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We're in the third year in Hogwarts. Harry is confused due to current events. On top of everything, is he really starting to develope feelings for his arch enemy..?
Published May 01, 2014 - Updated May 01, 2014 - General/Other - R - 2550 words - Drarry, Love, Romance, Confundus, Charm, Confusion, Bewilderment, Yaoi, Homosexual
A mature Harry Potter finds himself in Dresden's world through unknown means with no way back. Not having any lingering connections to his old world, he decides to make the best of things and do what he does best-survive, with style.
Published February 16, 2014 - Updated February 16, 2014 - Action/Adventure/Crossover - R - 87861 words - HarryPotterDresdenFiles, Crossover
Motivated by his failure to protect Dumbledore in the cave, Harry vows to save him atop the Astronomy Tower on the night that Draco allows the Death Eaters to infiltrate Hogwarts.
Published January 24, 2014 - Updated January 24, 2014 - Fantasy/Other - R - 1999 words -
In a world drowning in war, Harry finds a purpose in doing what is right - not what is easy. AU-OotP.
Published November 22, 2013 - Updated November 22, 2013 - Action/Adventure/Alternate - R - 6269 words - Alternate Universe, Harry, Adventure
Post-HBP. As Harry is preparing to leave Privet Drive for the last time, he receives a mysterious package. Now Harry, armed with the memories of Albus Dumbledore, must take charge of his destiny. No bashing, mostly canon compliant.
Published November 12, 2013 - Updated November 18, 2013 - Action/Adventure/Independent - PG-13 - 34907 words - Harry, Dumbledore, Memories, DH, Powerful, Competent, Canon Compliant
"You've only made me beg for three things in our life." He's going to get sneaky, she thought. "To let this glorious body be mine in every way possible," he said, and put his mouth on her night shirt, taking her breast into his mouth, "To let me love you," Her breath caught in her throat."And to have my last name as your last name." His hands found hers feeling for her wedding band
Published September 18, 2013 - Updated September 18, 2013 - Romance/Noir - NC-17 - 6930 words - Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger, Death, Love
They took what was his, now he's getting it all back.
Published May 06, 2013 - Updated May 06, 2013 - Action/Adventure/Anti-Hero - PG-13 - 4894 words - Heist, Marauders, Shenanigans, Gringotts
About Weasleys. Siblings' love. Patch. Warning: there is mention of spanking, but nothing really graphical.
Published April 21, 2013 - Updated April 21, 2013 - General/Other - G - 3339 words - Oneshot
"I look like an Inferius already." The death of Regulus Black.
Published December 19, 2012 - Updated December 19, 2012 - Angst/Other - R - 906 words - Oneshot, Regulus
**MAJOR REVISION** 'My friend, your desire is the bringer of life, the gift of the Goddess.' Harry stared down at the rare purple and white apple sitting innocently on his potions desk; unlike the others he did know what this was. A Banora white also known as a Dumbapple. "Genesis..." - Full Summery Inside.
Published November 24, 2012 - Updated November 24, 2012 - Supernatural/Crossover - R - 94743 words -
AU in which Harry's parents were not killed by Voldemort. Lily leaves James after fourteen years of marriage and in the process of rebuilding her life she reunites with Severus. Meanwhile, Draco is falling hard and fast for his head of house and despite Draco's persistence Severus is completely uninterested.
Published November 16, 2012 - Updated November 16, 2012 - Romance/Alternate - NC-17 - 7734 words - Romance, Reunion, Pregnancy, Marriage, Draco Has Daddy Issues
Luna and Hermione both have great affection for Professor Evans, and Luna is bold enough to do something about it.
Published November 16, 2012 - Updated November 16, 2012 - Romance/Alternate - NC-17 - 4509 words - Underage, Teacher Student, Sexual Awakening
Sirius interrupts his boyfriend's viola practice to spend some quality time with him.
Published November 16, 2012 - Updated November 16, 2012 - Romance/Other - NC-17 - 1125 words - Playful, Marauders, Young Love, Hogwarts
"Her husband thundered dimly while their baby boy screamed in frustration, but all she heard was the artfully posed words of the first line of the first paragraph of the end of her sister"
Published October 26, 2012 - Updated October 26, 2012 - Angst/Noir - PG-13 - 749 words - Petunia, Dark, Oneshot, Independent, Harry, Harry Potter, Lily
After his parents' deaths in 1927, Hadrian Peverell is adopted and taught the art of politics. With war looming on the horizon and the mask hiding his true identity at stake, he is forced to trust someone almost as dangerous as himself: Tom Riddle.
Published October 25, 2012 - Updated October 25, 2012 - Action/Adventure/Alternate - R - 3626 words - Slash, DarkHarry, AU
Narcissa in the wake of her husbands sentence
Published October 24, 2012 - Updated October 24, 2012 - Horror/Noir - R - 609 words - Dark, Oneshot, Independent, Alternate, Draco, Slytherin, Narcissa
Bel must risk it all to keep the world safe again. "I was walking aimlessly though the wreckage of the castle. It was funny, up until a year ago I would have killed (literally) to be here, to just see it. But not now. Now I was numb. I’ve done it. I might as well have been the one to raise the wand and do it. My mother is dead. I, Bellona Black, have done what I wanted most. The Dark Lord is gone, and now I am orphaned again."
Published October 06, 2012 - Updated October 24, 2012 - Horror/Dark Arts - R - 7813 words - Bellatrix, Bellatrix Child, Death Eater, Dark, Dark Arts, Spy, Neville, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Kingsly, Draco, Grief
Andromeda Ponders her loses after the Battle. (Author's Note: Chapter three of my other story was accidentally entered under here, so this is the real short!)
Published October 21, 2012 - Updated October 21, 2012 - Angst/Noir - PG-13 - 472 words - Andromeda, Dark, Oneshot, Tom Riddle, Family, Teddy, Lupin, Tonks, Nymphadora, Narcissa, Draco, Grief, Hope
Victoire. She's known as me, the girl who is always feeling good about her life. (even though that's not really true, that's just what everybody thinks. How nice for me)
Published September 30, 2012 - Updated September 30, 2012 - Angst/Noir - PG - 1843 words - Victoire Weasley, Teddy Lupin, Angst, Family
What would have happened if Kreacher had died at the Black lake Instead Of Regulus? My first Fanfic, full of mistakes sorry! I own Nothing! Rated T for Safety. I'm rubbish at summaries so just click on it :D ... Enjoy!
Published September 16, 2012 - Updated September 29, 2012 - Action/Adventure/Other - PG-13 - 17043 words -
Harry is leaving soon for his Horcrux hunt and while he loves Ginny very much, he is feeling a bit of lust for someone else. This story is meant to portray the oddity of Luna Lovegood, so natural the story is pretty odd. One-Shot. Harry/Ginny Harry/Luna
Published September 28, 2012 - Updated September 28, 2012 - Romance/Other - NC-17 - 2324 words -
Petunia finds Harry’s adoption papers. Finally she is able to get rid of him, but where is he going to live?
Published September 10, 2012 - Updated September 13, 2012 - General/Other - PG-13 - 4317 words - Harry
Colin Creevey never returns to collect his camera.
Published August 24, 2012 - Updated August 24, 2012 - Romance/Other - PG - 591 words - Colin, Death, Battle Of Hogwarts, Muggle, Girlfriend
Hunter Brown, Lavender's father, sits by his daughter's bedside and realizes that he hates Lily Potter.
Published August 24, 2012 - Updated August 24, 2012 - General/Other - PG-13 - 216 words - Death, Battle Of Hogwarts, Lavender
After the fates mess up, Death is left to clean up their mistakes. Sending Harry to different Realities in order for him to gain power and experience: First up the Slayerverse!
Published August 08, 2012 - Updated August 09, 2012 - Supernatural/Crossover - R - 1625 words - Buffy, Buffy Summers, Buffy Anne Summers, Harry, Harry Potter, Harry James Potter, Death, Fate, Magic, Wicca
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