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Perverted Aunt!



Disclaimer: I do not in any shape or form own Harry Potter, be it characters, spells, items, or anything else that’s connected to the Harry Potter books/movies; they all belong to J. K. Rowling & the Warner Bros Pictures. I don’t even earn any money from this. The only characters that I do own are the ones that you haven’t read about in the books. Although, I wish I did, that way I could come up with a more believable way for Harry ending up with Ginny or someone who is better for him. Also I would made Hermione less trusting of people like Dumbledore and less bossy. Anyway, onto the story.

Summary: This story has come from Autumn Skyie’s story on ‘Petunia the Pervert’ - “Petunia gets perverted thoughts after watching a different show on the television whilst Vernon and Dudley were out of the house. How will this affect her and Harry?”

WARNING: Although this is just fiction, if you're strongly against incest and paedophile stories and you are under the age of 18, than PLEASE stop reading now… if you keep on reading after count of ten you're fine with reading this kind of story and you are over the age of 18!  











Now seeing that you have continued to read that means you're ok reading a story about pedophiler and incest and you are over the age of 18. I need to say this to you, paedophilia is wrong and you could go to prison if you were caught doing it. The reason I'm writing this is to show how it is possible for an adult can make a child think that having sex at a young age is ok when it's not. As for incest, many people well think it is very wrong, but for me as long as they are of age and both agree to it.

Author’s Notes: I don’t know when Sky and Cable came out, but in this story they’re out in 1987, which is when this story starts. Before you moan and complain, I would like to remind you that this IS a AU story, so anything is possible that isn’t possible in real world.

Now before the story begins I would like to say that the Prologue is almost the same as Autumn Skyie’s story - apart for what I’ve added. (Autumn Skyie, if you’re reading this, I know that I said I would try and change as much of it as I can [apart of the TV show] as I told you said it was okay to use it. I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t change as much of it as I liked to of this part of the story. Sorry :( But I would like to say that after this chapter, everything is different.) Now I would like to WARN everyone that I’ve put more detail into the TV show than there was in Autumn Skyie’s story. So you’ve been warned.

IMPORTANT WARNINGS FOR THIS CHAPTER: Underage Sex and Incest. I’ll put a note up when it begins and ends so you can skip it if you’re not into this thing.

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It was a swelteringly hot July evening in Little Whinging, in the summer of 1987, and Petunia Dursley, the wife of Vernon Dursley and the mother Dudley Dursley, was having a restless night because of the heat, she wasn’t able to go to sleep.

Vernon was on a business trip in the South of France for the next month, for his business Grunnings, since there was a conference dealing with new tools for Grunnings.  She sent her darling son Diddykins off that very morning to a suitably prestigious camp for the summer. She, however, was forced to stay behind, as she had to keep an eye on something, a something that she and her husband wished they didn’t have - her sister’s little freak of a son Harry Potter. He was currently locked in the cupboard that was located under the stairs, he was there because he tried to nick an extra slice of bread for his dinner. Although she was forced to stay behind she didn’t minded too much, as she had the house to herself for a full month. All in all, life was good.

Seeing that she wasn't going to any sleep any time soon, she poured herself a large tumbler of iced tea and sat in her recliner. As she luxuriated, in the soft comfort of her easy chair, she decided to idly flip through the channels on the new cable box that Vernon had bought not two months prior. Vernon bought it as it was something new and not yet common. Plus it was said that you could watch a lot more channels than a normal television. But unlike buying one from the shop, as they would have to pay a monthly bill to keep it, Vernon bought it from someone at his work. For a flat five hundred pounds, they got the Cable for life and without the bills. They also got channels that they wouldn’t normally get if they got it from a shop.

‘Hmm… a gardening show perhaps?’ Petunia pondered as she watched Geoff Hamilton flash a dazzling smile. ‘Then again… maybe not.’ This continued until, after clicking through many channels, an image on the screen gave her pause.

A small young girl, probably no older than eight, entered what appeared to be a bedroom. She was adorable with her big blue eyes and mess of blonde curls. What was shocking was that the girl was sitting on a king size bed, waiting for someone, in the nude.

‘Hmm, I wonder what this is about?’ thought Petunia. She knew this wasn’t normal, and in any other situation would turn the channel over, as she didn’t like anything that wasn't normal. But yet there was something intoxicating about what she was watching, the look in the girl's eyes maybe, and she couldn’t change the channel.

Underage Sex and Incest Begins!!

A tall man who had to be in his early forties or late thirties with matching blonde hair entered the room in nothing but his boxers. The man sat next to her, stroking her inner thighs, which the young girl seemed to love. "Princess," the man said softly, "Do you want to make your Daddy happy?"

"Of course, you know I do Daddy," the girl said eagerly, a strangely expectant look upon her face. The look disturbed Petunia ever so slightly but there was a small pit of excitement brewing in her. She held herself rigidly and stared at the TV.

"Then be a good girl and stand in front of Daddy," said her father as he stared into her eyes, gently running his fingers through her hair.

It was obviously an order the girl was familiar with as she got up and stood between her father’s legs awaiting something.

The man trailed a soft hand over her cheekbone before gently kissing the girl on her pouty lips; his hands trailing over her flat chest, tweaking a pink nipple before withdrawing. He then knelt in front of her and gently kissed her belly, licking around her tiny belly button, his free hands softly kneading and caressing the cheeks of her ass. As he was kissing her cute, flat tummy, he moved down and started to kiss and lick her young pussy. His tongue separating her folds with practised ease, had the young girl writhing on the bed, small moans and squeaks of pleasure escaping her tiny lips.

After a few minutes of this, his dick was rock hard, Petunia could easily see from his boxers, he sat back upon the edge of the bed and whispered hoarsely, "Kneel."

"Yes Daddy." The girl said softly, reverently.

The girl slowly knelt in front of her father grabbed the shaft of his dick with her tiny fists pumping it up and down causing it to jerk slightly and dribble forth droplets of pre-cum. All while staring into his eyes with great amounts of love and lust. She moved her head to her father’s manhood and after giving it a few playful licks, began to suck on its angry red, hard, and spongy head. Her blonde curls bouncing as she began to bob her head back and forth along the hard length obviously trying to take it all in without gagging.

The man's breath was erratic as he came with a loud grunt into his daughter’s mouth. Swallowing noisily with some white liquid spilling from the side of her mouth, a substance Petunia easily recognized as cum. The girl waited quietly until her father motioning for her to stand.

As he pushed her away slowly he caused her mouth to leave his cock with a loud pop. Bringing his hands under her arms he pulled her up to her feet; her legs wobbling a little. When they were chest to chest he embraced her, one arm on her back the other groping lecherously on her prepubescent ass, and gave her a passionate kiss.

The kiss went on and after a while both of them were moaning. The man licking the cum from the corners of her mouth once more letting out a loud moan as he tasted his own juices. The man broke the kiss looking into his daughter's eyes, his focused while hers were glazed over, a smile on his face as he leaned over to her ear and gave it lick before saying, "Princess, you make Daddy so happy." He gave her earlobe another nibble before swooping back down to claim her now red lips once more.

As he was kissing his daughter, he moved them both onto the king size bed, sliding his hand down to her pussy. cupping her young mound he slid his finger in and out of her pussy which made his “Princess” moan in pleasure. After a few minutes of this, he moved himself so he could ease his dick into his girl. Sliding in slowly, he began to rock his cock in long strokes in her young cunt. After several long, deep slow strokes he heard her moaning “faster” and “deeper”. Being the loving father he was he granted her requests by speeding up and slamming into her harder. Wanting to further stimulate her and himself he slicks a finger with saliva and teases her rosebud and feigning like he is pushing inside her.

Underage Sex and Incest Ends!!

Petunia hears the squelching noise of the man's fat, hard dick pumping effortlessly into her super-wet little pussy, as she watched on in shock and awe as he moves in and out of the girl. Here, as the two were rutting like animals with their pleasurable moans and squeaks filling the air of her living-room, was when Petunia turned off the television staring dumbly at its blank screen. By all means she knew that she should have been appalled by what she had just witnessed, but strangely enough… she wasn’t. In fact, she was very aroused by it all.

Setting down her tumbler, Petunia went in search of liquor. She went to her bedroom, where she sat on her bed and drank the wine. Even after downing two glasses, she still couldn’t seem to shake what she had seen on the telly from her mind. There were flashes of the little girl and her father coming to the forefront of her mind, except… different. She was in the place of the man and a small someone with unruly black hair was eating her out. Picturing this in her mind, her fingers subconsciously made their way down to her pussy where she started to move them in and out of her juicy slit. Her other hand started to stroke her breast; pinching a nipple in an effort to climax.

It wasn’t long after that Petunia Dursley realized that she was very wet, and the source of her relief was locked in a cupboard within easy reach. She panted and moaned increasing her movements, imagining how it would be like having the brat between her legs. Shaking in pleasure, one hand over her mouth muffing her moans and sighs, she came harder and longer then she had ever climaxed before.


Author’s Notes: Here is the end of the first part of this story, I hope you like it. I want to say thank you to Autumn Skyie for allowing me to use this idea. Now that you spent the time to read this perverted story, could you spend a few minutes to review and let me know what you think of the story? Like it or not, I would like to hear what you think and what you would like to happen next.