with me during the whole event...And." Vincent moved past his son pulling his badge from his back pocket flipping it open revealing his CIA ID card and his CIA badge.

"CIA Agent James Potter, I was present when the incident went down and have video evidence of the event."

Sephiroth bit back a laugh seeing the absolutely horrified looks on Petunia's face. Vincent had changed his features just enough that that he resembled the original James Potter. It really wasn't that big of a change...Just a tweak of the nose, a slight rounding of the jaw and changing the eyes to Hazel and he was the perfect doppelganger; he even had the glasses.

"Agent Potter, any relation to Harry?" the officers had gone a little straighter and were watching Vincent with hawk eyes. This was the first time they had ever dealt with a CIA agent.

"Yes, I'm his father." Putting his badge away Vincent produced the video camera holding it out to the officers. "The video is here, it is the only one as I just purchased the video camera yesterday." The one officer nodded taking the video camera. "Mr. Potter may we speak with you, if you wish your father may join you." Sephiroth shook his head, "I'll be fine, I have nothing to hide and the video with confirm all that I have to say."

Moving towards the back kitchen where they could talk in a semblance of quiet he smiled back to his father; he wanted to laugh so hard, this was so perfect. Remaining where he was Vincent turned to look at the Dursley family his right hand coming to rest on Cerberus grip, and unmistakable show of power.

"Well Petunia, it's been a while...I see you are doing well for yourself."

Petunia was sputtering, as pale as a ghost as she looked at the man that was supposed to be dead. "How...You're supposed to be dead!"

Vincent shook his head, "I was in a coma for three years and when I awoke I only had very vague memories...Not enough to realize I once had a wife and son." He laughed softly shaking his head, "Sounds like some horrible movie, but movies are based in some fact are they not."

"So you have been alive the entire time that we have been stuck raising your good for..." Vernon faulted from his quickly building rant when Vincent's eyes flashed and held gold for a few seconds before returning to their spelled Hazel. "If you call the abuse he suffered at your hands raising him." Vincent took a menacing step forward his hand wrapping fully around the grip of his gun. "You are damn lucky that I am not putting you all into the ground myself for what you did to my son." His voice was a very deadly purr.

"Don't you dare threaten my brother," Marge pushed her fat ass up out of the chair and moved over so that she was now standing directly in front of Vincent, her rancid alcohol breath nearly making him gag.

"So, dead beat James Potter is miraculously back from the dead. Tell me James, were you really in a coma or did you simply run away from your responsibilities as a father?" Not letting the drunken words of a fat old hag get to him, Vincent stepped back a look of disgust crossing his face. "Ms. Dursley, before you get into someone's face and accuse them of matters you have no dealings in...Might I suggest you place a Altoid in your mouth, I do not have my biological suit on me at the moment."

Genesis snorted from his spot against the banister, Vincent always cracked him up when he insulted someone. He did it in such a way that it normally took the person the better part of ten minutes to figure out they had been insulted at all.

Marge seemed like one of these that would take a very long time to figure out she had been insulted. "If I had known sooner where my son was once I regained enough of my memories to realize I had a son...I would have been here by Harry's twelfth birthday, but it was not until this past summer that I gained knowledge that my son was in fact alive and attending the school his mother and I had. I have been staying in the village outside the school since the beginning of term."

Marge snorted not noticing the paling faces of the two elder Dursley's in the room. "So you have been outside Saint Brutus's, probably getting drunk every night."

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes Vincent kept his complete calm, currently Hazel eyes unblinking at he regarded the woman in front of him. "Ma'am I do not know what notions you have cooked up in the vast cavity that was supposed to house your higher cognitive functions; drinking is something I have never taken up and never will, though...I cannot say the same for yourself."

Marge actually growled at him, straightening herself up in an arrogant fashion and failing horribly at it. "Major epic fail..." Genesis muttered moving back as Harry and the officer headed upstairs. He smirked seeing that evil smile in his beloved's eyes. Oh this was going to be good.

"Mr. Potter, Petunia told us all about you, drunken...Unemployed worthless waste of human flesh."

Tilting sideways Vincent looked at Petunia who looked three seconds from passing out. Raising a single questioning brow he turned back to Marge, "I see she also forgot the fact that my family is very old money and no one in my family has had to work in generations as the Potter fortune is very vast." A small smile pulled at his lips seeing Marge's eyes going wide. "Though if I were you I would not speak about drunken and unemployed...Considering you reek of the foul liquid as we speak and according to my file...You live at home...Alone...Breeding bull dogs...Not many would consider that gainful employment."

Marge was actually sputtering her face turning a brilliant shade of puce. She didn't have a chance to respond as one of the officer came back into the living room. "Mr. Dursley..." standing Vernon moved over to the officer his own face beat red in his furry at watching his sister get shot down at every turn. "I want you to remove these men from my home."

"I'm afraid I cannot do that...Turn around and place your hands behind your back." The officer pulled out his cuffs, but thought better of those at the sheer size of the man. Instantly all color drained from Vernon's face hearing he was under arrest. "What for!" The officer forcefully grabbed his hand cuffing one before attaching a second set of cuffs to them and then a third before he could reach his other hand. "You are under arrest for suspicion of child neglect and child abuse."

Petunia stood up with a screech for them not to take her husband. The two enhanced flinched as it pierced their ears.

Stepping back into the hallway Vincent looked up to where his son was standing his face perfectly blank of all emotions, though his eyes were dancing with a fire similar to Nibelheim. This was his vengeance for fourteen years of neglect and abuse, and he didn't pop his killing cherry. There was enough evidence across the house, hell just in his room to prove Vernon's guilt, and 'that' was a very sweet Christmas present.

"Mr. Potter will we be able to contact you for a court date?" The one officer moved up to the stairs. "You will have to contact me, my son will be in school and I'm afraid the boarding school he attends is very strict and does not allow calls during the term." Pulling out a business card he handed it to the officer before the officer left.

"Harry you ready to leave this place forever?"

"Goddess yes! The Ministry can kiss my ass I'm not staying here a minute longer." Turning Sephiroth bolted up the stairs mini Materia in hand for his trunk. One beautiful thing about Materia is the Ministry couldn't trace it so he could use it to his hearts content.

He ran down a moment later trunk already placed into the pocket of his leather pants. He had the Order Headquarters address written on a piece of paper and handed it to his father. "Memorize that...Gen burn it when you're done." Sweeping his eyes over it Vincent took the information in at a glance and handed it to Genesis who in turn swept his gaze over it before calling forth his Materia and incinerating the paper.

Marge and Piers jumped seeing the show of Magick, their eyes huge as they looked at the group. "Oh and Marge...I don't attend a school for criminal boys...I attend a boarding school for Witches and Wizards...Just as my mother and father did."

Piers stood up his eyes wide as he looked at the freak in front of him. "Bullshit Potter...What are you some Chris Angel freak?"

Genesis snickered at that since he knew Chris Angel personally and he was a very fantastic and powerful wizard...He just liked to mind fuck Muggles. "You could say that considering Angel is a wizard..." Genesis shrugged but smirked seeing Sephiroth move out a little holding up his left hand. He held it up parallel with the floor, pulling on the Jenova cells in his body he called forth his beloved Masamune. In a flash of brilliant green light the seven foot Nodachi appeared in his hand causing Marge and the others to leap back in shock.

Smirking darkly Sephiroth recalled the sword causing it to simply vanish into thin air. Turning back to his father and lover he nodded to them. "I'll go first to make sure no one tries to attack you..." and with that he simply vanished into thin air. "Ah...Jenova cells...They are actually good for one thing." Genesis smirked before flipping the remaining Dursley's off "Marry Fucking Christmas everyone!" And he simply vanished just as Sephiroth had. Shaking his head Vincent pulled on his Chaos cells allowing him to teleport in a similar fashion to his son and Genesis.

"What the fuck did I just see?" Piers whispered jaw somewhere in China.

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Tap Tap Tap...

Sirius cringed with every tap of the steak knife on his kitchen table. It had only been a day and a half since the arrival of his newest house guests and already the youngest of them was driving him up the wall!

Kadaj as he was called was hostile, violent, temperamental, and all around just downright insane! If left to his own devices the boy would tear apart the house; he actually 'liked' to antagonize his mothers painting. Though this morning he had woken up to find the young boy that looked so much like Harry to be sitting on the floor having a conversation about the best way to kill blood traitors with her.

Sirius was starting to really regret saying yes to Harry about watching over the four boys, Yazoo and Lazard weren't a problem; other than Yazoo's slightly insane personality he was very quiet and charming. Lazard was very intelligent, and very much the Slytherin as he had been sorted into; through talking with the man he had come to learn Lazard was in fact a ShinRa as well, though a bastard half son. Unknowingly he had worked his way up through ShinRa to become Director of SOLDIER; it was during his time there that he had learned of his true parentage and started to embezzle money from the company, all with no one being the wiser.

Loz as he was called was like dealing with a very large, very powerful child. Sirius did regret the one and only time he had agreed to play with the brute of a man; while Loz had been very apologetic that still didn't help his ribs heal after being thrown across his own house.

Feeling the wards shifting slightly Sirius looked up from where he was sitting across from Kadaj and Lazard. He knew that the Weasley's were due to arrive any minute for Christmas but this wasn't any of their signatures.

Kadaj's head shot up, the first none insane smile lighting his features, "Dad!" Standing up the little boy raced from the room. Chuckling Lazard pushed himself up adjusting his glasses, "Sephiroth must have just ported in." Blinking Sirius turned slightly to look at the young man across from him. "Kadaj just called him father, Harry is not old enough to have a child...In either life."

"He is not a literal father to them, the triplets are clones of him...His cells gave them life. Yazoo and Loz both see him as more of a brother but Kadaj see's him as their father...The two older just don't argue with the youngest so they all just call him father."

Feeling the wards shivering again he smiled knowing it had to be Rhapsodos and Vincent coming in. "The Dursley's must have forced Vincent's hand sooner if they are here already." Lazard turned back to Sirius ignoring the thundering footsteps of Loz charging across the house to get to Sephiroth and the others. "Oh? Do tell." A light sparkled in Lazard's eyes, the boy was a prankster in his own right and loved a good devious plan. If it wasn't for the fact he was a 'bleeding heart' to Tseng he could have very easily have been a Turk.

"This last Hogsmead weekend Vincent and I sat down for a very long talk, mostly about James Harry's father this life time. I was tired of seeing my godson returning to school highly under weight and suffering from their abuse of him. With the Ministry making all the students return home for the holidays we decided it would be best to get Harry away from them permanently.

With Vincent being a Muggle CIA agent already it was easy for him to make a false ID card with James name and picture. He would pretend to be James Potter that hadn't died but simply suffering from amnesia."

Shaking his head Lazard if he were the Dursley's wouldn't have believed that story for a minute. "I would say it worked..."

"Understatement Director…Hook, line, and sinker." Sephiroth moved into the room Kadaj happily leeched onto his side as was normal. "And what makes this all the better is Vernon is now being whisked off to a lovely room with a view of Bubba next cell over."

"You got him arrested?" Kadaj looked up at Sephiroth with a manic look in his acid green eyes. Smiling gently Sephiroth ran a hand through Kadaj's hair moving it away from his face. "I figured since they were there it would be the perfect opportunity to bring to light some of the Dursley's parental short comings."

Laughing Kadaj moved to sit down in his recently vacated seat laying Soba on the table in front of him. Looking over Sephiroth Sirius felt his brow rising seeing the massive amounts of leather and the bare chest. "What's with the getup?" He didn't realize this was Sephiroth's battle attire as he had only seen a picture of him once and unlike the others he didn't have a photographic memory.

"This is my normal attire; at least it was for the days I was not held up in my office working on paperwork." Sephiroth tilted his head to the side his bangs falling across his face a small smile crossing his face. "Yes, we at SOLDIER seemed to have a leather fetish." He used to hear that all the time when he was down around civilians, he had set the trend and Genesis had only increased it. While the uniforms of the main SOLDIER were a heavy duty Kevlar cloth, the 1st classes which were allowed personalization to their uniform tended to emulate Sephiroth and Genesis own attire. Though as Genesis loved to point out with his normal arrogance, none of them could pull it off like they did.

He actually had to agree with Genesis there...Zack had managed to steal Genesis coat one day and was running around in it for the better part of the afternoon. While it had been funny as hell to watch; especially when Genesis had found out and proceeded to chase the puppy all around the SOLDIER floor, he hadn't been able to pull off the look.

"I never understood how you all could battle in leather. I tried simply spending a day in leather and I chafed horribly." Lazard was watching them with curious eyes, looking up he felt the wards shift again and this time the loud voice of a certain puppy could be heard from up stairs. "It takes time to break the leather in, when I first had this outfit made I chaffed pretty horribly too." A small smile lit up Sephiroth's features seconds before he was bowled over by a very hyper active puppy. Squeaking Kadaj got the hell out of the way by pushing himself under the table seconds before Zack slammed into Sephiroth sending them both down tumbling to the ground in a giant heap of tangle limbs and leather.

"Seph, you are never gonna believe this!" Zack sat up on his hips starting to bounce, if they weren't fully clothed it would look very suggestive right now. "That you are breaking my hip, yes I can believe that." Flushing slightly Zack stopped bouncing but stayed where he was too damn hyper to move at the moment.

"Reno went to ShinRa's!" Sitting up Sephiroth just stared at Zack, how the hell had Reno managed to get away from Molly and over to ShinRa's? "How? I thought Reno was a hell of a lot more intelligent than that."

"I don't know Seph, he got a call right before we were to port out and he gave said 'see ya yo I got a boyfriend to go please' and then he was gone."

Sighing Sephiroth let his head fall back onto the hard stone floor with a sound 'thunk'."Call Tseng see what he wants us to do."

» § «

"Tseng…Your phones ringing..."

Feeling the body under him shifting Tseng slowly peeled his eyes open, why did someone have to call him now? He had finally fallen asleep after fucking the blond bombshell under him into the mattress. He was exhausted and just wanted to sleep with his personal Makoro fueled heater. "Can you grab it your closer."

"You can get up easier than I can."

"You calling me easy?"

Snorting Cloud shoved the Wutai Turk off him listening to him laugh, "You're perverted you know that...Mind of a forty-five year old...With fifteen year old perverseness..." Laughing softly Tseng spread out across the bed taking up the entirety of the warmth as Cloud sat up to grab his phone.

"It's Zack." He held it out but growled seeing his bed completely taken up by very naked Turk. "And where am I supposed to lay down..."

"Hush...Phone." Tseng stuck his tongue out at the blond flipping the phone open. "What do you want Zack?" Growling at his husband Cloud decided it was time to get even, moving up the lean body he snaked his tongue up along the small birthmark that drove his beloved nuts. A loud gasp was his reward along with a cuffing against his head.

"Sorry Cloud's being a pervert at the moment..." Tseng bit his lip hard to keep from moaning as Cloud returned to that spot once more, oh the blond was so getting it once he was off the phone. "He went where?... 'Goddess.. I am so fucking gonna kill Cloud after I fuck his brains out again!' Alright, give him a call make sure he's alright and then string him up by his balls and beat him for me." He shut the phone off before Zack could say anything. Growling darkly he grabbed the damn teasing blond and roughly pulled him back up on the bed. "You're going to regret that..."

"Promises promises..."

» § «

"Nice pad ShinRa." Reno walked down the stairs of Malfoy Manor; for being this big bad-ass family it actually was a fairly nice looking home. Granted it didn't exactly scream cozy like the Weasley family home did, but it was still warm considering the family that owned it.

"As I tried to tell everyone, my parents this go around are not bad people...Little misguided but not bad. They do genuinely care for me, I didn't have a wet nurse when I was a baby...I didn't have a nanny all through my life; my mother actually raised me completely from birth."

"You know yo, I never would have honestly pictured that." Reno was dressed in his normal lazy attire, though he had made sure to stay well clear of anything Weasley related; as far as the Malfoy's would be concerned he was Reno Sinclair...A pure blood American just moved to England.

"A lot of people wouldn't, most people that see Lucius think he's an abuser and a cold hearted bastard...He's not father of the year but he's not worth of the worst title either." They were heading for the drawing room where his parents normally were this time of day, Dark Nation padding along beside her master. Ever since DN had been reacquainted with Rufus she refused to leave his side, she was a very well trained Guard Hound that loved biting him in the ass.

"This is gonna be weird yo...Meeting them and not being hated right off the bat." He was so used to being sneered at and looked down on because his family was considered blood traitors. "Hopefully their views will be changing I'm going to work on them about leaving the snake and joining our side…Not Dumbledore...But ShinRa." Rufus smirked, one thing he was very well known for was his silver tongue, Tseng had taught him well.

"Normally I would tell you to act like a Turk, but this time just be yourself..."

Reno snorted at that and shook his head, maybe pretending to be a Turk for once in his life would be the better option...Actually. Reno smirked, time to blow his lover out of the water. There was something about him that no one...Not even Tseng knew about it.

Seeing that glint in Reno's eyes was making Rufus slightly nervous, that look was never a good thing. "Just behave yourself." Moving to the drawing room Rufus pushed it open and moved in; the hearth was lit as it always was giving off a soft glow on the deep purple walls. The floor while a dark wood was covered in bright rugs that helped to light up the room and make it appear more open. It really was the exact opposite in what Reno would have pictured the Malfoy mansion looking.

Lucius was sitting in a chair reading over the Daily Prophet with two Irish Wolf Hounds laying at his feet and a glass of what he assumed to be brandy sitting on a small round end table next to the chair. Surprisingly he was in a deep red lounge jacket and not the heavy green and black robes he normally wore.

Narcissa was leaning up against the arm of the couch facing the fire silently reading over a book, she was dressed in a warm light blue simple dress that hugged her figure.

Dark Nation ever at home already gently padded into the room and up to lay in front of the fire. Narcissa jumped slightly and placed a hand on her chest; that dog scared her every time it came into the room. "I swear Lucius; our son comes home with the strangest pets."

Snickering Rufus looked to Reno seeing a red brow raised. "I used to bring Magickal animals home all the time when I was younger." Pushing his hair back behind his ear Rufus moved up to stand by his parents, "Come now mother, DN is not all that strange." Closing her book Narcissa smiled up at her son gently, her blue eyes shifting over to the Guard Hound snoozing by the fire.

"Come now Draco, no one has been able to even tell us what sort of Magickal Creature she is...Does that not come across as strange to you?" Lucius asked looking over his paper at his son. Rufus was right, they were completely different people when they weren't sticking their noses up at you.

Laughing Rufus moved over to where DN was looking up, her expression if it was possible looked insulted. "Look dad, you insulted her...She isn't weird are you girl." Leaning down Rufus wrapped his arms around her hugging her tightly. DN actually started to purr as she turned into her master before hissing at Lucius, telling him off in her own way. Unable to help it Reno laughed, he might hate that damn thing but she had one hell of a personality on her.

Hearing the strange laugh both Narcissa and Lucius looked over seeing the strange boy standing not far away. "Mother, Father...This is the boy I was talking about." Rufus stood acting as the perfect son and motioned for Reno to come closer. Shifting slightly on his feet Reno moved forward a soft smile moving onto his lips, well he wasn't roasted yet. "Mom, dad…This is Reno Sinclair, the young American that transferred over. Reno these are my parents Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy."

Smiling Reno actually bowed slightly his whole demeanor changing. "Thank you for allowing me entrance into your beautiful home; it's a pleasure to meet you both finally, Draco has been a very large help in adjusting to the ways of Hogwarts."

Rufus went slack jawed, Reno had completely lost the slum rat accent that he always had. His movements and words were instead that of a well bread gentleman.

"You as well Reno, please have a seat." Lucius motioned towards the chair across from him, nodding Reno moved over and sat down gracefully not sending his lover a second glance. Oh Rufus was in for the shock of his life, he could tell you that much.

"Reno, that is a usual name. Is that not a city in the United States?" Lucius asked his grey eyes watching Reno carefully. "Nickname Mr. Malfoy, my real name is Renton, I used to get teased a lot at school for my name, after my father died and I was forced to live with my mother I changed I started to go by Reno...It just kind of stuck."

"Renton?" Rufus had a brow raised as he looked to his lover, he didn't know the boys name was Renton; his files all stated his name was Reno. Reno merely grinned at him that 'you don't know everything' light shinning in his eyes. Oh they were going to have a very very long talk after this...Maybe after he got his brains fucked out by the man, but a long talk none the less.

"You say forced to live with your mother, did your parents not live together?" It was actually very rare in the Wizardry world for families to be divorced, that was more of a Muggle thing. Reno shook his head folding his hands in his lap. "My mother left my father when I was about five years old, we weren't the richest family in the world but my father made a decent amount from his Magickal Instruments that he made. My mother had a very addictive personality, she was involved in a hit and run when I was three, she was accidentally taken to a Muggle hospital instead of a Magickal one. She was introduced to Muggle narcotic drugs and unfortunately she became hooked." Reno looked away, this was all true with slight twists for the pure-bloods around him. "Nothing we did could help her...No potion no amount of Magick could cure the addiction, it got worse she needed stronger drugs...She bled our family dry of all funds and when dad could no longer support her habit and refused to pimp me out on the street corner she left."

He shrugged more than used to the life he had been forced to live, his father had died when he was young and he was forced away from his loving grandparents to live with his Makoro addicted mother several thousand miles from Mideel where he was born to the slums of Midgar.

Narcissa had sat up and was looking at him with sympathy surprisingly. "That's horrible to hear, made worse that it was Muggle medication that started it."

"It's alright yo, if it wasn't that it would have been something else. Forgive me...After living with my mother I had to adapt a new speech pattern...It's become so natural and I do not realize I have fallen back." Lucius shook his head slightly, already having forgiven the boy; he had known witches and wizards that had sub-come themselves to the horrid drugs of the Muggle world.

"Do you still live with her?" Narcissa asked, she was already starting to grow a soft spot for the young boy. She hadn't known what to expect when Draco first told her of his American friend, especially when she had seen the way the boy was dressed; but hearing him now she could see he was simply fitting in to the world he was forced into.

"Nah, I live with an old friend of mine that moved over from the States, Tseng Akera. He's a few years older than me but he's basically my second father. Though right now he's back in the State visiting a friend for Christmas."

"I offered him to stay here for Christmas so he's not alone, is that alright father?"

"That is fine Draco, why don't you show him to one of the guest rooms, I will have Milly prepare it and set an extra plate for dinner."

Standing up Reno bowed slightly as Rufus stood as well. "Thank you, Mr. Malfoy...I promise that I will not intrude to much upon your hospitality." Lucius nodded before turning back to his paper. Grabbing Reno's arm Rufus steered him out of the room. "We need to talk..."

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