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Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 18 from animekingmike on November 26, 2010
I just realized that your last edit was on October 7, 2010. This was a little more than about a month ago. I assume this must mean you are working on finishing this story. I can't wait for you to continue with this!
Author reply
Hi! Glad to hear there are still people out there who are enjoying this. My fanfictiondotnet profile explains what's been happening. But the bare bones is: life got complicated. Uni finishes for me in a week or so and then I intend to start writing again. In spare moments, I had been editing the story to reduce some of the unnecessary content (there was like 70k removed!). No timetable or promises, but this isn't abandoned yet.
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 21 from jimmycranberry on August 09, 2010
This is a fantastic story. Therefore it's a great shame you seem to have abandoned it. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 21 from tallica343 on July 12, 2009
Great story. I'm curious about a couple things though: First why Harry hasn't done any research about creating and taking down protections for himself and the DA members families, especially considering the facts that after this year he will most likely be on his own and that the Voldemort, his followers, and his horcruxes are going to have very powerful and very deadly protections. Secondly why hasn't he simply stopped Malfoy from going to the rooom of requirement with a ward or a guard. And lastly why isn't he planning more for the future instead of just practicing and reacting something that he complains about Dumbledore doing.
Author reply
Sorry for taking so long to reply. I'm a bit behind in everything story related (understatement of my year, probably). Amazingly enough, all three of your qualms are mentioned in the next chapter (which will be done eventually). The subject of families comes up again and yes, things are done about it. Additionally, an event sparks Harry into taking more action with Malfoy, and the same event sparks Harry into general action rather than reaction. The next chapter is the sort of end of this stage of the fic; the at Hogwarts part. Chances are it won't be out before December (shortly after my uni semester ends). This isn't abandoned yet, and when it does come, hopefully it'll ease your issues with it.
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 22 from Armathas on April 02, 2009
It has been five months.!
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 23 from Ink on December 17, 2008
what going to happen with fleur, I miss her in the story. oh well nice by the way addd more soon thanks ink
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 23 from elvin on November 24, 2008
Well, I’m back to read more; however I don’t really remember that much from first time so I have to start again completely. Since this is the case I figured I’d go ahead and give you an in depth review broken down chapter by chapter. My review for the most part will be done chapter by chapter as I notice things throughout the chapter. Since this is the case some of what I say may be explained later on or may just be incorrect because I haven’t seen the big picture yet. Since that’s the case go ahead and ignore those comments when it applies. While it may seem I have nothing good to say, that isn’t true in the least. I figure, however, that you get enough of people raving about your story and that someone telling you what they think isn’t as good would be more helpful. I am a big fan of your story though. Chapter 1 You use Alistair this and Alistair that way too much. In one short paragraph you used it four times. I’m by no means a writing expert however I’m sure that there must be better ways to go about it since it just feels awkward reading it. Harry’s rehash of his summer is necessary, however it felt very boring despite the fact that it was relatively short. My two reasons that I would guess why that is would be that it remains quite similar to HBP, and that I have already read it at some point. Anyway not a big deal either way. One problem it seems that is consistent throughout the entire chapter is that your dialogue and inner monologues seem stiff and unreal. A few examples are, “Inwardly smiling at her fear, Harry continued. “Despite the danger, they came with me and fought two-to-one odds against wizards twice our age and managed to draw level with them for a good twenty minutes before we began to lose. Would you have done the same? Come with me, without hesitation into battle without knowing the odds or chances of survival?”” I had thought that Harry would have liked to keep a low profile and just told her to bugger off or something of that sort. Another example is, “Without my wand, I won't have the Reverse Spell Effect when I duel with Voldemort. He naturally thinks that without this brother wand that I'll be helpless against him. Unfortunately for now that is true. If I can get out of this, I'll have to get a spare wand and train harder than before.” First off this sounds very stiff, most people don’t think this way. Secondly who thinks these types of things when they are in battle? Chapter 2 Well took a while for me to find anything that I didn’t like, however having Luna be part seer is incredibly clichéd in my book. I personally like when people just leave it at she is eccentric and quirky. It isn’t an end all be all, however it does irk me. Overall a very solid chapter, though some might say that you made Ron’s jealousy a tad overdone. Chapter 3 I’m not really sure why you feel the need to recap all the defense professors, it’s almost guaranteed that anybody who is reading fan-fiction for Harry Potter has read the books themselves and thus knows of how terrible just about all of them were. “Harry's mind went into overdrive. Hermione was rarely wrong. Had he really moved on? Was he just bottling things up or was Hermione just being strange? That seemed unlikely. This was Hermione after all. She was very rarely wrong.” Oh good god. Neville LongbottomRon Weasley Susan Bones?Hannah Abbot? Just a formatting error, needs an enter in between the names. Chapter 4 It looks like you’re beginning to hint at Hermione being mind controlled by Mrs. Weasley/Ron (well okay you did before as well but I didn’t really think you’d go down that route). This is something I find very hard to believe since Mrs. Weasley has never shown any inclinations for it in the past, however I guess I’ll just have to see where you take it. “knowing he got her good” I believe it would be knowing he had gotten her good. Not sure about that though since grammar isn’t anywhere near being my forte. “He wondered if there was any magical ability that Ron may have but not be aware of that allowed his mind to be so adept at strategy. He decided to ask Hermione later.” Please let this lead to nothing, the chess thing has been beaten to death, cremated, and nuked after that. It seems like a lot of the story has been a re-write so far. The DA is different, however it has been done before and it looks a bit like a harem ^-^. Chapter 5 Harry’s long winded speech was too long for me, I ended up just skipping most of it. While I realize the reasoning for giving the speech it seems to me that there is probably a way to convey that he gave it without boring the reader. Chapter 6 I’ve got to ask, why would Harry write to Fleur over Bill? I know that you said they became better friends over the summer however I would still think that it would be more natural to write Bill who is almost family to Harry. So far it looks like your going with the Horucrux route, I had really hoped that would change since it was one of the things I disliked most about HBP. Hopefully future lessons with Dumbledore will involve magic training as well and not just viewing memories like in HBP. Chapter 7 Padma seems a bit ooc too me. I just find it odd that she’s leaning against him so comfortably despite it being only the second time they’ve really talked. While I know there are definitely some people out there that are comfortable with that Padma never struck me as one that would be. “Were all the women in my life always this smart? Harry thought briefly” Come on, this sounds like a feminist/mary-sue crossover. “it, 'Arry, you saved my sister's life. I do not forget. I” Not sure if you meant for that to be bolded as a sign of strong emotion or if it’s a typo. Towards the end Hermione and Ron both seem ooc, I believe it will become more apparent for Hermione later on however Ron still seems to be different from his canon self. Chapter 8 The only real comment on this chapter that I have is that Ron seems massively ooc unless he’s being controlled somehow. The Ron that we know through the books wouldn’t have the nerve to do something like this and really isn’t that bad of a guy despite how much I may hate him. Chapter 9 Your Dumbledore so far has been a very rational character if shrewd, however it was always clear that he had Harry’s best intentions in mind. This chapter so far has made him seem overly manipulative, something which seems ooc for your Dumbledore. Why did the Weasley’s receive money in the Potter’s will? To the best of my knowledge they weren’t any closer to the Potter’s then other members of the Order. “A few minutes later the doors opened again and a Goblin, that Harry recognized to be Griphook, entered” And just how does he recognize Griphook? He’s seen him once 5 years ago. At least you don’t have Harry requesting him I suppose. I can’t believe you made Harry heir to the Black name as well, I really thought this cliché had been gotten rid of. At least you didn’t have a goblin take a chair. Good fight scene, seems a little unrealistic that Harry could do the apparition thing, be it side-along or normal, but not a major deal Chapter 10 “It was an attack done on the spare of the moment by the Black sisters” Think you mean spur of the moment. Wow, really didn’t find anything I was against in this chapter. Chapter 11 Personally I’m not a big fan of how you’re making Dumbledore try to control everything in Harry’s life, it had initially looked like you were going to go down a different route with him. Only time will tell how it works out I suppose. ““I'm don't suppose zat people normally say 'andsome or attractive?”” I believe you meant I instead of I’m, or it could be another variation; however as it stands it doesn’t make sense. ““Pass of course. Where you expecting anything different?”” Should be were instead of where. Well it looks like you’ve pinned down what your Dumbledore is going to be like. While there is somewhat of a canon foundation for this in the first 5 books, I can’t say that I’m a fan of it since manipulative Dumbledore’s tend to get out of hand way to quickly and just being an overall bad character. That being said though, I can see that your Dumbledore wasn’t acting ooc earlier. Chapter 12 “Daphne was the only one of the eleven yet to have one; Su had been taught it at her home according to Padma” I’m not sure if you mean Su was the only one or if this is just something that wasn’t well thought out. If Su doesn’t have it then what does it matter whether or not she was taught it at home? Is there a reason that the males in the fic are the only ones that act brashly/arrogantly/etc? It seems like so far the girls are perfect and every guys isn’t worth being Harry’s friend for some reason or another. Just worrying because you have a great way of writing what romance there has been so far, however I think that turning this into a harem fic would ruin it. The conversation between Hermione and Mrs. Weasley seems… unrealistic for lack of a better word I suppose. Would Hermione really say those things about Ron to his mother? I know that they may be the truth but people rarely say things that are mean to a mother/father about their son/daughter. Chapter 13 It seems like the DA is picking up tricky spells a lot quicker then they used to, and the spells are getting harder. It seems a bit unrealistic to me that they would be able to pick some of these up on their first try while also casting them silently. It seems a bit unlikely to me that Harry would become that easily distracted from finding Hermione, especially by someone so important to him such as Dung. “spellcasting” two words I believe. “same as he had used in his first duel against Flitwick” I don’t think that was his first duel against Flitwick was it? The fact that Harry just assumes Rosmerta was under the Imperius curse annoys me. How does he know that she was? Has he not learned anything from Pettigrew? Your Harry is smart for the most part however sometimes he just acts completely idiotic, I’m not sure if this is intentional or just a slip up in writing. Chapter 14 ““A Slytherin,” McGonagall added, recalling the student.” Quite ooc for McGonagall, she’s always portrayed as the unbiased one, minus quidditch, so for her to bring something up like that seems completely unlike her. “In all honesty, Harry was very surprised Ron had managed to keep his position as Keeper after what he had done.” I think you had this exact line a few chapters ago, if not it’s very similar. “she pages 2-15” Should be see instead of she. Something that has just occurred to me is that you never had Harry get back his invisibility cloak have you? It’s been a month, I find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t have asked Hermione about it? Harry finally decides to do something truly productive and you have Padma and Hermione make him back down because he’s “panicking”? To me this seems like one of the first times Harry is actually truly taking control, so he has to hurt a few people, so what? It’s the first time Harry isn’t being a pussy about the fact that they’re at war and he backs down. Chapter 15 I don’t know how Madame Pomfrey would be persuaded that it was in Harry’s best interest not to know about anything affecting him. It seems highly unlikely to me that Hermione could convince her to not examine one of her patients that she thought something was wrong with. How does Fleur find the RoR if Harry specifically asked that nobody be able to find it? Chapter 16 A good chapter overall however I don’t think you’ve completely refined how you go about telling the DA about Harry’s past. This was definitely better then last time, which was quite frankly awful, however at times it was still a chore to read. I don’t know how you would go about changing that, but I think that as you continue writing those types of things you will naturally improve. On another note I really don’t like the fact that it looks like Harry/Fleur is now done. Chapter 17 “Egyptiansintegrated” Should be two words. Tonks seems to know Hermione and Harry quite well considering she never really spent any time with them. It seems odd that she would be able to pick up on small things such as their interactions between each other. I’ve got to wonder why Tonks of all people was selected for that type of mission. While I realize that her ability to change form could be invaluable it seems odd that they would pick a relatively junior Auror for the job when there are many more qualified people in the Ministry. Chapter 18 I really don’t think that Mrs. Weasley would have Ron and Ginny try to get their loves through trickery. I may not like her, however we’ve never had any evidence to show that she was at all mean or anything. Same goes for Ginny although I’ll admit I can find that a bit more believable. It also seems odd that such a powerful love spell would be so easily used, it seems to easy. For something that strong I would think there would be more complex procedures or something along those lines, then again a lot of magic doesn’t make a whole lot of sense so I suppose that’s ok. Oh huh you answered that in a/n of next chapter. Chapter 19 Malfoy gets away with everything under the sun and Ginny gets punished? I’m not one to defend what she did or to say she doesn’t deserve it, however it’s an inconsistency in Dumbledore. Your Harry is clearly a lot smarter then the Harry from canon, so I’ve got to ask; why doesn’t Harry just try out spells he finds in his potions book on the wooden dummy? It would make a lot more sense and it would stop him from wondering and daydreaming about it. Su opens up to Harry over Padma? It seems a bit unrealistic to me just with the way that you’ve shaped the characters. Chapter 20 You don’t really need to rehash what happened between Fleur and Harry every time Fleur gets brought up. I am not happy that Fleur and Harry aren’t going to be together, however it is realistic so I have to respect that. This is an overall great chapter that I really couldn’t fault. Chapter 21 “around two year” Need to change year to years “he suspected she would be drink more than was wise” Should just be ‘he suspected she would drink more than was wise’. Chapter 22 I like the idea of being able to parry spells, however why have we never seen Dumbledore do it, or Voldemort or any other powerful wizard? I can see where you are coming from about reforming the DA, and also why Harry would agree to do it; however I think that he needs somebody to point out the negative sides more. Somebody like Daphne who wouldn’t really care as much about the moral side and could point out the cold facts such as if he works with the new DA then his inner circle will be weaker and won’t be able to help him as much, and he is the center of the war. “The DA, having their priorities sorted out, was almost all free for the weekend.” I believe it should be were instead of was since it is multiple people. I was hoping for more when it came to Slughorn. You basically just substituted the Acromantula (sp?) for the Basilisk. While the guilt card did redeem you a bit, I still would have liked too see something more original in how Harry managed to get the memory, and perhaps something sneakier when he did get it. One thing I would have found interesting would be Harry showing the memory to the DA before Dumbledore just because he trusts them more then he does Dumbledore, and it would give him ideas on how to approach Dumbledore. Chapter 23 I’m glad that you had some of the DA finally realize that they weren’t cut out for everything, however I am a bit disappointed at how easy it was to guess who they would be. Katie and Ernie have both been the ones that are slowest to learn, the most hotheaded, etc. They have been set apart from the others throughout most of the story. It would have been a pleasant surprise to discover that somebody else decided they weren’t up for it such as Luna or Hannah. I really, really, really can not believe you had Harry cast Sectumsempra. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got no problem with Harry brutally maiming Malfoy; however to have him cast a spell that he doesn’t know what it is, is pure idiocy. Your Harry is much smarter then canon Harry, yet he still does idiotic things like that which make you wonder how much he has changed. Please tell me you don’t plan on having Harry kill Voldemort with an expelliarmus.
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 23 from whatareyouevensaying on November 12, 2008
Well the cliche would be to have either Ginny or Voldemort (in some form) be the second speaker. I'm very curious to see where you take it. This update was excellent. I enjoyed the added length as well as everything it entailed. Having Harry use Sectumsempra in this story may have been a bit questionable, but the way he handled himself afterwards was well worth it. With chem prof as your beta, I feel obliged to mention Fleur once in every review, since I know he's a big Harry/Hermione shipper. Gotta make my side heard! Looking forward to more.
Author reply
Thanks for the kind words! Normally Ginny or Voldemort? Well, it's neither so I suppose there's already the beginnings of something different. I will also explain why Harry used Sectumsempra is due time. There's a hint in that scene that will become more obvious soon enough. Ha, well I can say that Fleur's storyline isn't done yet. But I will have Harry and Hermione together at some point. Take care, scaryisntit
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 22 from Edvin on September 24, 2008
Hey there! Really great chapter. It's really cool to see a fic where...we don't know who Harry's going to end up with. I like the opportunities you give him and the confusion it brings. Anyway, really one of the best Independent Harry I've ever found in my opinion. I'll be waiting for the next chapter... Who left the DA?! Regards, Edvin
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 22 from TxA_GunFighter on September 24, 2008
Good chapter. gunny
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 22 from whatareyouevensaying on September 23, 2008
Very good work with this update. It's great to see Harry as confused as ever about women, and introducing Lavender the way you did was a good move. She may not be a serious candidate, but she adds something to the mix that Parvati, with her reaction to the Yule Ball, can't bring to the table. Looking forward to more.
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 22 from M2J MandalorianJedi on September 23, 2008
The Orb of Slytherin would be one with good Horcrux defenses. I know that fic is on FF.Net at least. Great Job with this fic. So you've got traces of Harry/Hermione, Harry/Padma, Harry/Fleur and Harry/Daphne, Harry/Susan/Hannah... Which shall it be... Which shall it be... I'm eagerly awaiting the next update as well as your final pairing descision. I'm also interested in the DA's reaction to Horcruxes. I have a feeling they're going to have a small exodus if I'm reading things right. Like Daphne said, some people just aren't meant for combat.
Author reply
I have gone through the Orb of Slytherin and, while I had few qualms with it, was an good read. Thanks for the nod in its direction. You're quite right in your DA assumption. And I have decided on my final pairing, but I won't be revealing that until I get there. I like the mystery this way quite a bit, personally.
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 22 from Memory King on September 23, 2008
Used to treat burns... Bellatrix Listrange? An awesome chapter, I really liked the addition of parrying spells. Can't wait to read more!
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 21 from TxA_GunFighter on September 22, 2008
Very good chapter. gunny
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 20 from TxA_GunFighter on September 22, 2008
Good chapter. gunny
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 21 from Glrasshopper on September 20, 2008
Brilliant work so far. This has to be one of the better Harry-takes-charge stories that I've come across. While there are many out there that are very good, this has to be the first one I've found that actually follows canon events. As a side thought, it's hard to get an indication as to who Harry would end up with given the actions of all the girls in his little group (not an easy task for an author with what seems to be a clear direction). So far the only three who aren't contenders as I see them are: Katie , it's not the first time I've seen her paired up with Neville (which surprisingly makes sense each time I see it). Su, while the initial spark appears to be there I don't think it would be able to develop in time. And finally Luna, even though this is one of the ships I prefer her interaction with Harry in this story make them out to be nothing more than very close friends, possibly even a sibling. All the remainder have their own pros and cons and is a testament to your ability as a writer to make the reader so frustrated that even they cannot make up their minds. Good work, I look forward to following this through to the end.
Author reply
Thanks Glrasshopper! Although I have followed canon events insofar, that is soon to change. It would be very difficult to incorporate DH canon into a Harry-takes-charge fic, and I have my own final quarter and climax to write for the HBP year and so on. I do have a clear direction for the relationship angle, so no needless meandering. What I'm aiming for is to have Harry in a few vastly different relationships before he settles, and to keep the audience unknowing of who Harry ends up with - just the same as we are in our lives - is to hopefully add to the emotions of the good and, especially, the bad. You are correct with your assumptions on who isn't a contender. I've got Katie and Neville going for the time being but regardless of how that unfolds, she is not a candidate for Harry. Nor are Su or Luna, who's focus will be far from relationships. Despite their actions, Susan and Hannah aren't either. Same situation; their own storylines that detract from a relationship with Harry. After the part in France, fans were crying for Harry/Fleur to be the pairing, then after the second to last chapter it was Padma, and now it's Daphne. I'm quite amazed how the popular opinion has switched around. I hope you continue to enjoy my work. Take care, scaryisntit
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 19 from TxA_GunFighter on September 19, 2008
Very good chapter. gunny
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 21 from Edvin on September 14, 2008
WooT! Really nice chapter again. Is Megan Jones appearance at the Hospital Wing significant too? Anyway, you've got a great characterization of Daphne, really like her as it is :D It had been a while since I had read your story so I had to come back and check little things, but all in all chapter is really cool and informative of course. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Regards, Edvin
Author reply
Thanks Edvin. Megan Jones appearance is significant, as was her earlier one and another one or two - but you won't understand why for a long time, I'm afraid. Sorry about the long waits in-between chapters of late - Uni keeps me very busy and am generally too tired to write after coming home. But I've one done and am about to post it. Take care, scaryisntit
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 1 from hordac85 on September 14, 2008
Excellent.Keep it up.
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 21 from Kyle_Dodge1 on September 14, 2008
Harry/Daphne ftw. Good Work. Love this story. Update rate could be better. What was with Megan Jones?
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 21 from Exarikun on September 14, 2008
nice chapter. in response to your reply to my earlier review, i think that what you have harry saying to dumbledore is pretty good, but i think it might work out better if you add in the fact that dumbledore doesn't trust harry, and in return, harry cannot trust him as he might like to. something along the lines of: "I respect you, but you aren't honest with me and you don't trust me. That means that I can't trust you in return, even if I might want to. We have the same enemy, but we tread different paths."
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 21 from whatareyouevensaying on September 14, 2008
As usual, it's impossible to point out everything that I enjoyed in this chapter. I suppose the interview with Scrimgeour was the best part, but it's a very close call. Looking forward to more.
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 20 from Exarikun on August 15, 2008
Good story. I enjoyed it quite a bit, read through the whole thing in one go, minus time for work and sleep of course... I did think that the H/HR/G thing was a bit too drawn out, but it was an original thing to do, and that's much better that reading something that's been done to death yet again... :) I hope you'll update soon as I'm very curious to know what will happen next. Some part of me is hoping that Fleur will get her head screwed on straight and dump Bill. Nothing against Bill, far from it, but if she's not sure about him, she shouldn't be marrying him. She doesn't have to end up with Harry, but she shouldn't be with Bill either if she's unsure about it all... Personally, I'm hoping to see and hear a bit more about the twins (Gred and Forge) Those have always gotten along famously with Harry, and he genuinely likes them. They are, imo, thrustworthy and could be included in his own group. It would give him two more ppl on the outside and of age. Have you given any thought on what Harry's "power the dark lord knows not" will be? I'm kind of curious what it will be... I'm hoping that it's not going to be "the power of love" as Dumbledore likes to believe... Also, speaking of Dumbledore, will you have Harry split off from him any time soon? As far as I see it, he's like Snape here. Essentially useless in helping Harry get prepared. I mean, sure, Harry has to know about the horcruxes, but why take the long road to it once again? The wish to help Harry might be genuine, so long as it is on Dumbledore's terms it seems... Will you include the missing part of the Will of his parents at some point? Dumbledore, in my opinion, is too old to be the leader of any fight. He's also too arrogant, seeing as he thinks he's the only one qualified to do the job and make decisions in a war that affects the entire country and is spreading out. He's also not accountable to anyone it seems, which is a very dangerous thing for someone with that much power... Anyway, certainly one of the best stories I've read so far, and trust me, I've read plenty :) Again, hope you'll update soon, and if you ever need another beta ;)
Author reply
Thank you for the lengthy, kind review. I still believe I should've ended the H/Hr/G thing a few chapters earlier but I've personally moved on from that storyline. So, if everyone else can, we're set for the more interesting half of the fic! I won't spoil things with Fleur's character direction, but she isn't in for a fun finale to the year, nor is Bill. The twins will make an their first appearance during the Easter break and will become recurring characters. I hope to avoid the same situation with them that practically every other author does, however - pranksters who make items that Harry can use against the DEs to 'pwn' them, and provide simple comic relief. The 'power the dark lord knows not' will be valid in this fic. It won't be an elemental power or anything like that. Harry's going to have to work very hard to win now. He's had his easy run during the early part of the fic, but now, as Yaxley hopefully showed, the DE aren't going to play nice anymore. Dumbledore has his own plan. It's not the evil!Manipulative!Dumbledore situation. He simply thinks he knows what's best and won't hear of any other way presently. Harry will distance himself further from him soon enough. I think the line I have Harry saying is something along the lines of; "I respect you, but I can't work with someone who isn't honest with me. We have the same enemy but we tread different paths." Well, I hope I can continue to keep you interested. I'm sorry for the long interval between review and reply! Take care. scaryisntit
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 20 from M2J MandalorianJedi on August 06, 2008
This is one I've been following on various sites and it always has me on edge waiting for the next thing to happen. This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite fics. Hoping for more Harry/Fleur interaction, though I'm not adverse to Harry's interactions with the others either.
Author reply
Thank you very much for the kind words. There will be more Harry/Fleur interaction, which I thoroughly enjoy writing, eventually but they are to remain apart until Easter.
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 20 from whatareyouevensaying on August 01, 2008
You're killing me with the uncertainty! Ah well, it's only to be expected, given what's transpired so far. I'm still rooting for Fleur, but I know you'll write whatever you choose well. I really liked the Padma/Parvati fight, since it strongly resembled a real conflict, in that almost nothing was resolved. Looking forward to more.
Author reply
Thank you for the kind words. The Padma/Parvati fight was immensely difficult to write, but I've yet to hear one negative word against it. I'll be updating very, very soon. scaryisntit
Review for Sixth Year: The Steps Toward The End Chapter 16 from noylj on July 21, 2008
It looks like Fleur is going with Bill. What a waste. I like canon!Bill, but Fleur offers so much and Bill so little. Canon!Harry ended up offering very little and maybe he deserved Ginny, but why Herms went with Ron will always be a mystery. I really am getting confused and rather irritated at the "thing" affecting Harry and Hermione. It seems to change its affect and power throughout the story so far.
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