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Review for Dumbledore's Final Trick Chapter 1 from helsing on September 22, 2010
Very nice story.A good answer to Dumbledore haters.Hell,he was almost evil in this,the way he told Harry about his plans...iam surprised Harry didn't faint. BTW,i agree that Dumbledore intended Harry to sacrifice himself to kill Voldemort, but i think that he knew that Harry would not die.Voldemort would merely destroy a piece of his own soul in Harry's body.Dumbledore had doubts on this matter perhaps,or he didn't want Snape to know about Horcruxes.That's why he didn't tell him.I may be wrong though. P.S.-Who is Harry's Girlfriend in this fic,though? I went over it twice,with no results apparently.
Review for Dumbledore's Final Trick Chapter 1 from shawnculli on September 20, 2010
Can you possibly reformat this to be readable? I'd love to actually read and review it.
Author reply
I BELIEVE it's been fixed - the document upload was being annoying, thank you for pointing it out.
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