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‘Hey, Gin how’s it been going since I left your house?’ Hermione asked as she walked in her compartment.

‘Okay, but Fred and George are making my life a living hell, they made me break my damn finger’ she said aggressively showing the index finger which was bent and out of shape.

‘Oh well, I can get them in a lot of trouble this year and hopefully next’ she said with pride in her sentence

‘Why do you say that?’

Hermione pulled out a red and golden badge with a silver H on it. ‘Wow, good for you Hermione, I always knew you could make it as Head Girl for 7th years’ she said giving her a congratulations hug ‘Who’s the boy prefect?’

‘I’m not sure yet but I’ll find out once I go to the Head Student’s compartment. I’ll be back in the next 20 to 30 minutes’

‘Okay’ she responded as Hermione was on her way to her destination.




‘Are you ever going to miss Crabbe and Goyle, you know, now that they are dead?’ Blaise asked to Draco as they were searching for a compartment that was not full.

‘No, not really. They just followed me around, but you are a real friend someone who has my back, not caring how power my family has’ he began to think about it and remembered her mom was killed by her own sister for protecting him when he chose to fight with Hogwarts. As his father was killed while only caring for himself.

They finally found one with Pansy and Millicent Bullstrode. They sat and he showed off his badge to his friends. ‘Do you know who the other Head Girl for this year is?’ Pansy asked.

‘No, not yet but I have to go, and I will find out’



‘How long will it take for this Head Boy to get here, I’m dying to know’

She heard the compartment open and saw the blonde hair and her pointed face. ‘Please, tell me it is not him’

‘Ah, Mr. Malfoy, Congratulations on being chosen as Head Boy for 7th years. I know you two do not get along, but do not jump on my neck, I didn’t choose this, Dumbledore did.’ McGonagall said as she shook his hand.

‘Well now that I know who it is, I shall be leaving’ Hermione left pissed at who the Head Boy is. ‘So Will I’ Draco added as he left.

‘Duties will start in half an hour’ McGonagall add before they both left.

They both walked as Draco was spaces ahead, she starred at him with anger, ready to punch him. ‘Why does it have to be him, out of all people? At least he is cute.’ She couldn’t believe what she had just thought, him cute? As if she would think he is cute.

‘It had to be her, with her brown hair and eyes, which I find sexy.’ Draco paused and thought, her eyes, sexy? Just a hallucination in his mind.

‘Just because we have to work together, doesn’t mean we can be friends’ she walked forward just a few paces back to her compartment. She reached the door until, a warm hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her back before Ginny could see her. Draco held a hard grip on her hand leaving a red mark.

‘Let me go’ she commanded as she tried pushing off his hand. He didn’t listen

‘Says who?’ He said, raising his eyebrows at her.

At last she was free from his grip but he pinned her to the wall starring in her eyes. She realized he was too close to her face; she pushed at his face ignoring him. She heard a door open and found Ginny with her head out of the door.

‘What the hell is going on? I heard a hard thump on the wall.’ She said eyeing them both, Hermione pushed Draco and slapped him. She walked away and went into

‘Dammit, I thought she would fall for it, but I got slapped, again. She has a nice ass.’

He walked away thinking on how the rest of her body looks.

‘What the hell was that about’

‘I don’t know but, he has soft hands. But I’m not saying I like him’



It’s been past half an hour as he saw Hermione walking around the train. She gave him a dirty look when she saw him. She walked past a couple of 1st years pissed at how Draco pinned her like that.

‘I hate him so much’ she whispered.

‘Did you say something about me? I would keep that big mouth of yours shut’

‘I still hate him’ she thought giving him another look.


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