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Summary: Just something I thought up, I like incest stories and seeing that there aren’t many with Harry and his female family member. Apart from the ones I've written anyway, or the few that I’ve found, which are a few and far in-between. So I thought I’d do a few One Shot incest stories. Some will be with his mother, while others will be with his sister, daughter, niece, etc. There’ll be other incest pairing, fem-slash, but the only male will be Harry. I might even add him with other women not related to him, just have to watch and see.


Warnings: Incest (No brainer there), threesomes and more, underage sex, bondage and things that come along with that, rape - warning included due to the possibility of a 'Dark Lord Potter' one-shot in the future - and, of course, smut - and much more. This is going to be a smut story, so if you don’t like any of these, please stop reading here. Flames are NOT welcomed here when you've very clearly been warned. All of these stories will be one shots, but it is possible they may extent to two-or more shots should things get out of hand. I know for sure with one of the One-Shots that I've already written there'll be a few sequels to it.

Father and Daughter…

Summary: Lily-Luna Potter returns home for summer after her fifth year at Hogwarts, but is upset about her boyfriend, now Ex-boyfriend, becoming pushy about his desires and talks to her father whilst her mother is out. But things don’t go as planned for either of them.

Warnings: Spanking.

27th of June 2025

Harry Potter, the Head of the Aurors, was returning home from a hard days works. He had lead three raids on Death Eaters Safe Houses today. Even after all these years, after the proven, permanent death of their Master, they were still out there making trouble for him and the rest of the Magical World. He'd hoped that by now he wouldn’t have to worry about them; that they would be someone else's problem. Apparently, he'd chosen the wrong career. Every time a Death Eater related anything cropped up it was his duty to fix it, even when he was an Auror trainee he was suddenly pulled out of the academy for the day and found himself the leader of a team of Senior Aurors for whatever raid was planned. It was maddening and what made it worse was that he was almost sure several people were still up to their old habits, like the Malfoy's, but he had no real proof. They were keeping their noses clean, and even if they weren’t Death Eaters, their old friends were, and were giving him a hard time. The problem with having an almost completely corrupt society was nothing could be done unless you were really good at making things look like an accident.

And Harry was getting very good at making things look like accidents, so was his personal team. He had the lowest Mission Success Rating in the DMLE because of aforementioned 'accidents' and he was damn proud of it.

But that was something he could think about later, he had the next two weeks off from work thanks to vacation - granted he was still on-call, but he had some leniency due to his vice-captain promising to only call him when absolutely needed - and his precious daughter, Lily-Luna Potter, who had his green eyes and had taken to growing her dark red hair out when she first started Hogwarts was coming home from school for the summer after finishing her fifth year at Hogwarts - she reminded Harry of his mother, or at least the pictures he had of her. Like all fathers were with their first born daughters he was completely wrapped around her finger and he knew it.

Also like all fathers in his situation, he was very protective of his little girl, and hoped she would never date or marry. Unfortunately, she probably wouldn't be happy if he locked her in a tower and bought Norbert from the Dragon Reserve to guard it, so he knew he would have to deal with it eventually. Thankfully for his sanity, the Magical World was pretty strict about any would-be suitors needing his approval before any marriage proposals could be given, so he had at least that opportunity to scare them to death. Laws be damned though, if anyone hurt his daughter they were going to be thrown in Azkaban. It's not like innocent people had never been thrown in there before, and they would be guilty of the worst crime in the world in Harry's book if they hurt her in any way, and as Head of the DMLE, Harry's book counted for quite a bit.

As he got home that night the first thing he saw was his daughter crying in the kitchen. Like any father, the first thing he wanted to do was to kill whoever hurt his little girl, but first he needed to comfort her, which would also lead to learning who had hurt her in the first place, so it was all related. He quickly made his way over to her and hugged her, “Welcome home my little flower, daddy’s back. What's wrong?”

“Oh daddy!” Lily cried as she twirled around and wrapped her arms around him before she started crying harder into his shoulder. She always felt safe when her dad was around, like nothing bad could ever happen, and if it did he would deal with it. It had always been like that, no matter what, her daddy was always right behind her, making sure she was safe and happy. She knew it was because of his own childhood, and she was glad he turned out the way he did. He could have very easily become a child abuser himself. Although there had been a few times she wanted to be abused when growing up... but now wasn't the time for those kind of thoughts.

“What happened dear?” Harry asked softly.

“Oh daddy, I can’t believe it. My boyfriend,” Lily paused and glared at nothing in particular, “I mean my EX-boyfriend, tried to push me into having sex with him earlier this year. I said no, but he wasn’t having any of it and he tried to force himself on me. I had to use a few of the spells you taught me to make him back off.” For the first time, she'd been happy that her father taught those spells, at first she thought he was being an overly protective father, but now she knew otherwise, “He's still walking with a limp, but he started to spreading rumours that I’m slut and a lesbian. Now I have boys AND girls trying to get into my pants, talking to me like I'm some cheap whore.” <br><br>

“Stay here, I'm going to go Floo the Malfoy's and throw his son in Azkaban.” Harry said in complete seriousness. He knew that Scorpius was dating Ron’s daughter Rose, he still smiled as he remembered Ron’s face when he found this out. Ron had tried everything to stop them, but Rose wouldn’t have any of it and put her foot down and kept dating Scorpius, mainly to piss her father off. To be honest, Harry doubted they were dating for real. Scorpius looked like he was in physical pain whenever he and Rose touched, and he'd seen the looks Draco sent his son whenever he saw them together, which seemed to always be perfectly timed to only happen when a family member was around or they would be caught at school, thus making their parents aware of it even more. Harry was of the opinion Scorpius was in it for the same reason Rose was; to piss off his parents. Still, he did try and tell Ron to back off and let things go, telling him that in time Rose would find someone else. He warned him that if he kept making a big deal of it, Rose would stay with him. This normally would have lead to marital problems, but apparently Ron had been sleeping on the couch - metaphorically, he had his own separate room by this point - for the past decade, so unless Hermione finally kicked him out there wasn't really any more damage that could have been done to the relationship.


Back to the situation at hand, Harry's words had the effect that he wanted. Lily stopped crying and made a face at him, “Eww daddy! Why would you hurt that twat? I’m dating Harry Lee.” Lee was a sixth year student, the main reason that she went out with him was that he was called Harry and he looked like her father. She had a thing about dating boys who looked like her father, the matching name only helped, not that she was consciously aware it. “Besides, if Scorpius was sucking face with Abe Thomas any harder we'd be able to hear it from here."

Harry blinked. He hadn't even considered Scorpius was using Rose as a cover girl. That would certainly explain why physical contact disgusted him despite him miraculously not being a Pureblood bigot, notwithstanding who his father was. He shook his head to clear that thought, “Well I'm very proud of you for standing up for yourself. Were… uh, were the Enchantments on your Knickers ever needed?” He wasn't comfortable revealing that bit of information, he'd prefer to keep that a secret but he needed to know.

Lily-Luna blinked at him in confusion for a second before her brain, knowing her father as well as she did, figured out what he meant. “You charmed my knickers?!” She exclaimed.

Harry laughed nervously, all the while inching his way towards the Floo to escape if need be. “I just wanted to make sure you were safe, it's standard Protection Charms triggered by intent.” He explained.

Lily sighed, a warm smile playing across her lips as she played with her wrist without realizing it, and then cursed herself as she started to grow damp. All her life she'd gotten whatever she wanted, within reason. Her parents, her dad mostly, had always made sure she wasn't spoiled. Still, she was Daddy's Little Princess and had eventually became pretty bratty when she was around eight. Once her brothers had enough and complained to their father about it, he'd dealt with it. Any time she acted up, crossing a certain line, he would grab her wrists in a strong grip, hold them above her head so high she had to stand on her tippy-toes, and frog march her to the nearest corner. She would stand in that corner for half an hour, and no matter how cute she looked, how adorably she begged, or how loud she screeched and cried, she had to stay there, staring at the wall.

It was an effective way of punishing her, and she was grateful he did it, as she'd blossomed into a well behaved young woman thanks to his strong hand. Whenever she felt she was acting up she would pinch her wrists, or grasp them so tightly it hurt to remind her of the pain he'd caused - not intentionally, and she was sure he felt horrible about it - when he grabbed her wrists to discipline her. That was just the way things were; her dad had been the only one able to really control her, even her mother’s attempts were usually met with laugher, which was met with even more laughter as her face grew red enough to match her hair.

This only really became a problem when she started coming into her hormones and becoming interested in boys. She enjoyed the pain she was giving herself, it turned her on, and to her shame she sometimes fantasized it was her father who doing it. To her greater shame when it got too bad she purposely acted up sometimes to be punished. Her dad's punishment methods remained the same, despite being a pre-teen at that point, and her nightly before-bed stress relief sessions were always particularly effective after a day involving punishment. She knew it was wrong; the age difference alone was bad enough, but they were related too, close family even. Despite knowing this, and despite her desire to will herself to think differently, she just couldn't see it as wrong.

Because of her father's influence and child raising skills she was a strong, confident young woman, but also thanks to his method of punishment she didn't want to be in control when it came to pleasure, she just wasn't like that. She didn't just want a boy that tried to control her, she wanted somebody sort of like her Great Uncle Arthur; someone who would treat her like an equal but who would really lay down the law if she ever crossed a certain line when outside the bedroom, whilst still being fully capable of controlling her and indulging her in her kinks inside the bedroom, enjoying them as well. There just weren't any boys like that at Hogwarts. She knew, she'd had to suffer through years of listening to the local gossip queen's ravings, and even dated a half dozen that seemed like likely candidates. Overwhelming failure had been her only gain out of everything. Her latest boyfriend just wanted into her pants. He'd only been forceful when demanding sex. She had a feeling that if she actually slept with him he would never do anything like that again unless he wanted more sex, no matter how she acted, how bad she treated him in the mean time, he would just take it; and that was not what she wanted.

If she was honest with herself she was growing desperate. ‘Why is it so hard to find a guy just like daddy?'

She stiffened as the thoughts she'd tried to block out for years came flooding back. Just like her dad… was it really that simple? Was the perfect boyfriend material right in front of her. She looked up at her father, noting with some amusement he seemed to be under the impression his backing up towards the Floo was stealthy and unnoticeable. She shook her head, even if she wasn’t bothered over the taboo of it, many people would go after her father because of it, to get him into trouble, or blackmail him. Even if that wasn't the case, could she really pursue a married man? In recent years her parent’s marriage was a little rocky due to her mother becoming a massive bitch and a slut - harsh words, but true - she knew she wasn't meant to know this, but like her father she had a knack for finding things out that she shouldn’t. She knew her parents fought a lot, and that her mother had slept around. Unlike her, who had Harry's very unique shade of Killing Curse green eyes and an impressive magical core like his own, her dad didn’t even know if her two older brothers were his.

The fact that he his second son was name Albus-Severus was a rather large give away that he wasn't too happy about her infidelity. Lily's theory was that he figured it out sometime after James was born, but had been too late to stop her mother from getting knocked up with Al and had gotten mopy for a bit, bringing up memories of the two people who he'd named the baby after; not good memories either. That's not to say Harry didn't love both his son's, because that wasn't true, he was an excellent father to both of them. There were just those days, every few years, rare stuff, when he slipped and treated them like someone else's kids. It's not that he called them anything different, he just behaved slightly more detached compared to how he had always, without fail, treated her.

There were many other signs that she'd picked up on, hints that her inherited analytical skills had noticed, but the bottom line was the only reason that her father hadn't left her mother was for them; the kids. She knew, growing up without parents himself, he would suffer through almost anything, a loveless sham of a marriage in this case, just to make sure they were happy. Maybe…

No. She shook her head of the very idea, hoping it would go away like all the all other fantasies she'd had. She smiled at her dad and said, “You don’t need to worry daddy, I won’t Hex you…” Harry returned his daughter's smile, only to gulp when she added, “The next time you decide to be an over protective father again I just might break out the Marauder level spells though.” The innocent smile on her face did nothing to assure Harry she was only joking…

“I just have to be careful then,” Harry said with a smile. “It's my job to be over protective. Every father is like that with their precious little princesses, so I don't think my habits will change any time soon.” His smile upgraded to 'beaming' as he took pride in his fatherly abilities, “So where're the boys and your mother?” He finally asked.

“James and Albus are at Uncle Fred’s Joke Shop.” Lily replied, “They said when they finished up helping out they'd be spending the night with some friends. As for mother, she’s visiting Nan. After that she told me to tell you that she won’t be back until tomorrow.” Both of their expressions darkened; they both knew 'won't be back until tomorrow' with no other explanation meant Ginny was going to see one of people she slept with. They were just lucky Harry had placed a spell on her so that she couldn’t have another child unless Harry undid it himself, with the same wand he cast the spell using. Lily had been tempted to snap her father’s Phoenix feather wand, leaving her mother permanently sterile, when she learned of the fact - he had the Elder Wand after all - but she'd been able to stop herself.

Harry brightened as an idea popped into his head, “Okay then, we've got the whole day to ourselves. It'll be good to spend some time doing some father/daughter bonding. How about we go to the Muggle Room and watch some TV, after that we can go grab something to eat in Diagon Alley?” Harry offered.

“Sounds good daddy,” Lily replied, trying to beat back the thoughts that sprung up when he mentioned 'father/daughter bonding' as they both got up and headed for the Muggle Room.

The Muggle Room was named as such because it was a room full of Muggle Items, things that require electricity mostly. Harry, after searching the Department of Mysteries and using his connections to ask around the world, had been able to Ward, Charm, and Enchant the entire room to be shielded from both the ambient magic in the air, and even any magic that was used. They could pick up the Television with a Levitation Charm, while it was on, and it wouldn't be affected at all. The charms transformed the magic from the ground the house was built on into electricity, so they didn't even have to pay for it.

As they entered the room Harry stopped in his tracks as he almost walked into a total mess. Turning to look at his daughter over his shoulder with a knowing grin, he commented “I see the boys have been in here today.” The two oldest Potter children were known to make a mess, and even more infamous for not cleaning up after themselves.

“Well you know them daddy, they aren’t the kind to clean up after themselves.” Lily replied, grimacing at the mess. Why couldn't they have inherited Harry's ability to clean up after himself like she did… oh, right.

“True…” Harry admitted, “Let’s clean up a bit before we start watching. If I step on one more Lego brick when I get up to get a snack I'm Switching those two's arm's.” Luna giggled, agreeing with him completely before they started to clean.

With two people who knew how to tidy up the cleaning went by very quickly. They were almost done when Luna tripped over on an invisible item, no doubt from her twin Uncle's shop. Her startled yelp was enough to alert Harry, who turned and caught her. Luna opened her eyes as she felt a pair of arms circle around her and she looked up, her eyes meeting his identical green gaze. The mental block she's placed on her thoughts and fantasies shattered as she got lost in his eyes. Without realizing it she leaned forward, raising herself up higher on her tippy-toes, and kissed him.

Harry's eyes widened as the kiss continued. It wasn't just a 'hey daddy' peck, it had turned into something more than that, and was quickly approaching passionate. He roughly took hold of Lily’s upper arms and pushed her back. The roughness made Lily moan in pleasure. “Lily, what are you doing? I’m your father.” He demanded as sternly as he could despite the confusion he was in.

“I… I don’t… I don't know daddy.” Lily said, suddenly conflicted. She was ashamed she'd given in to her fantasies like that, and nervous about his reaction. Despite those two warring emotions, above all she wanted to kiss him again. She'd been repressing for so long that it was almost euphoric to just let herself go. The kiss, as brief as it was, had been heavenly. She collapsed back into the recliner behind her as her knees gave out at the thought of what going even further would feel like.

“Lily… what… why…” Harry floundered, completely confused. He took a step forward and knelt in front of her so he was at eye level.

“I… I love you.” She confessed. She quickly continued as she realized what she said wasn't making her point clear. “I mean I love you like a man loves a woman… and I have for years.” She admitted, lowering her head, not willing to look him in the eye.

“What about the boys at Hogwarts?” Harry grimaced. Asking that almost made him throw up. He really didn't need to know about which one of the horny little teens had tried to get his daughter in bed, but it would help him understand the situation.

“My first boyfriend was a talented seeker, the second had messy black hair, the third had green eyes, the fourth was a good duellist, the fifth was also a good seeker, and my latest one had dark hair, green eyes and was even named Harry. I only realize it recently, but I'm not trying to find somebody else, I'm trying to find you, and it's not working.” She bit her lip, forcing the words out. “I'm tired. I'm tired of repressing my real desires just because it's wrong. I mean, this is the magical world, it isn't that bizarre.”

Harry was reeling from everything he was learning and threw out the first thing that popped into his head, “You're underage… I’m much older then you… and… and birth defects. We couldn't have kids if we ever got that far.” Harry said, trying to discourse her. It not like he didn’t find her attractive, hell if she wasn’t so closely related and they were closer to the same age, he would be more than happy to be with her. But as things were, it was wrong. Not only according the laws he tried to uphold on a daily basis - he assumed, he'd never looked into those kind of laws - but morally wrong too.

Feeling a bit more bold at his lack of outright refusal, she pressed forward. “You may be old dad, but you don’t look a day over twenty five, if that, we know magic slows ageing down for us. And as long as we only show affection above normal father/daughter stuff inside the house, which you have personally warded - or at least overseen other people warding it - to be an impenetrable fortress, we can hide it, the rest of the world doesn’t have to know. We can have our own life within these walls, separate from the people who would use or judge us. And should we have any children,” Lily smiled at the thought, imagining her father sucking her breasts while her belly is all swelled up from being pregnant with his child, “Magic prevents most of the problems with inbreeding, the only time problems start appearing is if you keep doing it. The Crabbe's and Goyle's have been marrying into each other, first cousins marrying nieces, for four hundred years now and it's only become an issue in the past fifty years.” She explained hopefully. She moved closer to him and wrapped her arms around his torso, pressing her modest bosom against his chest.

“I…” Harry's overtaxed brain was grasping at straws. His daughter was wearing Muggle clothing and the top she had on was thin. It was perfect for the sort of weather they'd been having, but it did nothing to prevent him from feeling her nipples against his chest. It was making it hard to think, making it hard to do what was morally right. “Y-your mother! Your mother is-”

“Is nothing more than a cheating slut!” Lily snapped. Seeing her father about to reprimand her for bad mouthing her mother she went on to say, “We both know she's sleeping with someone as we speak, and she had been for years. James and Al most likely aren't yours, and I would have more half-sibling if you hadn't Jinxed her years ago.” Seeing the shocked look on his face that she knew about this little bit of knowledge she explained with a bitter-sweet smile, “I inherited the ability to find things out that I shouldn’t, and didn't, want to know from you.”

Her smile brightened considerably as she saw the lust growing in his eyes, however small it may be, and felt his arousal against her belly. She softly kissed his lips, her tone softening and gaining a seductive twinge, “Daddy, I want you to be happy. I won't force you into anything, but please, just forget about what everyone else thinks and focus on what YOU want for once. Forget doing what's right for once and do something for yourself. You've always done what people expected of you, but you've almost never done what YOU wanted. For once, do something for yourself, no matter if it's right or wrong. Ask yourself this, 'Will this make me happy?'” She pleaded. Her father was a selfless man, and she felt a little guilty for playing on the hope that he would take the easy and relatively harmless out she was giving him.

Harry didn’t know what to say, so he decided to think, truly think, about what his daughter said. Ginny may have been his wife, but she was just a stranger that sometimes lived in his house that occasionally had sex with him at this point. His two oldest sons were almost completely grown and out of the house and his daughter was fully aware of how dysfunctional everything was, despite his attempts to make it seem like it wasn't. As much as he didn't want to admit it, the fact that Lily was his daughter mattered surprisingly little; her current actions weren't doing his self control any favours. He'd been so desperate for someone, anyone, to love him when he was a child and young adult - all the way up to his third year in fact - that he'd had fantasies about a twin sister sometimes, fantasies that had turned indecent at some point and never looked back. 'Will this make me happy? I love Lily, yes, not only as my daughter, but because she's an amazing young woman. Take away everything else, and I can see myself with her… fucking her, giving her what she wants…  but would it make me happy?’ Harry was deep in thought, completely losing touch with the outside world. Yes, it was wrong, he'd already established that, but was this what he really wanted… he knew Lily wanted this, but what about him? With a moment of thought, he realized that Lily was right, he'd always done what was expected of him. Marrying Ginny, becoming an Auror, fighting Death Eaters…

So did he want this, would this make him happy? ‘Yes, yes I think it would.' He was still very hesitant, but if they could just take this slow, he thought he would be okay.

“My little flower,” Harry began nervously, causing Lily to panic at her rapidly disappearing window of opportunity. Harry found his resolve faltering, “Even if what you're suggesting is tempting, it's still wrong and-”

That was all he managed to say before Lily, her hope rekindled by his admission of being tempted, realized she needed to take action; make the first real move and hope for the best. So she kissed him, hard, with every bit of feeling she could muster. She almost started crying with joy as she felt him start to kiss back after several seconds of what she could only call a token amount of resistance, at best.

Harry's mind froze. He was kissing his fifteen, almost sixteen year old daughter. At first he was too surprised to do anything, but after feeling a sense of joy and happiness he hadn't felt in almost two decades he decided this was what he wanted, to hell with everything else, he'd earned the right to be a little bit selfish. They kissed for several minutes, their tongues eventually coming into play, the slimy appendages sliding against each other, much to their mutual pleasure. He tried to pull back, but Lily pressed forward farther, making his efforts useless. His hand reached up and fisted itself in her long, thick hair before he pulled her head back roughly. He noticed her moan, but it fell to the back of his mind as he gave her one last chance before the point of no return, “Are you sure this is what you want, this is it, any further and there's no going back… ” In lieu of an answer, and because he had her hair in a tight grip, something she was enjoying immensely, she gripped her button-up blouse and ripped it open, revealing her uncovered her firm B-Cup breasts to him.

“Daddy this is what I've wanted since I was twelve, maybe even sooner, so shut up and fuck me.” Lily said, her voice heavy with lust as she pulled off her jeans and panties in one pull before she went back to kissing her father, her hands working on his clothes while shamelessly feeling up every part of him.

Harry moaned as she quickly divested him of his clothes, leaving both of them naked, and started playing with his rapidly hardening cock. He wanted more than anything to throw her down on the couch just a few feet away and bury himself in her, but this was be her first time, and their first time, he wanted to draw it out more. So he removed his lips from hers and started to kiss a line down her neck. Eventually he reached her chest he continued kissing until he reached her breasts before he started toying with them with her hands, licking them occasionally.

He was confused when Lily growled at his gentle treatment, her voice pleading, “Bite them, hurt them, please, do whatever you like with them. Make me your slut, your woman, whatever you want. This body is yours to do as you like, but I want you to hurt me all the same.” His face must have showed his shock because she pulled back and stared at him firmly, “Dad, I love pain. I always have, it turns me on. So don't be gentle, stop holding back, hurt me, use me, that's what I want more than anything.”

Harry eyes darkened as he felt his cock pulse, the ache of his arousal increasing at her confession. His hands reached around her to grasp her bum before he gripped her cheeks and squeezed, his fingernails raking against her flesh. At the same he moved his head forward and captured one of her nipples with his teeth and pulled his head back, stretching her breast painfully.

Lily gasped in surprise as his sudden assault, but a deep throaty moan escaped past her gritted teeth as her hips jerked, her pussy growing wet. “Oh daddy! Just like that, daddy, make them bleed!”

Losing control with her throaty moan Harry bit into her nipples hard enough to draw blood. He heard her gasp in pain before moaning in pleasure, grinding her pussy into his leg; leaving a slimy trail of pussy juice.

“Oh daddy!” She gasped once again as Harry bit into her other breast, “I’ve been a bad girl, I deserve to be spanked.”

Harry didn't reply, his mouth busy as he switched back to the first nipple and pulled her breast. One of his hands let go of her bum as he pulled it back, placing the palm flat against her pussy. He rubbed his calloused hand roughly against her slit, getting his palm nice and wet, relishing in her moans. Once he was satisfied he pulled his now wet hand back again before moving it behind her back. He looked up at her, watching her as he brought his palm down on her backside hard. The wet, loud slap echoed through the room was quickly followed by Lily's orgasmic scream. Harry was more interested in the blissful look on her face as she shuddered.

“You like that don’t you my dirty little girl?” Harry smirked.

“Oh yes daddy, I did.” Lily said lustfully, “It's what I deserve, bend me over your knees and spank me.”

Harry’s cock pulsed once again, wanting nothing more than to take her. He felt a surge of shame at the fact that he was genuinely enjoying hurting her to get her off, but it was completely smothered by the pride at being able to make her cum so well. Lily yelped as, even when she was expecting it, Harry grasping her shoulders and sitting in the chair before throwing her over his knees surprised her.

She squealed as her father brought the Conjured wooden paddle down on her backside, the stinging pain lancing towards her pussy, causing it to gush onto his leg just a little. “For every blow, I want you to say one, another daddy, two, another daddy and so on until you get to twenty. Should you miss one, we'll start over.” Harry said, resting the smooth, cold paddle against her cheeks as he rubbed it back and forth slowly.

He then raised the paddle and brought it down hard onto his daughter's naked ass. “One! A-another daddy!” She cried.

Orgasmic cries echoed off the four walls of the Potter Muggle room ten times before Lily was too busy screaming to say the number, and Harry started over. This happened three times before Harry finally reached twenty. By time he did, Lily had cum several times, her juices gushing out and soaking her father's leg in regular intervals and she shuddered and twitched, her ass completely red from the hits. “TWENTY! Oh thank you daddy! Please fuck me, tear my pussy apart with your big cock, make me your slut!” She pleaded, her head swimming and her body aching wonderfully.

Morals were a thing of the past to Harry's lust-clouded mind; If his little girl wanted to be his slut, who was he to stop her? But if he was going to claim her properly she was going to take him in all three holes. His plan set, he dropped her to the ground and hissed, “If you want to be mine kneel in front of me and open your mouth.”

Lily smiled as she realized what her father had planned for her. So with a lustful smile she knelt in front of her father and opened her mouth; waiting for what was coming to her. She didn't have to wait long, as the moment she knelt and opened her mouth, her father placed his cock in front of her and said, “Well, what are you waiting for.” She hopped to it, licking the eleven inch cock in front of her like a lollipop, making sure his balls were nice and wet. Harry let out a groan as she licked up the left side of his cock, allowing her lips to place some suction on the bottom of his cock before she reached the tip. She eagerly repeated her actions on the right side of his length before suckling one of his balls into her mouth. The answering groan of her father sent tingles to Lily’s pussy as she worked her way up the bottom of his cock, enjoying the groans she was capable of pulling from him. Before long his cock was wet from her licking, so she placed it into her mouth and started to suck it.

Harry could only resist so long and when she started bobbing her head to take more and more of his length he gripped the back of her head, pulling her hair. As she lowered her head again he didn't let her come back up, forcing her head down further. Getting a better idea he let go of her hair, making sure she stayed where she was; about three fourths of the way down his cock, and rearranged her hair onto two ponytails before he wrapped them around his fist. Once that was done he started pulling her head down again using his two new handles. Lily never resisted, only moaning and writhing further as her throat began to ache and her lungs began to burn. She would never deny her father whatever he wanted to do to cause himself pleasure, that’s what she wanted after all. To be used, abused even, by her lover.

“Swallow it all, if one drop touches the carpet we're stopping right now.” Harry grunted as he felt his balls churn. He gave a low moan as he pulled his daughter's face flush against his crotch and came, pulling her hair even further despite being as far down as she could go. He felt his balls contract against her chin and his member stiffen inside her mouth and throat. He groaned as she felt her throat tighten slightly before his first shot of sperm coated her throat and stomach.

Lily barely heard him, but her determination peaked as she eagerly suckled her father's cock, every drop of cum being blasted down her throat never coming back up. Black began encroaching on the edge of her vision, but she paid it no mind as she continued sucking and swallowing around him. The pleasure she felt from his usage of her body in such a way outweighed any type of embarrassment or pain she might feel from his rough fucking of her face. She mentally smiled, since she couldn’t do it normally with her mouth wrapped around his cock, as she felt his spunk travel from his contracting balls and through his erect cock and down to her stomach. She groaned, which came out as if it were a floundering fish instead of the sexy moan she wanted when she felt his seed settle in her stomach.

Harry let out a huff of air as his orgasm ended. He let go of Lily's hair, only to push her off his cock when she remained where she was, despite her face starting to turn blue.

Lily gasped and sucked in air greedily as she came out of her daze, her pussy almost on fire with need. She'd done it, not a drop and even came close to escaping. She looked up and marvelled at the large, slimy cock in front of her; it was still hard, not losing any of its rigidity in the slightest despite the considerable load it'd just deposited in her stomach. She felt her insides burn hotter as he smiled down at her, pride and lust mixing together in his expression, “Very good my little flower. On your hands and knees.”

She turned around quickly, almost throwing her body onto the ground in an effort to raise her ass higher. “Did I do good da-AH!” She cried out in surprise and pleasure as his hand slapped her glowing ass hard enough to cause her to lurch forward.

“I said on your hands and knees, not raise your ass and put your face on the floor. You will do exactly as I tell you in the future.” Harry growled harshly, grabbing her shoulders tightly and pulling them back.

“Y-yes daddy, I'm so sorry, I've been a bad girl.” Lily simpered, her orgasm only a hair's breadth away, if he would just squeeze her shoulder a bit harder, or better yet spank her again…

“You certainly have. I think we'll have to punish you for that.” Harry replied. Striding past her he grabbed her pony tails and pulled her with him. "Daddy, ow! Daddy, I'll be a good girl." Lily cried out, her hands coming to her head, pain shooting thought her as she stumbled behind him, never gaining her footing completely. The pressure built in her pussy even further, her orgasm so close. He ignored her, not caring, knowing she enjoyed it, and when he reached the sofa he threw her over the back of it.

Hitting it with a huff, Lily tilted forwards until her head was in the seat, her feet not touching the ground and her bum raised high. She started moaning again as she felt her father's hand's on her bum checks, "Please daddy, I'm sorry I've been bad, I'll do anything you want, please, Ahhh!" She stopped blabbering and squealed, her orgasm causing her pussy to squirt juice into the air as Harry brought the paddle down on her bum once more. Harry admired his daughter’s impressive squirting juice. It would seem she had inherited a bit from himself in the sex department as he watched her pussy lips quiver and pulse, spraying her girl cum across the floor and onto himself. He couldn’t deny the sense of pleasure that ran up his body when he felt her own juices blasting onto his aching member.

Standing behind her, Harry began running his cock up and down her dripping snatch, Harry brought the paddle down on her red bum checks again and again, “You're a good girl are you? Well, good girls don't get pregnant do they, so I can't fuck you here, can I?" He said still running his cock up and down her crack, pulling her bum checks apart he placed the head of his cock at her rosebud and continued, "Well you can't get pregnant here can you?" Before pushing he head of his cock into her.

"Fuck, daddy!" Lily moaned, her pussy squirting out even more juice as she climaxed again. He pushed his cock deeper into her arse, slowly thrusting his dick in and out of her bum, "Now that doesn't sound like a good girl, maybe you're a bad girl after all?" He commented before he started to use the paddle again, alternating his strikes on her arse checks, in time with his thrusting.

Lily couldn't help herself and moaned out once more, "Harder daddy, fuck my arse harder." The feeling of pain from his sudden intrusion was greatly overshadowed by the pleasure she felt radiating from her pussy. The pain was as much a turn-on as the actual feeling of his great member parting her arse so roughly that she was tearing up. 

Using his free hand he grabbed hold of her pig tails once more and pulled so that her body was horizontal. Then he used them as a handle started to pound in and out of her bum harder. Keeping her hair tight in his hand he made sure to push her forwards each time he thrust into her, ensuring that her feet were never on the floor. Harry was entranced by the feel of her bum gripping him. Ginny was pleasant to fuck but this was just incredible. The way her ass split for him to pound her hard. The feeling of her bum was even better than Ginny’s pussy.

"Harder daddy, pull my hair harder please! Ram your big cock up my tight arse! Flood me with your cum! Oh daddy! So good!" Lily shouted out as Harry tugged on her hair. He dropped the paddles and placed a hand on her hip. Using the new leverage he thrust into her bum with renewed strength. He could barely hold back from granting her request as she kept begging him for his cum. He knew it wouldn’t take much longer.

Sweat pouring down his back, Harry felt himself getting close. He could feel his balls begin to tighten and hearing the word's of his daughter under him grunted out, "That's it flower, nearly there, I'm going to cum into you're tight arse. Fuck here it comes!"

"Daddy!" Lily squealed in pleasure before placing her hands on either side of the couch and pushing herself backwards, ensuring that all eleven inches of her father's thick cock was buried within her bum. She shook and rolled her hips as the monster began to spit it's load deep within her bowls. "Fuck, don't stop daddy, I'm cumming!" Lily begged as she orgasmed again to the feeling of his hot seed being shot within her bum. His hot, thick cum shot into her bum with all the force of his incredible load behind it. Lily’s eyes rolled and her body shook in her father’s arms as she felt his cock stiffen inside her body once more and shoot its incredible load within her.

Panting behind her Harry pulled his shrinking cock from his daughter’s red arse, pulling back on her hair, a moan escaped from her lips as he pulled her upright. Turning her around he kissed her roughly as she shuddered next to him. Cupping her pussy, he pushed two fingers in her dripping snatch, "Good girl's don't get this wet, I think you lied to me, I think you're a bad girl…" He trailed off and pushed her to knees, "And bad girls have to clean up after themselves, clean my cock."

He saw a flicker of disgust flash across her face and was about to raise his hand and slap her when she gathered herself and started to lick and suck his cock clean. As Lily sucked on his dick the feeling of power he had over her was intoxicating, he knew what he wanted next. He was going to fuck her in his bed, so that he'd have a reminder of what they had done every time he went to sleep.

His dick clean and starting to harden again he reached down and pulled on Lilies hair, wanting her to stand and follow, "Come on, enough of that, I want to fuck you in my bed." As she stood he reached between her legs and threw her over his shoulder before walking towards his bedroom, thrusting a finger in and out of her still dripping pussy.

Sucking his dirty cock had obviously done nothing to dent her arousal. By the time they reached his bed his hand was slick with her pussy juice. Shrugging her off his shoulder, she bounced on the bed and as he walk up the bed on his knee's towards her, she spread her legs and looked him in the eye, "Please daddy, fuck my virgin pussy. I want your big fat cock hammering away inside me as I cum around it."

Settling between her spread legs Harry palmed Lilies right breast, rubbing his hand over and around her nipple until his stopped and tugged on it sharply using his thumb and forefinger. Lily gasped and thrust upwards, rubbing her damp crotch against his leg. "Daddy please, fuck my pussy. I want to take a big sticky load of your baby juice in my womb." She begged.

Groaning at the thought of cumming in his daughter’s womb Harry pushed his bulbous cock head up and down against her pussy lips before popping it inside her, sinking ever lower into her relentlessly. Groaning as he pushed into her, Lily whispered into his ear, "That's it daddy push your fat cock into my tight little pussy. Stretch me, Merlin its feels so huge." She gasped out as the head of his cock slipped past her pussy lips.

"Ngh, daddy you so big," Lily whimpered out, tears in her eyes, as four inches of cock followed the cock head. Harry ignored her, there was no way he was going to be happy until he sunk all eleven inches into his daughter's vice-like pussy. He could see the tears running down her cheeks as she arched her back, pressing her tits against him as he continued to push into her.

"Oh fuck daddy! Your cock's so big." Lily wailed in orgasm as he thrust it deeper within her, feeding her more and more cock. Her tight cunt rippled around his cock as he pushed yet more of his monster dick into her. She could see the outline of it on her flat stomach and bit her lip as he pushed it deeper into her twitching belly. The very sight of his monster cock pushing against her skin caused Lily to seize up in another orgasm and her already tight womanhood to cling to his invading member.

Harry stopped, allowing her to adjust to his size as juices ran out of her and around his cock. After a few seconds he felt Lily shift beneath him and start to thrust her hips up at him, trying to impale herself on the three inches of his cock still exposed to the air. Harry grinned at how lucky he was to have such a lover now. Because, he knew, he was forever going to be placing his member into his own daughter’s pussy from now on.

"Daddy I want all of it, give it to me, fuck my pussy, please daddy…" Lily whined as she wrapped her legs around his waist and started to try and pull him deeper within her. Grunting again in concentration Harry pushed himself forwards once more, feeling the cool air on the base of his dick disappearing inch by inch into the wet furnace that was his daughter's pussy. The tightness was incomparable, not even Ginny had been this tight the first time they had made love. The very feeling of her virgin walls clinging to his cock like a vice and practically begging him to reach her womb and paint her very essence in his own was maddening to him.

Lily squealed as, unable to stop any longer, Harry sunk the rest of his prick into his daughter, balls deep in her he could feel her juices run out and down his balls as she orgasmed around him. "Merlin daddy, fuck me, fuck me hard and deep, please daddy," Lily whimpered mindlessly into his ear as she felt his balls finally touch her arse and her cunt lips wrapped around the base of his cock. Even Lily felt Harry’s cock bump against the opening to her womb, her eyes widened as she looked down at the bulge that appeared from where he entered her all the way to where her womb must be and she smiled blissfully, “That’s it Daddy! Fuck your daughter’s womb! Fill her up with your cum!” She taunted to her father, who didn’t waste any time in beginning to set his rhythm.

"So deep, so fucking good," Lily moaned into his neck as Harry began to fuck in and out of her, her pussy lips griping onto his cock, not wanting to release their hold. "Do it daddy, fuck my pussy, take it, own it, make it yours," Lily begged, her hips thrusting up and down in time with his. She squealed once more as he sped up, pounding into her with long, hard strokes that drew several inch of his long fat cock out of her stretched cunt and then pounded it back into her fully.

"So good flower, you cunts so fucking good," Harry groaned out as he felt her cum around him again as he continued to slam his dick in and out of her. She was almost constantly cumming at this point and he smiled at the drool that was coming from her mouth and the way her eyes rolled every time he thrust particularly harshly. She was desperately trying to grab something to give her some leverage but he made sure she was completely at his mercy.

"Oh yes daddy, fuck me hard, fuck my cunt and fill me with your cum!" Lily shouted out, her hand clawing into his back as she could feel his large full balls slapping into her bum. "Merlin daddy, I'm going to cum again, I'm going to cum around your giant cock, daddy!"

With her pussy twitching around his cock almost continuously now Harry couldn't take anymore and thrust himself forward, burying his entire length within her wet pussy before his cock exploded, spewing his hot sticky white load deep within his daughter, "Fuck flower, here it is, take it, take my baby juice."

Feeling his dick expand and spurt the first pulse of sticky cum within her pussy Lily moaned out and came again. Grunting above her as his balls expelled their load, Harry felt light headed as he continued to pump his seed into his daughter. He felt Lily’s body buck against him, her stomach seeming to convulse as her cunt pulsated around his still spewing cock.

Lily herself was stuck in a scream as her orgasm was prolonged by the feeling of her father’s cum inside her pussy. She could feel as his first shot coated her cervix with his sticky spunk. The second and third shot did the same but she jerked her hips and felt his fourth shot spew forth from his contracting balls and land directly at the back of her womb. Her eyes rolled in her head as she felt his balls contract against her bum and felt his spunk travel through his meat-stick and into her womb yet again. Her throat was raw but she could not keep her scream from being voiced as she felt his load fill her womb. His balls finally emptied, he collapsed onto of her, his dick still firmly lodged in her pussy.

Lily lay there dizzily, light headed, with her arms and legs wrapped around her father, his body pressed tightly against hers as he poured his load into her. She kissed and caressed him as he collapsed onto her, still feeling his heavy balls pressing against her arse, until she drifted off to sleep; completely exhausted under the reassuring weight of her father's body.

As she did, Harry thought about what happened, he knew he should be ashamed of what happen, at how he treated her, but he wasn't. He'd only given her what she wanted, and he couldn’t be upset or bring himself to become mad about that. Also because he liked it too, very much so. It has been a long time that he'd a good fuck, and it felt league's better to have a great fuck, even if it was with his own daughter. It felt great to lose control and do things that he could only dream of. As he rolled off Lily to lie next to her, he stroked her hair, knowing that life wouldn't ever be the same again, and for once he didn’t care. He'd only stayed with Ginny so as not to break up his family, knowing that his children should have a normal family, a ‘happy’ mother and father.

But now, he was happy and he was going to be selfish and do whatever it took to keep this. The kids were all grown up now, and there was no need to stay with his slut of a wife. So he was going to divorce her and kick her out of his house. Should the children want to stay, it was up to them. He knew Lily would for sure, and to him that was all he cared about, he didn’t care as much about the others, seeing as they weren't his. So as he fell into his own sleep, the only thought that crossed his mind was what his future was going to hold for him now that he'd found someone he loved.

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