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~ June,30th 2029~

"I need to see him."

"Lily...its bad luck."

"Its important Rose!"

"what's wrong? cant it wait? Its your wedding day!"

"Rosie...Im pregnant...and I need to tell him now..."


"Im three months...thats why we had to change my dress size."

"Go to him. he'll be happy."

The younger red head hugged her cousin tightly before,picking the skirt of her dress up and running through endless corridors and hallways,before finally reaching her Groom's bedroom.She knocked on the door and was met by a pair of emerald green eyes.

"Lils...your not supposed to be here."

"I need to speak to him."

Seeing the urgency in her face,Albus let her in,excusing himself to go find James.Lily took a sharp intake of breath,Scorpius stood in a light grey suit,it went lovely with all his colouring and in his pocket was a charmed dark green Lily,jinxed to look like a pocket flower.

He turned,eyes wide "Lily! I-Im not supposed-"

"Forget that Scorp...I need to talk to you."

"Oh no..Look if you want to wait a few more years thats fine...seriously..I dont mind."

Always so patient...she sighed.

"Scorpius...four years is long enough to make you wait...but I have I think you'll love."she beamed at him

"What is it,Love?"

She took a deep breath.."Im Pregnant."

He did not give a breath taking smile as she'd hoped,he did not run and twirl her around, his smile only fell and he said the word "No."


"Get rid of it."

"What?"She repeated,aghast "Why?"

"Neither of us is ready for a child Lily, your Twenty-one and Im Twenty-three, My parents were Married for six years before they had a child! Plus Im just reaching the peek of my Career!" Scorpius was training to be a Auror,like her father.

"You...dont want it?"

"No Lily,I dont want a child this young...In a few more years...say another four...we can try again...but get rid of it."

"No."She said "I want this baby Scorpius ..."

"Then ...or the thing that doesnt even have a heartbeat yet."

"Im three months! how could you? I thought you loved me!"

"I chose...or I will."

"I wont get rid of it!"

"Then the wedding is off...untill you see sense..."

The wedding is is

The words swirled around her head as tears poured down her face,she didnt turn to watch him go to tell the guests...she simply sat on the bed and cried.

~6 months Later~

Lily stared at her Children...yes children...she and....Him..had conceived twins...a boy and girl...she had choosen to name them in honour of the Malfoy and Black Tradition. She looked at the name tags, Carina Ara Malfoy and Orion Taurus Malfoy,They'd been born on Christmas eve.

She smiled at them,her Little Orion had blonde hair covering his head but to her suprise when he opened his eyes to look at her,they were brown,like hers,like her mothers,like James's. Carina had red hair,like her..but Lily didnt know weither to be happy to sad that she'd gotten the Malfoy Icy grey eyes of her father. He hadnt come near and word on the street was he was seeing someone else now.

Lily couldnt bear the thought of seeing him in diagonally with some new little whore on his arm...she'd made up her mind..she'd tell her parents and brothers she was only going for awhile but would make up some story as to why she was staying...she didnt want to be near Scorpius Malfoy anymore ...she didnt want to think of him...but with his twins she knew that was impossible.

So later that night,she left a note for her family and silently crept out of the hospital and disappeared into the night,not to be seen again for four years.

~June,30th 2033~

Lily stared out at the Ocean that her little cottage like home was resting near,she heard the cries of her son and squeals of her daughter and smiled,She loved them to pieces, but for their sake she had not returned home and they had never met any of their family. She had to keep them away from him. Away from his cruelty. She watched as a Owl came into view,snowy white and amber eyes.

Albus's owl,Hedwig the second. She'd seen the Owl twice before,Once When James's Daughter, Daisy had been born,that was three years ago,and the second when Albus's son, Charlie was born,that had been two years ago.

She tore open the letter and smiled,Albus's wife, Alice Potter (Nee Longbottom) Had had a baby girl,they'd named her Hannah,after Alice's mother. But what was this? a note attached to the picture?

Look behind the picture...we thought you should know.

Love Al.

Lily turned the picture of Her new niece over and saw a artical folded up.She carefully opened it and was met by a picture of the Malfoy family, Lucius,Narcissa,Draco,Astoria,Scorpius and a new girl...she read the name Lyra Goyle she looked through the artical

The Malfoy's proudly showed off their soon to be newest member of this great family,Lyra Goyle was last month proposed to by Young Scorpius Malfoy,though many question if by the look on his face,that the marriage has been forced or if he has,as he as stated for the last four years gotten over His Mysterious break up with Lily Luna Potter and her even more Mysterious departure. Turn to Page 13 to read the whole story.

So he thought he'd try and get married? Well,She thought...we'll see about that...and she turned to call her children

"Cari! Ori! Get your things!" She smiled "Lets go see Daddy." she muttered

Its true what they say...Hell haft no fury like a woman scorned.