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This fic was adopted from kolchaksghost, with their kind permission, so no saying you stole this and that understood... Also I don't own either the Harry Potter or The Mummy franchises and make no money from this.

During the reign of Pharaoh Seti I, the wizard king of Egypt deified by his subjects for such works as building Hamunaptra – the resting place of the wealth of the kingdom, a stranger walked out of the deep desert. A wizard/priest, he was called Imhotep and claimed to be named after the great architect and healer of old. Through cunning, Imhotep rose quickly through the Pharaoh's court until he became High Priest, Seti's most trusted advisor. He used his role to lull Seti into a false sense of security that ultimately cost the Pharaoh his life.

The reality was that while Imhotep was a priest, he was a priest of the evil Serpent God – Apophis – and a dark wizard with dreams of conquest. He seduced Ahnk-sun-Amun*, Seti's mistress and future bride; between the two they murdered their liege in a bid for his throne. The Princess Nefertiri witnessed the attack on her father from her terrace across the courtyard from her father's chambers. She alerted his guards but it was too late, Seti I was no more and Imhotep escaped; the only consolation for his children was that Ahnk-sun-Amun lost her life as well. What none knew was that she sacrificed herself because she knew her lover would be able to return the pieces of her soul from the Underworld.

Imhotep stole her body but was caught with his followers deep in the bowls of Hamunaptra before he was able to resurrect his beloved. His minions were sentenced to be mummified alive but for heretical nature of his crimes, the dark wizard suffered the Hum-Dai – cursed to remain undead for all time. By the order of the new Pharaoh Ramses II, the body was entombed within Hamunaptra and the city forever abandoned. He then charged his dead father's most loyal guards with the duty of protecting Egypt from the evils of its past.

For nearly three thousand years, we… the Medjai – magical warriors descended from Pharaoh's Sacred Guards – have watched over Egypt and protected the people from untold evil. Twice the creature that was Imhotep was raised and each time it was put back down but not before it created some level of chaos. After the second incident, the Commanders of the Twelve Tribes of the Medjai ordered their most trusted warrior to be placed into a magical sleep in case the creature rose a third time because the tribes were going to scatter to the four corners of the world to seek out cursed treasures plundered from Egyptian tombs.

The secrets of Hamunaptra remained buried under the desert sands for seventy years…