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Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 20 from slickrcbd on July 25, 2011
Harry should say "Sure, if you make every other student take the same oath at the same time as me, and make doubly sure that the students from "dark" or "important" families don't "miss" the oath giving.. If I'm the only one to take such an oath, make me a target for every bully in the school looking for an easy target. If you insist that I'm the only one to give the oath, or that I give the oath immediately while the others "can do it later" then I find it completely unacceptable and refuse to consent. Some background. I was targeted by a gang of bullies in 8th grade, and they started numerous fights with me. The school took the attitude that since I was in multiple fights with multiple students, I am obviously doing something to provoke them or "egg them on". Therefore, if they focus the disciplinary action on the single "problem student" who keeps getting into fights with lots of other students rather than on the bullies starting the fights, it should help resolve the problem. Towards the end of the year, they gave me a similar ultimatum that if I get in one more fight where somebody else receives as much as a scratch, I'd be expelled. This was supposed to encourage me to stop getting in fights. They made the ultimatium when one of the bullies was sitting just outside the door to the office, knowing he could hear through the door. This was by the end of the day, so nothing happened that day. The next day, I was attacked more than any other. I'd never had more than one full attack in one day, but I was in 3 scuffles by friends of the bullies, the last one ended with the guy trying to strangle me and I had to strike back had enough he went in the hospital for injuries to his face. I was expelled, although the school did decide to let me graduate the day after graduation ceremony. It had something to do with threats of lawsuits and the fact that it was a clear case of self-defense. The point is that binding Harry like that without similar restrictions on the bullies will result in him being targeted mercilessly since they know he's an easy target. Harry should point that out.
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 19 from Dragonanzar on April 05, 2011
Ooh, the plot thickens! Harry's unable to really keep up this farce of being a schoolboy and he's only just noticing it. You updated not long after your last one. Yay! I was so happy when I saw this in my inbox. You raise interesting questions about how Harry is unable to operate in normal society because of the hellish apocalyptic future he has lived through. A very enjoyable chapter. Thanks for writing, Dragonanzar
Author reply
Yup, I've been working on these chapters back to back. And yes, an interesting question indeed. I don't see how he would be able to function in normal situations when the majority of what he knows is absolute chaos. You ever see The Hurt Locker? Harry is like that. Half of him hates what life was like for him, but the other half thrived in that sort of Hell. This story is kind of a push and pull between those two urges.
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 18 from Dragonanzar on March 16, 2011
You know, you're entirely to blame for make me register on this site and the DarkLordPotter forum; you don't seem to update the fanfiction version of this story too often and I love this story too much to let sleeping dogs lie. In case you hadn't noticed, I am trying to glare at you, but find myself unable because I'm just so happy to have found two more unexpected extra chapters of CR. I was worrying that you had abandoned this fic before I saw that you had updated this version only two days ago. Yay! Thanks for reviving my faith in the human race. Dragonanzar
Author reply
I'm glad to know you've enjoyed this story that much. I haven't been updating as I've been rewriting earlier chapters instead - you'll probably find if you re-read CR you'll find a lot of differences from the original version.
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 16 from whatareyouevensaying on October 10, 2009
Pretty brilliant update. I think you handled the confrontation with Hermione perfectly, particularly on her end of things. I also like the idea of someone else spotting Pettigrew, given the circumstances. Very interesting. Looking forward to more.
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 15 from whatareyouevensaying on July 16, 2009
Very intriguing update. While the early foray into Harry's subconscious was probably necessary, it was also excruciatingly long. The rest was topnotch, though. Looking forward to more.
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 15 from Voice of the Nephilim on July 16, 2009
I've rarely seen 13,000 words flow by so quickly. I currently could only aspire to have such fluidity to my own writing. As for what's here, the conversations were great. It was nice to see Harry try to associate with his younger cohorts, and the slight ways he rather disturbs their world view. For instance, the pot-smell in Trelawney's tower. No one else probably would have picked up on it, but Harry certainly made everyone else aware of it. Odd, it's a very basic, logical idea, but I don't believe I've ever seen it used in fan-fiction, Trelwaney being a pot-head. You took great care, and spent a lot of time detailing Harry's opening mind-fuck, so I think it's safe to say it has quite a bit of gravity to it, plot-wise. I do wonder though, if Harry is changing the past, would that cease the whispers from the ghosts of futures to come? If his actions now prevent devastation, these people would never have died, and would not haunt him with their violent deaths. I can certainly see a ghost existing without time, with theories on higher-dimensional physics applied, but I'm stuck on the paradoxical implications. Time travel, grand eh? Is this story going to be just third year, or is this is a multi-year? Fleur interactions suggests multi-year, but I guess we'll see. A fine job, a great one even. I eagerly await the next installment.
Author reply
Odd, 'cause she always seemed like classic pot-head hippie in the books to me. I have this vision of her wandering around in a Dead Head scarf listening to Pink Floyd and the Who. Dunno why... As for the dream, the dead are eternal. It's less of a time-travel thing and more of Harry's innate talents showing through. Because he died, his connection with Voldemort got a little scrambled and now he can tune into more than one channel on the radio so to speak. Psychic powers FTW. And he's only staying for one year and probably not all of that. This is going to be a multi-year story. I anticipate the third year arc taking about 50 chapters to finish. Cheers, Mic
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 7 from Aaran St Vines on May 03, 2009
Action packed. I like.
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 6 from Aaran St Vines on May 03, 2009
Complexities and diversions from canon leading back to canon. Ugh, I can't believe I started another brilliant yet unfinished tale. (He grins.)
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 5 from Aaran St Vines on May 03, 2009
There's AU and then there's REALLY AU. Fascinating though.
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 4 from Aaran St Vines on May 03, 2009
I only read fantasy in the HP genre. Are you bringing in names and concepts from other stories, or is this all original with you? Good stuff!
Author reply
No, I'm stealing the concepts of the Winter Court and Mab from Jim Butcher and a few monsters from Garth Nix. Most everything else is original.
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 3 from Aaran St Vines on May 03, 2009
Captivating set up chapter.
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 2 from Aaran St Vines on May 02, 2009
Very different - Harry going back and taking his gear and a good deal of his physical development with him. Good stuff!
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 1 from Aaran St Vines on May 02, 2009
Interesting set up.
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 14 from Lophaetus Occipitalis on April 24, 2009
I can just imagine how awesome the first confrontation with Malfoy harry has following the dementor event. On a related note, I can see why it was so hard for you to write this chapter. the story of the Sharr family is certainly intricate to say the least. However, I can't even imagine how Harry's going to maneuver himself while staying under Dumbledore's radar (if he's even going to do that) now that he's under the microscope. I have high hopes for the next chapter though, I know you'll be able to pull it of. I can barely handle the suspense.
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 14 from Cartooned on April 24, 2009
Really enjoying your story and can't wait to see were you go with this. Somehow I can't see Harry hiding himself at Hogwarts very well...
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 14 from Voice of the Nephilim on April 23, 2009
It's nice to see an update for this. You've put a lot of thought into the background of the Sharr family. I like how these extended ponderings, no matter how crazy they sound to the participants, are even more tame than the truth of the matter, that "their" Harry is Hadrian. I eagerly await the next chapter.
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 14 from whatareyouevensaying on April 23, 2009
Didn't think you could make a single-conversation chapter without Harry's presence this interesting, and yet, here we are. Looking forward to more.
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 13 from HarryHero on March 20, 2009
Hi, interesting story so far, keep up the good work.
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 13 from ReviewerOfTheWest on February 25, 2009
Great stuff, pretty intense. Corpse of dementors scattered around Harry and he expects them to believe he was a perfect example of a frightened young victim? ``The mean old Shorr Lord came and rescued me?'' Dumbledore must be going apeshit with Harry being out of pocket. How is he not immediately going to realize that Harry is very different and probably dark and try to get him committed or something? Please continue.
Author reply
I'm introducing Dumbledore's POV in the next chapter. These are a few issues that will need to be addressed. Good call.
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 13 from Jay-F on January 07, 2009
Hmmm. I like how you did Hermione. Inconsistencies dont last long around her. Jay
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 13 from Virgil on January 04, 2009
One of the stories today that has the most potential in my opinion. Few stories care about graphic realism and human emotion at the same time anymore. Harry's interactions with his friends display a talent in your skills - I think that many authors would just have Harry being completely unwilling to deal with other people if they were writing your story because they wouldnt know how to have Harry dealing charismatically and a bit childishly with other kids, while calculatingly and mercilessly with foes. Its easier to make Ron a complete troll or Hermione the knowitallwhore or even Dumbledore the manipulative bastard, but by humanizing them, you make the story much more refreshing. Here's where my criticism starts. It's just my opinion, but stick to the war, Britain, Hogwarts, Harry etc... try not to let it get too out of hand with "Sharr bloodlines and obscure branches of magic and the Americans and other inventions." Some are fine, but I think you should keep the story focused around the soldier's journey, and not a bunch of magical spells and gimmicky history things. So far it's fine, I just see a slight slippery slope potential. Also, I get that every author needs to have fun - and now its fine - but when you're having a ton of dementors raiding a train, do you really need Harry having a long sugartits -'size'- dialogue with Olliver Wood? Great job, though, I'm really enjoying it.
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 13 from whatareyouevensaying on January 04, 2009
Brilliant update. I loved his interaction with just about everyone. This Harry was definitely made for being sent back in time. Looking forward to more.
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 11 from Militis on July 11, 2008
Excellent story. I really enjoyed the "don't fuck with me because I'll kill you dead" Harry. I would have liked to have had a little more background on the Sharr family (for instance, why did they marry dark magical creatures? I can understand the dark part, they are a dark family) and the Twelve Families/Lords of Magic/whatever, but I have a feeling that'll come into play in later chapters.
Author reply
Yes, I haven't fully explained the Sharr Family mainly because none of the current characters know much about them. A bit more about them will come up in the next chapter. Cheers, Mic
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 11 from Vilkath on July 09, 2008
Very intersting start for this story but I really have to wonder where it is going. The author painted a real fubar situation for Harry's future. Complete and utter chaos and sent him back to the age of 13, with enough of the corrupt wizarding goverment knowing about it to cause him more problems. With little more up his sleeve then the ability to kill I really can't see how Harry could solve this situation without nearly killing every pure blood around. Even with the death of some one like Voldemort there always be the next Dark lord with the way the wizarding world is set up it is only a matter of time. Hogwarts litteraly breeds death eaters with it's hatred and biased favortism towards slytherin and gryphendoor's. Like I said Harry's task seems almost impossible he not only has to get rid of all the Dark lords, death eaters and their supporters but he has to rework the magical world so they don't keep popping up every couple of decades other wise he just delaying the inevitable. This is perhaps the main reason almost all stories like this end incomplete, the author paints themself into a corner after describing such a helpless future for several chapters.
Author reply
What makes you think he's going to do all of the killing himself? It's called delegation and blackmail - the bloody asshole of politics. You're looking at things like they'll fall into place in a linear fashion. And events rarely come together that easily. There may be a Dark Lord waiting behind every corner, but look at the Middle East, Africa, Ukraine, the Soviet Union - even the real world has problems like that. So should we just give up? I've written CR half as a story about a soldier's journey and half as a mirror of reality with just a dash of magic thrown in to make things interesting. This isn't a Die Hard flick - Harry doesn't save the day, he doesn't get the girl, he can't fix the problems with the system, and there are no heroes. Circular Reasoning is simply a story about a guy muddling through the problems in his life the best he knows how. It's going to be hard and rough, but this story will have an end; I started it over two years ago and if I haven't given up on it by now, I probably won't anytime soon. I've invested too much time and energy into CR to toss it out with the trash. Cheers and thanks for leaving your honest opinion. I need more people attacking CR's weak points so it becomes a better story. -Swimdraconian
Review for Circular Reasoning Chapter 4 from Vilkath on July 09, 2008
Intersting turn of events, all though I would love to see Harry get one over Mab in the end. Frankly Harry is fates whipping boy far to often and this just takes it up a notch. It is also funny that she came trying to enforce an agreement he doesn't even rember and is angry about it.
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