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I just wanna say, if there are faults in the story than sorry for that. Everybody can makes mistakes. And ps: it's not that I picked Harry and Ron for the characters and that the genre is Romance/Friendship that they are are really not. I just picked them because the story goes about everybody. So don't think wrong. I hope you all like it because me and Summergirl worked hard on this story. So if you like it review, if you don't like it, Go away.

Greets Darkgirl and Summergirl

Chapter One

A new beginning of a new schoolyear begins.

Harry and his friends were at the common room of Gryffindor. Harry was sitting opposite Ron.

They were playing Wizard Chess.

In the other seat sat Hermione, Ginny and Evy. Ginny is the sister of Hermoine and Evy is the sister of Harry. Hermione, Ginny and Evy were talking about BOYS .

«So Evy which of the boys do you think is handsome ? »asked Ginny

«No one, nobody's handsome » Said Evy with a smile on her face.

Ron shook his head and looked angry at Evy. He stood up and said :

« Exuse me, miss perfect, It's maybe true that there are ugly boys on school,

but there is one boy at school who is handsome. »

Everyone looked at eatchother.

« ME OFCOURSE ! ! ! » Yellt Ron

Everyone started laughing.

« Sorry Ron but you're the lastest boy who I will think is hot » Said Ginny, she was laughing so hard that she had tears in her eyes. Ron was pissed off and sat down.

The evenig was coming and it was time to go to the Great Hall.

When they were at the Great Hall, they saw that the Hall was decorated.

Everywhere you could see Pendula's and banners hanging with the name of Hogwarts and Welcome on.

Everyone was curious why it was hanging on the walls.

When everyone sat down, Professor Dumbledore came and said to everyone :

« Could I have everyone's attention please ? »

« Thank you, you all will be asking yourselfs why the Great Hall is decorated »

Everyone listend very carefully to Professor Dumbledore.

« Every five years the ministery organizes a Triwizard Tournament »

Everybody started to talk with eatchother when Professor Dumbledore had said that.

« Be quite please! »Yellt Professor Dumbledore.

Everbody stopped talking and listend back to Professor Dumbledore.

« Thank you, In every Triwizard Tournament are 3 tasks, 3 extremely dangerous tasks »

« So this isn't for people who are easilly scared of a lot of things. »

« Think this over before you start with this, if there are people who think this is a joke, it isn't. »

He looked at Ginny Granger, because Ginny was laughing about what Dumbledore had said.

Ginny looked at Professor Dumbledore and saw that he was talking about her.

Everyone looked at Ginny because she was still laughing.

Harry gave Ginny a push on her arm.

« Yeah sorry but I couldn't leave it. » she giggled.

« Ok so ofcourse our school also plays in the tournament with two other schools. »

Said Professor Dumbledore.

« Those two schools are gonna stay here for awhile. »

« So give the first school a big welcome, the lovely French ladies of Beauxbatons! » Said Professor Dumbledore.

The door of the Great Hall opent and a group of young ladies came in and showed a dance to everyone who was sitting in the Great Hall.

Every boy of Hogwarts looked with open mouth to the ladies because there were so beautifull.

Ron was so in shock and looked at the bottom of the ladies.

« Did you see that Harry, bloody hell they're beautifull. » Said Ron with a dreamy smile on his face.

Hermoine was a little angry and kicked him against his leg.

« AUW! » Yellt Ron.

« Hermione why did you do that? » asked Ron a little angry.

Ginny started laughing and asked with a sarcastic tone :

« Yeah Hermione why did you do that? »

Hermoine ignored her and looked at something else. Her mouth fell open.

She saw a really tall woman coming in to the Great Hall. Ron looked at her and started to laugh.

« Bloody hell » Said Ron

« Thats a big woman, » Said Seamus with a smile on his face.

When the big woman was at the side of Professor Dumbledore, he gave her a kiss on the palm of her hand.

« Welcome » He said

Professor Dumbledore let the woman sit down on a chair and said to his students.

« And now give them a big aplause the strong boys of Bulgaria, The Klamfells! »

The door of the Great Hall opend again and in came a groupe of handsome boys with big sticks they did weird movements.

Ron was in shock again when he saw someone.

It was Viktor Kruml the famoust quidditch player of the Bulgarian group.

« Omg thats Viktor Kruml! » He said

Everyone stared at Viktor.

The boys of Klamfells were wearing a fur coat and a big hat on there head.

Evy was really focused on the boys.

« You see Ron those are handsome boys »said Evy with a big smile on her face.

Ginny and Hermione started laughing.

« HAHA »said Ron sarcastly.

« Really funny »

When the boys were at the main table of Hogwarts, a weird man entered the Great Hall.

He was wearing a fur coat and big hat on his head.

This is the schoolhead of Klamfells.

He gave professor Dumbledore a hug and guided him to the main table next to professor Snape. The tall woman was the schoolhead of Beauxbatons.

She was sitting next to Hagrid.

« Exellent now that our guests are here we can tell you the important things of tonight. »

said professor Dumbledore.

The door of the Great Hall opend again and in came Argus Filch and two men of the ministery with something big with a cloak over it.

Everyone was curious and looked at the mystery thing. When they were at the side of professor Dumbledore they sat it carefully on the floor.

« You all are probably curious what is under the cloak.

Everyone was talking again with eachother and looked at the mystery thing. Professor Dumbledore took the cloak of the mysterious thing and everyone's mouth felt open. It was a a big golden goblet. Everybody was really impressed.

« This is the Goblet of Fire »Said professor Dumbledore.

When he said that, there came blue fire out of the goblet. Everybody was in shock.

« Everyone who thinks they're ready for this challenge, just write your name on a piece of paper, but think it over before you do this, if you are chosen there is no turning back. »

said professor Dumbledore serious.

Even Ginny was serious now.

« But there are rules of course. »Said Dumbledore

Everyone mumbled.

« There are at the most three champions »

« And only people of seventeen year or older can participate »

When everyone heard that they started with yelling and cursing.

« NO WAY! » Yellt someone of the Gryffindor table.

« BLOODY HELL YOU CAN'T MEAN THAT! » Yellt people of every table.

Only the students of Beauxbatons and Klamfells are calm and made no problem of the situation.

Maybe because they already knew about the rules of the Triwizard Tournament.

« QUITE! » Yellt Professor Dumbledore. Everyone stopped yelling and calmed down. « Do not use tricks with the goblet of fire, because it can't be cheated on. »

« This friday evening the champions will be chosen.

So don't wait to long to put your name in the goblet of fire. »

Everyone was finaly calm.

« Ok that was all that I wanted to say, now enjoy the feast. » said Dumbledore and he sat down at the main table and talked with the teachers.

« Do you know how cool this is gonna be. » Said Ron with a big smile on his face.

« I don't know. » Said Hermione

« I think it's dangerous. »

Ron and Hermione discussed about the Triwizard Tournament.

Evy and Ginny were talking about boys AGAIN. Evy and Ginny were friends when they were in there first year, they were inseparable.

Never did they go alone somewhere.

If you saw Ginny you always saw Evy with her.

And if you saw Evy you always saw Ginny with her.

Ginny had shoulderlength brown hair and brown eyes.

She didn't look a lot like Hermione but more like her little brother Alex.

She was wearing a Hogwarts uniform like the other students.

Evy had long darkbrown hair and had green eyes like Harry.

Evy didn't look like Harry but she had the same eyes as him.

Ginny had al lot of family.

She had two brothers and one sister.

Her brothers were called Thomas Granger and Alex Granger and Hermoine was her sister.

Ginny's brothers sat at the table of Hufflepuff and she and Hermoine sat at Gryffindor.

Thomas Granger was a popular boy because he was the best friend of the popularst boys of Hogwarts. Cedric Diggory.

Ginny was a good friend of Cedric because he sometimes came on holidays with the Grangers.

And Evy well, she only had Harry.

Evy was blessed that Harry was her brother because when she was young she had nobody.

When Harry and Evy were little baby's they were seperated of eachother, because when You Know Who came to Goderics End, he killed the parents of Harry and Evy.

The people were frightend that You Know Who would came back to kill Harry and Evy.

So they came to a decision to seperate them for there own good.

When they were growing up they met eachother at Hogwarts.

They finally found out that they were brother and sister of eatchother, because professor Dumbledore told them.

It was a big shock for everyone not only for Harry and Evy but also for Hermione, Ron, Ginny and all the other students of Hogwarts.

Ginny was giggling the whole time and Evy didn't know why she was doing that.

« God Ginny whats so funny? »Said Evy annoyed.

Ginny stopped giggling and said.

« Well miss nervous just look at the table opposite us.

The boys of Hufflepuff are looking at you. »

Evy looked and saw a group of boys and one girl.

It was the table of Hufflepuff.

Evy thought first that Ginny was telling a joke but she wasn't.

For the first time Ginny had been right.

They were really looking at Evy.

« God damn Ginny it's your brother again, is he still crazy about me? »Said Evy angry.

Thomas was crazy about Evy sins her first year.

But she not of him.

Thomas was tall, he had black hair and brown eyes.

He wasn't as handsome like Cedric, but he wasn't ugly.

« Yeah, he can't stop talking about you at home, always that same song. »

« Evy, Evy, Evy, Evy »Said Ginny with a smile on her face.

Evy rolled her eyes and ignored the table of Hufflepuf.

Harry heard wat Ginny and Evy said and looked at the table of Hufflepuff.

He didn't like it that Thomas bothered Evy.

« Hey Thomas leave my sister alone or I will do something that you don't like! »Said Harry angry.

The boys of Hufflepuff laughed except one boy. Cedric.

« Really? Now I'm really scared. »said Thomas with a sarcastly scared voice.

Harry turned back to Evy and Ginny.

« It's okay Harry he'll stop one day. »Evy said hopefully.

For a second Evy and Harry were hoping on a miracle but Ginny took there hope away.

« Are you kidding me, I don't think he's forgetting you that easilly » said Ginny.

Evy and Harry looked angry at Ginny.

« Thanks Ginny , really thanks. »said Evy sarcastly.

Ginny stopped smiling and said in a small voice :

« I think I'll shut up now. »

Everybody was quite because they were tired.

Professor Dumbledore stood up at the main table and said :

« I see that everyone has finished eating, you can go to your department.

And don't forget you'll only have time till Friday evening to put your name in the goblet.

Now go to sleep and have a good night everyone. »

Everyone left there table and were going in groups to there department.

When they came to the portret of the fat lady they had to say the password.

« Password »said the fat lady bored.

« Stars will never die. »said the prefect of Gryffindor.

The door opent and everyone came in the common room of Gryffindor.

It was a big common room with red walls and red seats.

The fireplace was allready burning.

Everyone when't to their rooms.

Ron and Harry were going with Neville and Seamus to there room.

And Ginny, Evy and Hermione were going with Parvatti and Patty Patil to there room.

Everyone went on time to bed because the next day it was the first day of the schoolyear that they had lessons.

The light went off in every room and everyone was far away in there dreams.