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Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 48 from Sammyboy94 on January 17, 2014
Well that was a bit of a downer at the end.... I was hoping for the cliché 'happily ever after' ending.... Overall good story... I was worried that you were going to kill off Tonks though.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 34 from Sammyboy94 on January 16, 2014
Did you really leave off there?!?!
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 37 from Dragonanzar on March 23, 2011
Wow. This is a really good story! Plots within sub-plots; riddles within riddles; circles entertwined with each other. It's flippin' complicated! I'm sure that I don't know what the characters are doing half the time, and the rest of the time, I don't know why they're doing it! I take my hat off to you. Nice long chapters; I can never seem to get past 4000 words when I write. Such well written chapters, too. Poor Cassane and poor everyone else. It's interesting to see how such a small change made such a big difference. I like how Kemster summed it up when he said 'if only the minister had delayed his orders' or somesuch thought in one of the previous chapters. A nice little bit of irony there. You've integrated OCs into the story very well; it's almost like reading an original novel, instead of a fanfiction. The, admittedly 2-D, characters JKRowling created are given more background, meaning that the OCs don't stick out as much. While Voldemort seems to be much more evil than in the original books, I think it fits with his character much better. So many times in fanfiction one finds a Harry who outclasses Voldemort in terms of intelligence or knowledge, despite the fifty year age gap between them. After all, a Voldemort who was not intelligent or good at what he does would not become a dark lord. The ghost plot is an interesting idea; I've never seen that happen before. Congratulations, unless you got the idea from somewhere, it's probably original; something not commonly found in fanfiction. Thank you for writing all this so far, and I hope you update soon! I am eager to know what will happen next. Dragonanzar
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 32 from Scrittore on July 21, 2010
And alas, no more of Renegade Cause to read for now. 32 chapters up, and things are still not looking up for Harry. Been more twists and turns than in a maze, and we're still left with more questions than answers. All I can say Silens: Have Chapter 33 out soon.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 31 from Scrittore on July 21, 2010
Another great cheapter Silens. Glad to see Moody being given a bigger role, hopefully Tonks will return next chapter. Though it's interesting as to whether Harry and Co. will go down the brink more or if more victories will be won.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 30 from Scrittore on July 21, 2010
Oh boy Silens. I really hope you don't kill off Luna. Another great chapter as things continue to unfold. Though Harry dumping Malfoy's head into a cauldron and turning him into a monster of sorts is epic indeed.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 29 from Scrittore on July 21, 2010
What a aptly named chapter and quite twists all around. Plans falling apart, and everything looks bleak. It will be difficult for Harry and Co. to fight their way back from the brink, if they can.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 28 from Scrittore on July 21, 2010
Another solid chapter Silens, luckily there is four more to read. Otherwise I'd be VERY impatient having to wait for the next one. Thanks for continuing to write this story.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 27 from Scrittore on July 21, 2010
Another great chapter Silens. Dmitri finally figures out the obvious, a bit too late. Sanders gets revenge, Harry loses everything in his vault leaving him the broke one for once. Meanwhile, all the chess pieces move closer to war. 5/5.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 26 from Scrittore on July 21, 2010
The war finally begins! Another great chapter Silens! I was not disappointed to say the least as this story goes on. 5/5 easily. Can't wait to read more indeed.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 25 from Scrittore on July 19, 2010
Once again, wow. Just when things were starting to look a little up for Harry, they get ten times worse. You certainly know how to make Harry miserable there Silens. Another great 5/5 chapter and I can't wait to see what happens next.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 24 from Scrittore on July 19, 2010
Wow. That's all I can say about this chapter Silens. Talk about twists and turns and surprises. Continue to impress and make me want to read more. Thankfully, there are several more chapters to read. 5/5 easily for this chapter.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 23 from Scrittore on July 18, 2010
Sirius Black insane? Harry/Tonks relationship further? Awesome battle scene? Harry's favorite hit wizard still alive? Awesome. That's all that needs to be said about this chapter. Can't wait to read the next one Silens.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 22 from Scrittore on July 18, 2010
What a way to end chapter 22! Cassane is turning out to be more and more of a interesting character. Meanwhile Draco's House of Cards is really beginning to fall so it seems. The concept of Dracula being partly real and that's the connection with Stoker was great. Also interesting as to what Ron and Peeves up to. All the chess board pieces are moving again, and more are beginning to do battle. Hopefully find more out about Sirius next chapter.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 21 from Scrittore on July 18, 2010
Nathan Cassane continues to impress. One-shot stories or even longer about him could prove to be interesting. Another solid chapter indeed Silens. Moving the plot along and the cracks in the Slytherin's armor continue to show. Should be interesting to see what you have up your sleeve next.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 20 from Scrittore on July 18, 2010
Another great chapter Silens. Great to see what Snape has been up to and see Dumbledore finally doing something. Fudge has certainly lost it and the side effects of that night for Harry seem to have long-term consequences in the future. Can't wait to read the next chapter and see what you have planned next.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 19 from Scrittore on July 18, 2010
So this is my first review in a long time and my first time reading a new chapter of Renegade for me. It was certainly not disappointing. The battle was quite awesome and can't believe the war is finally officially starting and it's chapter 19. Great chapter, Silens. Not disappointing one bit.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 23 from Voice of the Nephilim on November 10, 2009
A fine addition to this high quality story. Well done.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 21 from Voice of the Nephilim on September 30, 2009
A decent transitional chapter, a chance for the reader to catch their breath between high-tension events. When you said Stoker, I didn't think it would involve vampires. That seems rather random. Do you have a review preference between FF and PC? Thanks for another quality chapter.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 20 from Voice of the Nephilim on September 15, 2009
Wait, isn't Harry aware the Peeves isn't constrained to Hogwarts anymore? Your fudge is edging into "just plain retarded" territory. Granted, that's not very far off from canon at all. Stoker? What the fuck? This is awesome. Oh, how I chuckled when Lucius made his cameo. Great stuff. I'm still completely in the dark with regards to Sirius. Could this have anything to do with the Potter vaults? Gah, I've got nothing. Very well done.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 19 from Voice of the Nephilim on September 07, 2009
A very quality chapter. Well done.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 18 from Voice of the Nephilim on August 30, 2009
A chapter most excellent. Thanks for writing.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 18 from Scrittore on August 28, 2009
As I accidentally entered no review for chapter 17, I’ll be reviewing chapter 17 and 18 in one review together. Chapter 17: First off, seeing things from Fleur’s POV was a small nice change. Harry and Tonks conversation was nice as well. It was also good to see some humor in the conversation so the story isn’t completely depressing or drama. Seeing Ron actually do something for himself once would be original considering he’s always following Harry’s lead on things. Looks like Castellan is in trouble in the very near future, Harry’s going to have to hurry with that. Harry/Hannah Smut on the Horizon? Lawl As I stated earlier, the Prophet backstabbed Dumbledore. However, in a original and hilarious fashion, Dumbledore truly got the last laugh. Which also happened to reconfirm how badass he is. Story now needs moar Harry/Tonks making out in the broom closet. That was hilarious as well. Snape and Joker!Peeves interaction was a fun read. Looks like Snape is in trouble though. The battle scene and the end of the chapter? Simply epic. It’s good to see Harry and Tonks getting a victory for once. Now for what will be one of the most things in this story come Chapter 18. Overall: Loved the chapter, easily a new favorite chapter in this story. Very easy to give this chapter a 5/5. Chapter 18: To be honest, this is probably one of the most believable things so far in the story. The fact that nobody in Gryffindor (the house that is suppose to define courage) have nobody but Harry, Fred, and George standing up and fighting Umbridge? All they really need is Dumbledore letting it slip to a parent when he leaves the castle or wait until the kids leave for a break for Umbridge to get her ass thrown out in three seconds. Remus getting the task of finding Snape is highly ironic too. It was good to see some Harry and Dumbledore interaction once again. This Nathan fellow is the one who will decide it all. I must say, the ritual did not disappoint and was quite well-written. The things he saw before blacking out I assume are things that will happen, have happen, and a couple things that will not happen are thrown in there for good measure. My predictions: Harry’s ritual or Draco’s Job committed the first thing. Luna saying that makes me wonder if she has some secret mission or is even a Death Eater? The don’t feel bad part is someone dying, probably Sirius. The figure in the whip part is Bellatrix. Room for 3 – Harry, the thing from the ritual, and Tom Riddle’s soul piece in Harry. What will happen from that will have consequences or benefits, or both. Of course, Snape almost got himself killed like an idiot. Then we see something being referred to as dark magic, looks like Harry and Tonks perhaps did not research everything they should of on the project. I admit, I laughed at the fact that Harry playing the part of the girl. Looks like Draco’s plan is going to go into motion soon as well. The conversation between Harry and Nathan Cassane was a fun and interesting read. I have to believe that Nathan knew that Harry was the female lawyer, and supported him because he knew Harry was being honest about how he felt. It’s also great to see the counter-measure passed, giving Harry and Tonks another victory. However, a setback is soon occurred with what looks to be Draco’s plan taking full effect ending the chapter on a cliffy. I do believe that it being Draco’s plan is a red herring and the effect of something else. Overall: Another great chapter, not my favorite however. It was well-written, well-done and an enjoyable read. 5/5 for the chapter and 5/5 for the story so far Silens. I’ve enjoyed reviewing it and now you cannot say I have not reviewed your story haha.
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 17 from Scrittore on August 28, 2009
Review for Renegade Cause Chapter 16 from Scrittore on August 28, 2009
The start of Chapter 16 seems like a Mike Tyson boxing match in the first round during his glory days for Harry. He is literally getting beaten like there is no tomorrow. The scene between Dmitri and Harry was epic, that much is for sure. Harry shook his head with incredulity, spitting another mouthful of blood onto the floor. He could hardly believe what he was hearing – Kemester had used a bad premise, logically inferred, and jumped to entirely the wrong conclusion. - THAT has been Kemester this entire story in a nutshell. Though if he isn't fired for this, I'll be surprised. Meanwhile, everything has gone to hell elsewhere. However, Dumbledore comes in being a badass and takes charge which is awesome. I laughed when Joker!Peeves made his appearance at the Ministry, showing that he has no bounds. Grimmauld Place being sealed off does not bode well in the end for Sirius. Something similar to the end of Book 5 looks more likely now. A warrant for the arrest of Charlie just put Umbridge on my people dislike list and made her a bigger bitch then she was entirely in canon. Percy betraying his family like that will not go unpunished, that much is for sure as well. Broderick Bode and his magical trick is one of the most original, clever, and hilarious things I've ever read. Major props for that Silens, major props. Good to see Harry finally considers it personal. More Joker!Peeves which was awesome. Though the twist at the end of this chapter being three Death Eaters at Hogwarts. He could mean Snape, he could mean Draco/Blaise/Nott. He could mean just about almost anyone. It's a good mystery which I do want to see the answer to. Overall: All in all, my new favorite chapter by far. It was quite epic in more ways then one. Definitely a 5/5 chapter.
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