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The Challenge: With everything having calmed since the finale of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Harry has found himself with an ... odd... choice of people on his mind. And with such an odd curiosity, as well. If she had the face of a woman, did that mean the sphinx's ...other bits... were humanoid as well? 1000-1800 words. 60 Minutes.


Harry Potter and the Sexy Sphinx


Silently, hardly daring to breathe, Harry waited for his dorm-mates' snores to become regular. He was laying under the red and gold covers of his bed, fully clothed, clutching his wand in one hand and his invisibility cloak in the other. He would finally, after days of planning, be enacting his plan tonight. No one could know about it - not even Ron. Even in the Wizarding world, Harry did not think that his…obsession would be considered normal.

It wasn't his fault really. He couldn't help feeling what he felt. And feel he did, every waking moment he longed for her touch, her taste, her smell. His curiosity had been wakened, and everyone knew that Harry Potter was above all else a curious being. Once he had his mind set on something, he got it. The Philosopher's Stone, the Chamber of Secrets, Sirius Black…all mysteries that Harry's curiosity had caused him to go tumbling down the rabbit hole.

Tumbling down a hole was what he was planning on doing tonight too, but it was not a rabbit that would be the target of Harry's curiosity. No, [I]she[/I] was much more special than that.

It had been simple to find her location from Hagrid - the man was far too trusting - and after that it was a simple matter of waiting for the right time. With everyone leaving for home the next morning, this was the last night before Harry lost his chance. And he wasn't going to miss it, even if he ran the risk of getting caught.

Finally, all the heavy breathing in the room reached that level at which you know the people are asleep and not just lying there. Harry's time was now. With as much stealth as he could manage, Harry slipped from underneath his covers and in one fluid movement put on his invisibility cloak. Quickly casting a silencing spell at his feet, Harry rushed from the room, his patience all gone now that he was free. She would be his, and he was tired of waiting.

It did not take long for Harry to slip out of one of the many smaller doors leaving out of the castle. Once outside he paused. It was a long way to walk the Forbidden Forest. Too long. No longer caring for silence, Harry called out into the night,

Accio Firebolt!”

The spell that he had mastered earlier in the year worked even better than it ever had before, now that he was in great need. With a faint popping sound, his Firebolt simply dropped out of the air in front of him. It seemed that Harry had mastered the summoning spell so well that objects no longer needed to soar through the air to come to him - they just were summoned instantly. Harry remembered Flitwick talking about it in class, but he hadn't been listening all too much.

Grinning at his newfound skill (wait 'til he told Hermione!), he mounted the Firebolt and pushed off, soaring over to the forest close to the ground. He didn't want to be seen.

Going at 150 miles per hour, Harry was there in an instant. He quickly dismounted and hid his broom in a bush before venturing, still-invisible. into the tree-line, his wand now lit. It took all of Harry's concentration to remember the directions to the enclosure: left at the tall oak, straight past the holly bush and the bluebell patch, left again at the worn and crumbling statue of a centaur, his journey through the forest took him in deeper than he had ever been before.

He was almost there when he heard a rustling in some bushes. Panicking, he quickly whispered “Nox,” plunging himself into darkness. The rustling continued, and straining his ears Harry thought he could hear the high pitched sound of some very feminine moans. Harry smiled to himself. It appeared that he wasn't the only one concerned with getting some last minute action. Curious, Harry crept over to the bush and peered through, shocked at the sight that met his eyes.

There, in all her naked glory, laying on her hands and knees was Fleur Delacour, her eyes shut and mouth hanging open in a continuous groan as Rodger Davis entered her from behind. Deciding that he could wait a bit, Harry settled down and opened the front of his robes, pleasuring himself to the same rhythm as Fleur's breasts, bouncing up and down as they were. As time went by, Harry noticed that Fleur's little squeaks were becoming more like squarks, and now that he thought about it, was her jaw looking a bit beak-like? It was certainly turning a bright yellow colour. And just when he thought things couldn't get more weird, Fleur came with a mighty crow, reminiscent of a rooster's call, and her entire body burst into black feathers as she writhed on the floor, surprising Rodger so much that he fell back, speechless.

Man, thought Harry as he came over the bush in front of him, that's fucked up.

Having had a bit of fun, Harry closed his robes again and backtracked to his previous spot. He was almost there, even with his diversion.

It only took Harry a few more minutes of wandering to find the clearing he had been looking for. And there, lying asleep in its centre, was the girl - no, woman - in fact, not even woman - sphinx of his dreams. She looked a bit different from how he remembered her in the third task, but Harry had read up on her species in the Library and he knew that they were able to change, to a certain extent, their appearance.

She had, as was the legend, half the body of a lioness, half the body of a woman. In the third task, she had been mostly lion, with only her face being that of a woman's, but now, now she had changed. Her beautifully sculpted face and long, silky, yellow-blonde hair was that of a human as before, but now too she had the neck of a woman, plunging down to her rather voluptuous, perfectly sumptuous and smooth-looking breasts. Unfortunately for Harry, she was lying such that much of her breasts were pressed against the ground between her front paws, squashing them upwards in a fascinating way but also preventing him from getting a proper view.

Wanting to see more of her, Harry took a few steps into the glade and moved around so that he could see her side. Her back, stomach and sides were also very human, lithe and luxuriously curving, but as his eyes moved further down her body, Harry noticed that her skin gained an increasing tan the further down it went, until it reached a wonderful gold around her navel. In her current state she had no fur, except very low down on her legs and paws, and on the long and thin tail that grew from just above the parting of her firm arse, which itself turned into her back…haunches. All in all, she was beautiful.

Harry took another step towards her, intending to wake her up, but it was unnecessary, as the moment he took his step she roused from her sleep, lifting up her face from where it had been resting on her front paws to look at him.

“Harry Potter,” she said with a smile, her voice made of velvet. “We meet again.”

Harry simply nodded, speechless now that he had actually reached his goal. He had only planned this far, and realised with a start that he didn't know what to do next.

“Do not worry, Harry Potter,” The Sphinx continued as she shifted her paws, as if she were about to rise. Harry saw the taught muscles around her legs begin to tense. “I know what it is you want.”

And then the Sphinx pushed herself up so that she was standing on all fours, her face looking straight at Harry. He had expected her to be bigger, but all told she only came up to his waist. Harry could not help but let his gaze travel down from her face to her now-revealed breasts, hanging down like Fleur's had, though the Sphinx's were much larger, her small nipples pointing slightly outwards. She slinked towards Harry, causing the perfect globes of flesh to wobble and sway as she walked. Harry, who had prepared beforehand, slipped his robe off easily, leaving himself naked in front of her.

“You need only answer a simple riddle and I shall give you your heart's desire.”

Harry nodded, expecting something like this. What he hadn't expected was for her head to be right next to his crotch, so close that he could feel her breath upon his hardness. This could get distracting.

“Very well,” she said, turning to look up at Harry's face. “Here is your riddle. Think of the person who lives in disguise, who deals in secrets and tells naught but-”

“Hang on!” exclaimed Harry, interrupting her flow. “This is the same riddle you told me a few days ago! The answer's spider”

The Sphinx looked rather put out.

“Bugger,” she muttered, “Sorry about that. Um, let's see, another riddle…” She paused to think with an expression of puzzlement on her face. Great, thought Harry, of all the Sphinxes in the world, I just had to end up with the blonde one.

“I've got one!” she shouted, right at Harry's still-hard cock. She had a large smile on her face. “What's brown and sticky?”

Harry felt the desire to slam his forehead with his palm in disbelief. The amount of times Ron had told him this joke…

“A stick,” he replied, completely deadpan. If she weren't hot…

“Correct!” the Sphinx replied, and without warning she pounced on him, tackling him to the ground at the same time as giving him a face-full of soft tit. Harry lay on the ground, a paw on either side of his face and a grin spreading from ear to ear as he licked on the sphinx's nipples and she rubbed against him. He was in for a long night.

Life was Good.