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Disclaimer: Now let’s get this out of the way before get into the story: I do not in any shape or form own Harry Potter, be it characters, spells, items & anything else that’s connected to the Harry Potter books or movies, they all belong to J. K. Rowling & the Warner Bros Pictures. I don’t even earn any money from this. The only characters that I do own are the ones that you haven’t read about in the books.

Author’s Notes: I would like to thank LordNemesis for the idea and the outline for this story, I’m writing it with my kind of twists to it. I would like to warn you that before you read this story, this story is going to be very, very dark and sometimes there’ll be things in it you won’t like.


The saga starts as James and Lily Potter were walking in Hogsmeade after celebrating with their friends about the news that they were going to have a child, but as they were taking a walk, they were ambushed and captured by Death Eaters. This would be the third time that James and Lily faced Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

After being captured James was tortured by Death Eaters, while Lily faced her worst fear as she was raped by Voldemort. The reason for this was that the Dark Lord found a spell to help him gain an heir. However the spell requires a woman who is already carrying a child, and so he impregnated Lily with his own. Voldemort picked Lily because she was powerful, and she had a fight spirit, therefore she would give him a strong progeny.

After James and Lily escape from Voldemort, Lily tries to keep her children safe from everyone that would try and hurt or use them for their own gains. No one, not Dumbledore, not Voldemort, nor anyone else in the magical or mundane worlds is aware of Lorraine.

This first part of this saga focuses on the life of Lorraine Potter/Strange before she starts Hogwarts, as we all know the life of Harry Potter. But there will be one chapter about him to see the small changes in his life. The rest of the Pre-Hogwarts years will be about Lorraine.

Age Rating: Over 18’s only.

Warning: This is going to be a very Dark Fic, Underage Sex (around five and up) Strong Language, Rape, Characters Bashing, Violence, Angst, and Character Death. If you don’t like any of these, then stop reading now, as any flames that haven’t got a point will be told where to get off - flames about my spelling and grammar counts as pointless flames.

Beta Readers for the story: Slicer.




Dark Beginnings

This story starts in the late November of 1979, in a village known as Hogsmeade.

A young married couple - the man being tall with hazel eyes and unruly black hair and the lady an inch or two shorter than him sporting green eyes and red hair - were walking down the main street of the village after having dinner with their friends.

Now you might be wondering what’s strange with that. Well, nothing, apart from the fact that Hogsmeade is a Wizarding Village, yes Wizarding as in magic, flying broomsticks and all that. Not to mention the fact that the couple, James and Lily Potter, who were a wizard and a witch, were wearing dark blue robes with gold trimmings which made them look more suspicious then your average couple.

You see James and Lily had been celebrating with their friends; about a week ago Lily had discovered that she was pregnant after missing two of her periods. The healer was able to inform them that they were expecting a boy, and he is supposed to be born sometime by the end of July.

After a few drinks with their friends, the young couple left for a walk to discuss their future and their child before heading home.

However, as they were walking they heard a soft pop but before they could react they were rendered helpless by the familiar bright red flash of a stunning spell.


Lily didn’t know how long she was out for, but when she awoke she found herself completely naked and chained to a dungeon wall. She was terrified; but she had a pretty good idea of where she was and who had captured her.

She suspected that she was captured by Death Eaters - the supporters for the latest Dark Lord; Lord Voldemort – and then she was brought to his Headquarters.

Voldemort reminded her of Adolf Hitler during World War Two. He had wanted to kill people like the Jews and others, as he thought of them as a lower life form that shouldn’t be left alive.

In Voldemort’s case, he wanted to kill Muggleborns, Muggles and half-breeds, as he thought that Purebloods were better.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard screaming close by, they were the screams of her husband James, being tortured. She knew that their stay was going to be far from pleasant; she just hoped that their luck held - this would make the third time that they’d been in a situation like this after all. She just hoped that she and her baby would survive the torture that she knew was going to come.

Before she could ponder more on the topic, the dungeon doors slowly creaks open to reveal Lord Voldemort.

He was six feet tall with pale skin, jet black hair and red eyes. Even though he looked handsome, Lily knew that he was more monster than a man by now.

“Greetings Lily,” said Voldemort, “It’s nice to see you again.”

“Fuck you Voldemort.” Lily hissed as she spat at the man. “Where is my husband you bastard!”

Voldemort smiled at Lily for her colourful language. This was one of the reasons he was attracted to her, other than the fact she was both quite powerful and beautiful. She was the perfect person to carry his heir, even if she was a Mudblood.

He was no fool, he knew that he and the other Purebloods needed the Mudbloods, the only use he saw them for was for breeding, so they can keep their world going.

“Your husband is in the next cell Lily, entertaining my men.” Voldemort laughed. “There is something that I want from you, and I intend to take it, with or without your permission.” He said as he licked his lips.

“I won’t give you anything, you bastard!” Lily hissed.

Voldemort smiled evilly, “Who said you had a choice?”

With that he got closer to Lily and reached out with his hand and started to caress her breasts lightly.

Lily shivered at his touch and tried to fight him. However she had little success due to the many spells she was under to keep her relatively still.

“Now my dear, you’re going to give me an heir so I can finally have an ally I can truly trust, someone I can pass down my knowledge to and, should I die, someone to take my place.”

Lily couldn’t help herself, she laughed. The thought of ANYONE trusting this monster was laughable. ‘So this is what he wants from me.’ Lily thought. Out loud she said with a smirk, pleased at getting one over on the monster in human form. “Too bad bastard, I’m already pregnant.”

“Oh I already know this my dear.” Voldemort smiled as his words wiped the smirk from her face. “That's why I picked you, I’ve found a spell to allow you to still have yours and your husband’s child, but at the same time you’ll also being carrying my child, by all accounts they’ll be like twins. However, I’ll be the father to one of them.” Over the many years of research Voldemort was able to find a spell called Twinverta.

The Twinverta spell was an ancient spell - as most effective spells were in this day and age of reclining skill - it was thought by many to be lost over time. When cast properly it guaranteed impregnation; back when the spell was known, it was only used when a man’s wife was unable to give the man a male child.

However, it required a specific set of circumstances to work; the intended woman had to be perfectly healthy, the woman had to already be pregnant, and the child that was already growing within her must also be healthy. Other than that, all Voldemort knew about the spell was that the two children would be more or less twins and share a twin bond, something that was much more literal in the magical world.

However, one of the drawbacks of the spell was that some of the caster’s DNA would go into the already unborn child, which would make it a secondary heir. Also, any skills that the caster wanted to be implanted into his heir would go to both of the children, not just the new heir.

However, Lily didn’t know about this so she didn’t know if what Voldemort told her was true or not. But what she did know was what he planned to do to her. And so for this reason, she tried to fight the magic holding her as well as the chains; once again putting in an admirable effort, even breaking half of the charms holding her, but at the cost of using up almost all of her magic.

As she was fighting the bonds, Voldemort had started to take his robes off. As he was doing this, Lily saw that he already had an erect dick that was eight inches long. A part of herself was amazed, it was an inch and a half bigger then James’ own member, but that didn’t matter, what mattered was getting free from Voldemort, so she kept on fighting the bonds, both magical and physical.

Seeing this, Voldemort laughed, “Don’t bother dear, I put several hours of work into casting those. Powerful you may be, but I still outmatch you.”

With that he got close to Lily and started to cast a short spell in an ancient language that Lily didn’t know.

Although Voldemort didn’t really care if he hurt Lily or not and just wanted an Heir, he did find Lily’s body attractive and didn’t want to mark it too much; he also wasn't sure if the spell's 'needs to be healthy' requirement came into play before or after insemination. So he started to touch her soft skin and caress her body. While he was doing this, he started to lick Lily’s breast whilst pushing two of his fingers in and out of Lily’s tight cunt. He used his other hand to twist Lily’s other breast whilst licking and biting her nipple.

While Voldemort was doing all this, Lily was shocked and sickened by her body’s betrayal as her cunt was slowly getting more and more wet. Although she was fighting to break free of the bonds, she couldn't deny that her body was enjoying this even if she didn’t want to.

She began to moan in pleasure, much to her mortification.

“You like that, don’t you my dear?” Voldemort smirked as he pulled from Lily’s nipple. The woman remained silent however, not only because she was ashamed of what happened, but she also didn’t want to give the bastard the knowledge that she did like it.

Wanting her to beg for him to take her, he said, “Well dear, I think I’ll have some fun before I take you.” And with that he undid spells and removed the chains.

Lily was shocked when Voldemort freed her, but his words implied he was going to torture her, causing a good deal of adrenaline to shoot through her body as she fully regained her ability to move. Seeing her chance to be free, she made a run for it.

The second he sprang up though Voldemort’s hand pulled her back and pushed her onto the ground. As she was pinned down so she couldn’t fight Voldemort smirked and questioned mockingly, “Do you honestly think I would let you go? No… I am not done with you yet!” The next thing she knew he smashed his lips into hers roughly.

As Voldemort was kissing her, he began to play and toy with her cunt, teasing her lips. To Lily’s further shame she began to moan in pleasure.

What many didn’t know about her was that she liked it when James would treat her like a slave in bed and fuck her senseless. Because of Voldemort’s even rougher, uncaring treatment her body she was enjoying what was happening to it.

Before she could climax Voldemort stopped and started whispering into her ear, “If you want to climax and have me fuck you, all you have to do is beg for it and call me your Lord. If you do then I guarantee you'll leave my Lair more satisfied then you've ever been.” He offered before he started licking her neck.

Not long after Voldemort had begun licking her he started to work his way down her neck and body to her breasts, along the way he was licking and biting her - marking her.

Once he reached her breasts he used his mouth to please them, alternating between the left and right while his hands ventured lower, toying with her body.

It only took a few minutes before Lily got close to her climax, but Voldemort stopped to look at her for a few moments; waiting for her to beg him to allow her to climax and for him to fuck her, but when she didn’t he began all over again.

Lily didn’t want to give Voldemort the pleasure of knowing that he had gotten to her, which is why she didn’t say anything. However, all too soon it became too much for Lily, with the sexual torture and not being able to climax, she was more than willing to beg Voldemort for anything as long as she could climax.

“Please my Lord,” Lily forced out, causing Voldemort stopped and looked at her once again, “Please fuck me, do what you want with me! But… but please my Lord, allow me to cum!”

“Good girl, you've learned who is in control,” Voldemort said with a smirk, “As a reward, I’ll allow you to cum.” He continued finger fucking her cunt, rougher now, his hand blurring as his long fingers penetrated her repeatedly.

It didn’t take too long before Lily climaxed. It was unlike any orgasm she'd had before; her pussy gushing generously all over Voldemort’s fingers, lasting for a few minutes before her hips stopped jerking.

Breathing heavily and with a satisfied smile, she said, “Thank you my Lord, I’m very grateful.” She hated herself for it, but she was being completely honest.

“Show me how grateful you are my dear.” Voldemort said with a smirk, “Get down on all fours so I can take you like a dog. If you're good, I might even keep you as my personal pet.” He watched with a growing smirk as Lily did just as he asked.

As she got all fours Voldemort lined himself up against Lily’s cunt and slammed into her hard.

Lily couldn’t believe what was going on with her body. Her mind was shouting out ‘No, no more, stop!’ but her body wanted the pleasure, wanted to be fucked and do what it was told. When she got on her hands and knees she felt Voldemort’s hard cock slam into her cunt hard, causing her to wail in pain and pleasure.

As Voldemort was hammering into her, harder and harder, she felt him lean into her and dig his fingers his into her breasts tight enough to make them bleed. She began to moan in pleasure as she felt the pain and the pleasure of him fucking her mix. After a short while of fucking his length deep and hard into her she felt as Voldemort suddenly cum inside her and heard him cast an unknown spell.

As Voldemort felt his orgasm peak he twirled his wand expertly, casting the Twinverta spell. After he was spent he removed himself from her and smiled evilly as he saw reality catch up with the red haired Mudblood, the woman curling up into a ball before she began to cry.

Now that the pain and shock was setting in, Lily was ashamed at what had happened and hated her body, she hated it as it enjoyed what happened and she could do nothing to stop it.

What made her even more ashamed was that because she liked it hard and rough she had even begged for it. But now that it was over and the reality of things was setting in she prayed to whatever God that was out there listening, she prayed that the spell that Voldemort had cast on her didn’t work. She didn’t want a child of his to come into the world so he could use him or her for his evil purposes. Her mind was also racing to what Voldemort might do to her now.

Once he got his robe back on Voldemort cast a spell on Lily so that she and his possible heir were protected, even protected from Lily herself, as he didn’t want anything to happen to them. Voldemort smirked at her as he said “Now my dear, seeing how good of a pet you've been for me I think it is only fitting that you show my men how good you have been. I have to do a few things before I come back to see if the spell worked or not. If it didn’t work, we’ll have to try again.”

As Lily heard this and saw some of Voldemort’s men coming in she started to think. She didn’t want anyone to hurt her baby, or babies, if the spell worked, but she wasn't able to do much - with everything that had happened to her. Even now, in such a tense situation where she should be devoting her entire being to devising a way to escape, a part of her mind was going over what had happened over and over again.

“Take good care of my men.” Lily heard Voldemort say as she tried to get over what happened so that she could escape.

“They had a tough mission and need some relief, which I hope you, as a good pet, will willingly provide for them.” He mocked before he left, the tell-tale pop of Apparition following his leaving the room.

As one of the Death Eaters got close to her and touched her, the memory of what had happened stopped cycling through her mind and something within her snapped. There was a huge magical blast that threw the Death Eaters back into the solid wall, killing half of them.

After a few moments, which she took to regain her senses, her first thought was to coil back into a ball and cry, but she knew she couldn’t do that; not only did she need to rescue her husband, she had to escape before Voldemort got back. So, putting what had happened to her out of her mind to the best of her abilities, she picked up one of the Death Eater's wands, surprised to find the first one she grabbed worked for her, before casting a Reductor curse at the door that made a big enough hole so that she could escape.

As soon as she went through the hole, she saw Death Eaters coming down the hall. However, they saw her at the same time that she saw them. Luckily, the Death Eaters were shocked to see Lily, so it give her time to cast a few will aimed Reductor curses at the Death Eaters; three of the five falling to the ground with fist size holes punched in their bodies while the other two dove for cover.

The two started throwing Stunners back at her, knowing that their Master wanted her alive.

Unknown by Lily she was shielded by the spell Voldemort had cast on her, the still fresh spell being hyper sensitive enough to see the Stunners as lethal. Ignorant of all this, she quickly made her way to the next cell, the one Voldemort had said James was in. With another Reductor curse at the door, a hole was made and Lily looked in. She was glad to find that James was inside, albeit unconscious. With a quick Ennervate James was awake.


James didn’t know how long he was out for; the last thing he could remember was being bound to the wall and tortured for Merlin knows how long before he blacked out from the pain. So when he came to, he was surprised that he saw his wife naked in front of him.

Seeing this James had to wonder what the hell happened, since he had arranged with Dumbledore that no man - apart for himself - would be allowed to touch Lily.

Forgetting about the pain he was in for the moment, he remembered the deal that he made with the Headmaster: where he would help the Headmaster with fighting You-Know-Who and anything else the Headmaster needs, and in return the Headmaster would help him get Lily to be his wife. That was in his sixth year at Hogwarts. “L-Lils, what is going on here? What happened to you?” James asked painfully.

“I'll tell you later James,” Lily snapped as she released the bonds from James, “We have to get out of here before the Dark Lord returns.”

Upon hearing this, James realized right that second wasn't the best time to stand around talking just to satisfy his curiosity. Lily gave James a wand that she'd picked up from another Death Eater. It wasn't a very good match, but lady luck was on their side once again because it was a good enough match to allow him to cast magic again. They were about to leave when James stopped her from going through the hole. As he did, he waved the wand over Lily and with that robes appeared on her.

“Much better, we wouldn't want you to catch a cold.” He joked, trying to lighten the mood.

When they got through the hole they were met with more Death Eaters. While James was only using Stunning spells, Lily was using Reductor curses and more powerful spells at the Death Eaters.

As Lily and James were fighting their way out of wherever they were Voldemort appeared around the corner to see what all the fuss was about. As soon as Lily saw him, the memories that she had blocked out came rushing back to her.

Rage coursed through her and Voldemort learned the Muggle saying: 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn.' 

Lily pointed her wand at Voldemort’s crotch and shouted “Castro!” The wand in her hand splintered and bucked, the amount of magic behind her spell combined with the barely matching wand combination causing it to develop a large crack down the length. A thick gold beam connected with Voldemort's balls, the man instantly collapsing onto the ground, screaming and writhing on the ground as he placed his hand over where his testicles used to be. When this happened, every man within shouting distance winced and covered their balls - even James who wondered what the Dark Lord had done for Lily to do that.

At that moment it didn't matter, since this gave him and Lily the opportunity to escape. It took a few moments to find the way out, but as they got away from the wards that were around the place they were able to Apparate to Potter Manor, where Lily told James what had happened.

James was supportive when she told him what had happened to her; however, as soon as he could after she lay down to rest he entered his private duelling room. Once inside he threw a tantrum and destroyed all of the breakable things that he could hit. “How dare that asshole touch what’s mine!” He screamed, hitting a vase and watching it shatter into dust.

He soon calmed down and made a vow. “Voldemort will get what’s coming to him.”


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