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He's looking at me.

There is a strange, Handsome woman looking at me.

I try to surreptitiously check behind me to see if there's anyone back there.

No. It's just me.

I don't know what to do. He keeps staring.

I try a small smile and a tentative wave.

He just raises an eyebrow.

I can feel my face turning red. What is with this guy?

Is he a creep? Should I walk over there and confront him? How long until the train gets here? What if he boards the same train?


I scowl at him, making a point.

I look away and wait for the train.

I glance in his direction when I notice movement in my peripheral vision.

Quickly, I go through the mental checklist of all that I have in the carry-on at my side.

Ticket, wallet, phone, a pen or two, maybe some mints. Why didn't I just use my pockets today?

Wait, there's a notepad, too. Just in case I got bored and decided to doodle or write during the ride. As if. I know I'd likely end up staring out the window the whole time or falling asleep.

He's still getting closer. I slowly put one hand in my bag, feeling for a pen. If he tries anything I can at least try to stab him in the face.

I only turn my head as he arrives.

I do my best to keep my face blank as I look at him. He hesitates before saying anything.

"It seems we're alone. Are you waiting for the next train, too?"

Alarm bells are ringing in my head by the fourth word. He's a murderer! A rapist! A creep!

Crap crap crap how do I make him go away?!

"So it seems." I keep it short. Maybe he'll lose interest? If he boards the train, too maybe I can find a car with a lot of people already in it... God, I hope so.

He stops, assessing me.

I don't know what to tell him. I'm too uncomfortable to think of a good excuse, though! Thanks a lot, brain. I know I can always count on you.

"Oh, um, somewhere much farther than this line goes. I have to take a bus ride or two to get there."

It's not a total lie. I'm heading out for a vacation in the South but he doesn't need to know that I also have to take a plane to get there. The place I'm staying is remote. It's supposed to offer a fully natural experience, something I've always dreamed of. There aren't many drivers who will take a bus or cab into the untamed wilderness to drop off some tourist woman at a rickety little hotel in the middle of nowhere.

Instead, a water plane has to land near the place. The pilot only goes out once a week so if this man follows me it could have the potential to be like something from a horror movie.

He smiles a little, maybe trying to get me to lighten up. "Sounds pretty far. An exotic locale, perhaps?"

Ugh! Why is this man even talking to me? Could he just be nosy? Or maybe he's one of those people that thinks anyone who is standing alone is secretly craving their company.

I look away from him, down the tracks where the train will eventually appear. "No."

He waits, apparently expecting me to go on.

I don't intend to tell him anything else.

...Maybe he's trying to hit on me. I can't really tell. Or maybe he's just lonely and I'm being unnecessarily frigid.

That makes me feel guilty enough to add, "It's still in the country."

Hopefully that will satisfy him. How much information could he glean from such a small statement, anyway? I should still be safe.

My mind works furiously. I am from Ohio. If I lie about it, though, I probably have to make up stories about other places I've visited. But, I love Ohio! I know for a fact I'd start babbling about all the different locations, the hills, the valleys, Lake Erie, the Ohio River, the cities, the country, the people, the wildlife!

"Not originally."

It suddenly occurs to me that he could simply be trying to be friendly. If he is, he definitely picked an odd time to do it. Two people alone on a train platform aren't allowed to suddenly start prying into the others' lives; I'm sure there's an unwritten rule about it.

"Oh? Where are you from, then?"

Shit! I should have expected that as the automatic response. What do I do? What do I do?!

"I'm from...all over the place. I mostly grew up in the States but we travelled to other countries a lot, too."

Okay. Time to make up some serious lying nonsense. Come on, Stranger. Try me.

"That sounds like fun. I wish I could travel like that! What was your favorite location?"

I stop and think of any postcards or pictures I've seen from places in Europe. Dammit, what country has which features?

"...Finland. It has such wonderful mountains and meadows."

I start to panic when he tilts his head just slightly. He's on to me! "I thought Finland was mostly pock-marked with lakes?"

I end up remembering that my hand is still curled around the pen in the bag, and it's now covered with a sheen of sweat. Should I attack him? He's had a chance to get a look at my face, now. He's heard my voice. I'd have to make sure I kill him before the train arrives or anyone else strolls into the station.

"N-no, that's the northern part. In the southern part it's more, erm, habitable."

He simply purses his lips, as if he's just taking my word for it.

"I've never been there, myself. I've heard Norway is beautiful year-round but I've never had a chance to visit Scandinavia, I'm afraid."

Neither have I. I've never been to Europe!

"Yes, yes. It's magnificent in the Spring."

Suddenly, he stops and stares at me. I can feel the weight of his gaze moving up and down my body.

I tense, starting to work up the courage necessary to kill a man.

Not that I know how much courage that actually requires.

He just smiles at me.

I am certain that he intends to have his way with me. I whip out the pen, brandishing as if it is the most mighty sword the world has ever known.

He suddenly reach for his pocket. Is this the end? Is this how I'm going to die? Is he going to reach for a knife? maybe a gun? who knows..  Before I get to react he's holding a picture of himself a woman and a little kid

"This is my family, I'm going to meat them, so I guess we are heading the same way then?"
Without knowing what to say, I said the first thing that came to my mind.
“I.. I guess we are”
He just smiled lightly